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Date of publication:2005-5   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Mao Gongning   Pages:235   Words:192000  
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The first part basic view, ethnic origin, development and disappearance is a long historical process, the socialist period is a common development, prosperity of all ethnic groups during the period 1 why people is a historical category? 2 ethnic and clan, tribe, race, what's the difference? 3 what is the national assimilation? What is the national fusion? 4 why national socialist period will still exist for a long time? Part two, the national social problem, national problem at present gradually solve two 5 how to understand the historical law of ethnic problems only in the common cause of socialist construction China characteristics can? 6 how to understand the scientific connotation of ethnic problems, why ethnic problems including the development of their own? Ethnic issues 7 present what characteristics? 8 why the essence of ethnic issues "during the socialist period is the stage of" the formulation is wrong? Three, the unification of the country was in the best interests of all ethnic groups, people of all ethnic groups have the responsibility and obligation to safeguard the security, honour and interests of the people of all ethnic groups in China 9 link to maintain the unity of family and inherited from generation to generation in this? 10 Why did you say that to safeguard national unity is the supreme interests of each nation? Four, the equality of all nationalities, the state protects the lawful rights and interests of minority of 11 Marx's family view mainly include what content? Why the ethnic equality is the cornerstone of Marx nationalism view? Five, all ethnic groups live together in peace together, mutual respect, to consolidate the unity of all ethnic groups of the 12 how to understand "Han cannot do without the minority, the minority cannot do without the Han nationality, minority between cannot do without"? 13 the influence of China's national unity is the main problem in what aspects? 14 how to understand "stability is a blessing, unrest is a curse, unity is a blessing, division is a curse"? Six, each nation should strengthen mutual cooperation, and strive to achieve common progress and prosperity 15 why strengthen mutual cooperation is the common development and prosperity of all ethnic groups the route one must take? Seven, accelerate the development of contemporary Chinese solve ethnic problems core eight, the regional national autonomy is a basic political system in nine, and continuously improve the people of all ethnic groups of the way of thinking qualities and scientific and cultural qualities, trying to create a team of cadres of ethnic minorities have both ability and political integrity of the grand ten, national and religious problems in some places are often intertwined together, in dealing with ethnic problems should pay attention to carry out the religious policy of second part of the basic policy third part postscript @##@ basic common sense China is a unified multi-ethnic country, people how to deal with the problem, directly related to the rise and fall of China national and Chinese socialistic success or failure. In view of the current in a considerable part of the cadres and the masses in the general lack of Marx's national theory, national policy of the party and the basic knowledge of ethnic education reality, according to the State Commission of ethnic affairs director Comrade Li Dezhu's instructions, we organized the "National Knowledge Reader", force provides a simple and scientific. The reader to Marxist theory, Marx the party wide publicity in the whole society's ethnic policy and ethnic basic common sense.
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