Newly built Qingshui River Qingshui River county magistrate Wang Shida Hall of Qingshui River County reported out roughly Wuchuan County of tumed banner of Tumote special flag report / Inner Mongolia historical literature series

Date of publication:2011-3   Press: Wenxiu, etc., Inner Mongolia Library Distance press (2011-03)   Author:Wen Xiu   Pages:488  

The copyright page: illustration: along the leather Tong County to county in Han Dynasty, and later changed into the grass. Until the Qing emperor Yong Zheng two years, Emperor four Princess banished to the Qing, with all two member entourage, in Kangxi six years, building office, repair shop, and channeling the "dragon canal" treatment of garden, from the new install. After four Princess shift Bi Guihua city. The County Department of Mongolia, the beginning of the civil government, a member of a sentence, prime minister the county all administrative matters. Sentence out, a small penalty Lihu six rooms, each room is a member of the bearing, paste the book two or three unequal, management of the real issues. Officials in Fengkai, Dian pin seal housing people remember, and granary and two in tax matters; real timely in charge of Qianliang miscellaneous taxes (kill) [] car Mongolian Banner seven Li Ning was factory rent matters; Li Fang in charge of all the liturgical celebration and surplus room two in tax matters; barracks in on post matters; in charge of civil and criminal litigation case filing matters; workshop in charge of civil engineering. In addition, a fast soap catch three class, and to assist the sentence for all administrative matters. Self governing until there is no change in the early years of Emperor Guangxu. Since the mid Guangxu, Mongolia civil government to ask the people of house, is located in sentence two eight real three classes, not to change the name. Are used for sentence before people, since renamed, regardless of Manchu, can act as a sentence. Tong Cheng Shou hall outside, still have a place, address ie agricultural experimental field. Let the total one prime minister, the military and the matters. The total tube step, Ma, arch, forty soldiers, are gradually eliminated, as expected, at the end of the hall to Guangxu, abolition. In addition to the prison. "[] (two, ie money, teach two address. The original four Princess Garden, the garden flowers Sheng fan, the pavilion pool Pavilion, brake and considerable, glycerine North no precedent. Since the beginning of shift rule, Bi domestication, namely the garden tour (prison) [] Yamen. Min Yuan Dynasty, was changed to Qingshui River county. Regional Qing county county, although shortage areas, and has a vast territory, has more than 1000. The southeast and Pinglu connected, adjacent to the northwest and Zhungeer Qi, bounded by the Yellow River, bordering the north and Helingeer County; four territory is mountainous, the soil barren, East Canton one hundred and forty, the North-South length of one hundred and fifty years, the ring Saturday 230, covering an area of two thousand five hundred square miles; the territory of Qingshui River Heng Guan, Hun river bend to the west, were injected into the the Yellow River; it is also. Check the main mountain mountain in Qingshui River County, by Lin and winding its way to entry, Eastern loess Ge hole, snake Valley, said West Mountain, Second District Dui Jiu Gou, palm black table, spread west second areas, namely the central. "Five" [jade] Pingshan in South County, people call it Pingdingshan, with the top level name. Gold 盖山 county is located in the eastern Li Xu, people call it the gold mine, stacked like canopy, so that name. On the worship Zhenwu, so it is also called zhenwu. Three miles around, people like the mountain mountain mountain Yang, who the real propagation (as) []. The silver mines, in three east Xu Longwangmiao, vulgar Chuan this mountain and silver. Qing Xianfeng six years, Tong Yin was employed to find the craftsman, mining, and financial costs, not to strike. As to the Guangxu twenty-two years, the county magistrate in the alternate Yin Kezheng survey, not mineral. Whether it contains mineral, without really inquest, is still difficult to mining. Extended into southern North Fort village since the county east of gold 盖山, Yue Qinglong mountain, continuous rolling, to the West and the rest is connected with the temple hill mountain, mountain cohesion, constantly connected. The mountain is famous Qing Yi mountain, it is the county is known as the mountain of.
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Newly built Qingshui River Qingshui River county magistrate Wang Shida Hall of Qingshui River County reported out briefly survey Tumote special flag Takegawa Kenji will @##@ tumed banner Human culture is to create, in the history of the inheritance and the development, in addition to some traditional ideas and customs outside the remaining folk, evolution in the history of literature to the left (record carrier of all knowledge, including stone, paper, audio-visual, reputation) and relics, relic (site and various in kind), is the only way for its survival, development and inheritance. It is no exaggeration to say, if there is no literature and remains, we lose memory, there is no history, no culture, cannot accumulate knowledge, more can't grasp now, in the face of the future.
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"The new repair of Qingshui River hall Zhi, Qingshui River county magistrate Wang Shida reported Qingshui River county tour, briefly, Takegawa Kenji, tumed banner records, tumed special flag investigation report" published by the distance.
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Newly built Qingshui River Qingshui River county magistrate Wang Shida Hall of Qingshui River County reported out roughly Wuchuan County of tumed banner of Tumote special flag report / Inner Mongolia historical literature series download

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