Meet the Choi Wan

Date of publication:2000-12   Press: Yunnan Education Publishing House   Author:Yang Lixian   Pages:183   Words:130000  

Beautiful, mysterious Yunnan, days hanging Warburg, more spirit, leisurely style, attractive, people feel excited. Yunnan blue sky, without stop to green Xinchan of forests, rushing rivers, jewel like lakes, mountain clouds lingering snow capped mountains, colorful, rich such as alcohol and sweet dream ethnic customs, are all amazing. Among them, the marriage form and marriage customs of different ethnic groups in Yunnan, with its rich cultural connotation, more interesting and infinite daydream. It is like clouds floating in the sky of romantic amorous laterite plateau, beautiful symphony also like the history and reality of building, echoing in the mountains between the South yunling. This book is one of "Yunnan Culture Series", a comprehensive and systematic study of the Yunnan ethnic ancient books. The book illustrations, informative, detailed analysis, the viewpoint is novel. Content by experts with concise, accurate and vivid language, fully embodies the knowledge, systematic, popular and readable, is a special understanding of Yunnan national culture knowledge essential reference book.
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"Yunnan Culture Series" romantic love Choi gorgeous picture play and folk songs Sanxian sound v. love bamboo flute, packet loss and splashing water, public houses by the gyro and colored feather flower street and ridge end flowers mountain and love dance Yao song Rao test and reference and leaf disc River Canyon mouth genealogical relationships in Shangri-La love ERON. The feeling of hair, girl series and tea stained teeth, vows and Huolong wine Friday love and dance music, the tone would be colorful wedding and wedding lively interesting Yi wedding canger between popular Bamboo under sukwan terrace national wedding the wedding sweet words Miao Shan Yao a quality suggestive of poetry or painting Wedding Song white wood insect wings forever in Lahu copycat wedding adjustable pot ash, pouch and false shell Jingpo mountain wedding Lisu wedding and stomp dragon and snake Day celebration Dulong River Grassland in Zhongdian Naxi wedding wedding wedding wedding song drunk tourists in a two wedding night the bride of the nation in the lift the lid and cut the VA the wedding and wedding wedding wedding wedding grassland Hui aquarium and ethnic Manchu descendants wedding wedding wedding etiquette Han more distinctive main references Remember
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