National sports culture. Harmonious society.

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Influence of Chinese traditional culture on sports, is the past and our research focus of sports culture. Today, the movement of the body form and role in the development of culture, is a new angle to study the sports culture, and promoting the construction of culture and sports development in the new starting point. Through empirical research study of body movement to the Chinese nation from the source text -- the world only influence is still used in the picture of hieroglyphs, is a scholar of sports for the promotion of the national traditional culture, the beneficial attempt and contribution to the spread of Chinese civilization do offer. The attempt by other disciplines related experts agree, support and help, believe that after a period of time, will reap a bumper harvest, to further promote the construction and development of China's sports culture contribution strength.
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Wei Xiaokang, born in 1965 in Guangxi Liuzhou City, Zhuang, Professor, master's tutor, Dean, School of physical education of Minzu University of China school academic committee. Research direction for physical education and training in physical anthropology, ethnic minority traditional sports culture and science. 1983 studied at the physical education and Sports Department of Beijing Normal University, 2004 studied at the sports training specialty of Beijing Sport University, received bachelor of education and master of education degree. It also serves as the Beijing Normal University, Guangxi University For Nationalities sports and sports college part-time tutor of postgraduate; director of Pan Asian Sports Association; member of the Asian Sports Anthropology Institute; China Sports Science Society Sports History branch members, China Higher Education Society Sports Specialty Committee; member of Academic Committee of Beijing University; Beijing higher School of National Sports Association vice chairman and Secretary long; concurrent posts at the national and Beijing City College of multiple single sport association. Has presided over the National Committee, National Sports Bureau, the Ministry of education and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Commission issues 6, national project 2; to participate in national, ministerial, school subject 10; published 3 books; editor of 4 books; more than 60 papers published in the national core journals, ordinary period Journal of Chinese journals, domain, a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievement awards and teaching achievement award.
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The first part of the total report
the first chapter of the national traditional sports culture and promoting ethnic area harmonious society to construct the introduction
the first festival of traditional national sports culture of force
second day review of current research on
third Festival topic theory significance and the application value of
expected chapter second object and method of study on
the first section the object
second research methods of
third chapter of the national traditional sports culture force research
the first festival of national traditional sports culture development situation of
Second National Traditional Sports Thought Moral education reflect the < br > Third National Traditional Sports Culture of
fourth national traditional sports culture construction force expression of
the fourth chapter of the national traditional sports culture and construction of harmonious society in ethnic areas.
the first section construction of harmonious society in ethnic areas are facing the problem of
second section of national traditional sports culture in constructing harmonious society in national regions in the special role of
third day national harmonious society under the national traditional sports culture development strategies of
the fifth chapter is the conclusion of
second part is case study report
the national tradition sports Summary of the current situation of
A, national traditional sports and its value of
two, national traditional sports development of the problems faced by
three, National Traditional Sports in the social development of the historical role of
four, national traditional sports development present situation of
ethnic sharing national physical culture and minority areas the construction of harmonious society.
A, research object and method of
two, the results and analysis of
three, conclusion and suggestion.
promoting national traditional sports culture, the minority nationality regions the construction of spiritual civilization.
A, research object and method of
two, the results and analysis of
three, conclusion
on national traditional sports culture and the construction of harmonious society in ethnic regions.
A, culture
three national traditional sports culture, harmonious society theory of
four, national traditional sports culture in the construction of
role and strategic significance in national regions and the harmonic society in five, the development of national traditional sports culture in the construction of harmonious society in ethnic regional strategy of
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The copyright page: illustration: and in all of our sports choices of promotion is the western sports content, all the competition program all our transplant western competitive sports mode. Sport to the Olympics selection based on games almost all western sports, college sports, peasant movement will also is so, even the local sports content and ways are mostly western sports games; the development of school physical education we, regardless of the choice of teaching content and teaching conditions. Standard, whether teachers' skills and knowledge, and evaluation of teacher quality evaluation criteria, whether the college or school sports competitions, mostly in the western competitive sports as the content; our national traditional sports in the western sports constantly infiltration and expansion process, gradually become a cultural traditions are "seal". The only traditional ethnic minority sports will also follow the example of western competition mode in development, in the development and innovation of traditional ethnic sports (including martial arts), we did not choose the innovation from the traditional start, but only in the competition system and procedures of the choice of the western sports program, not a real sense of innovation just follow suit. Our traditional ethnic sports, in the education process from generation to generation to accept the western sports as the main content, the mainstream of contemporary society knowledge and experience on it seems strange. Traditional ethnic sports have a solid mass foundation, national traditional sports was the national emotion, national traditional sports was flowing with blood culture, the western sports culture, western economyUnder the influence of mass base, national emotion, national blood is being economic development, material stimulation and hedonism to eat their survival soil. The pursuit of fashion, entertainment and leisure has become the popular choice, choose what kind of exercise way, people prefer to choose those fashion, high-grade, easily and sports excitant. Many teenagers keep interested in betting on external "Taekwondo", "Karate", "Yoga", "dance" and "aerobics", foreign sports culture have flooded our city center area. More and more of the rural population into the city by culture or more foreign sports culture.
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