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Date of publication:2010-3   Press: Yunnan University press   Author:Hou Xinghua   Pages´╝Ü305  

This book is the result of the study of history and culture of Lisu ethnic Lisu engaged in long-term, divided into the Lisu ethnic historical culture, foreign Lisu and Lisu social problems the three part, said the source, migration history, funeral culture, clothing culture, festival culture, language, marriage customs, religious beliefs, social the problem involves the Lisu nationality, etc.. Research on theory and practice of the book are integrated, which not only focus on theoretical exploration, and emphasis on field investigation; the book not only has theoretical, and case, be of great advantage to solve the Lisu social problems. This book provides a rich and colorful contents of Lisu historical and cultural information for researchers, the future of Lisu People further.
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Hou Xinghua, male, Lisu, born in 1975, Yunnan Baoshan people. In 2001 graduated from the Foreign Language Department of Yunnan Institute for nationalities. In 2003 September once again admitted to the College of Humanities of Yunnan University of Nationalities, pursuing a master's degree. In 2006 September admitted to the Yunnan University Institute of international relations, with Professor He Ping, PhD, research direction for Southeast Asian nationalities and ethnic issues. 2007 July worked in Baoshan college. Served as vice president of the society of Yunnan ethnic Lisu study committee, deputy director of the center for the study of the Lisu Yunnan University of Nationalities. Two years, participated in three national social science fund project and two State Ethnic Affairs Commission issue, in the "Southeast Asia", "the ideological front" and other publications published four papers, participated in at the end of 2009 7 to 8 month held in Kunming "International Association of Anthropology and Ethnology at the sixteenth session of the conference".
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The Lisu history culture of Lisu Lisu nationality literature review on the research of the called number "seven" and "Nine" to explore the Lisu culture drip Lisu knife rod section of the origin and evolution of the Lisu wine culture -- the "concentric wine" as an example of the Lisu nationality's primitive religion Christianity in Yunnan Lisu region, development and influence of the descendants of the Lisu language overview of Lisu traditional customs Wonderland Lisu funeral custom of Lisu costumes culture vicissitude research abroad Lisu article Lisu migration and the cross border area distribution patterns of Thailand Lisu origin and the social culture of Burma Lisu fieldwork adventures Lisu Lisu community social issue divorce -- to explore the Nujiang Lushui County Pai Lu Ba Cun and Longyang District of Baoshan city as an example of southwest borderland Hua Lin Cun Lisu area primary school education question discussion -- on the monkey town Lisu Tengchong County primary school field investigation postscript
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