• Minority blanket

    "Introduction of minority blanket" content: this project aims to the development of production China ethnic special needs supplies and condensation of cultural heritage protection, integrity protection cultural traits existence technology loss, prevent decline in product quality, protection of minority special commodity, adapt to the less,

  • Chinese surnames of Minorities

    "China surnames of minorities" is the first dictionary properties China minority modern surname monograph. In addition to Uygur 6 no name people outside, the rest 49 minority every nation for the chapter. The last fiftieth chapters as "national and special group" is not recognized, including Deng 12 did not know,

  • Literature and national culture in the northwest of the Tang Dynasty

    "The literature of Tang Dynasty and the national culture in the Northwest Research" with new perspective, focusing on the literature of Tang Dynasty and the northwest regional culture, to explore the poetry of the Tang Dynasty poem aesthetic, the prosperity and inner Association of national culture; affected northwest ethnic dance, Tang and Five Dynasties literature and song and dance drama has got great development: research,

  • 赛乌素嘎查 survey

    赛乌素嘎查 investigation, "Chinese national economy village survey series: SAIWUSU Gacha Survey (Mongolia)" is divided into three parts, including: 赛乌素嘎查 situation, agriculture, animal husbandry, services, economic policy, the development of social undertakings, customs and cultural life, income of 50000 yuan in the farmers and herders, 赛乌 su,

  • Folk games Gelao nationality area.

    "Folk game Gelao nationality area meta" is divided into two parts. The theoretical part, mainly narrated the basic problems of "game"; part two is the practice, citing "folk game Gelao nationality area variety". In order to do with pictures, vivid image, easy to imitate, easy to operate, in practice,

  • On the cultural Chinese chestnut

    Millet culture through some material form, cultural form and cultural psychology shows, including science, Jay Jay's practicability, millet and the aesthetic and symbolic and religious aspects of several millet. "China Li Culture" from the perspective of cultural studies, based on the collection of a large number of documents,,

  • Study on history and culture and ethnology Hui

    "Hui culture and history and ethnology ethnology sociology textbooks" School of Ethnology and sociology in recent years planning publishing and research series one. Is the author engaged in some papers or articles of the teaching and research of Ethnology at the Minzu University of China collection. This anthology of the people,

  • Chinese social custom history

    "China social custom history" includes clothing, food, housing, festivals, marriage, funeral, belief, life of old eight chapters. "Chinese social custom history" emphasizes the uniform custom life and profound cultural connotation, to reflect the reconstruction of modern values, the contemporary social and cultural psychology transformation,

  • A comparative perspective of Uygur culture

    Comparative view of Uyghur culture, ISBN:9787105112128, author: Abdusley Krem,

  • Yunnan Zhiju Yi family investigation and study

    "The main content of Yunnan Zhiju Yi family investigation and research": since 1990, the author conducted a long-term follow-up study on Zhi Zuo Yi community. Through the investigation, the author found Zhiju Yi has two typical cultural features in the aspects of marriage and family -- "costume competition Festival" and "string girl". In essence,

  • Research on Qinghai Taijinaier Mongolian life etiquette and music

    Taijinaier Mongolian music culture of Mongolia nationality music culture is one important part of, is a rich national cultural heritage. Ritual and music in the rites of life, not only embodies the Taijinaier Mongolian folk and colorful music, but also reflects the Mongolia national historic traditional culture. The Mongolians in Mongolia,

  • Urban life

    "Life" is mainly about the business, the old shop name, Liyuan spring, customs etc.. ,

  • Research on Tibet Reba music culture

    "Research" Tibet Reba music culture is the Reba art activities in Tibet area of Changdu national music science research. Reba is a Tibet Rangers family performers, including drum Bell Dance, acrobatics, drama, comic and small Xianzi dance etc.. It takes the family as the main way of inheritance, performing skill level and occupation,

  • Wa Culture Research Series (3 volumes)

    "Wa Culture Research Series (3 volumes)" includes "human", "soul" and "the return of the aesthetic culture" 3 volumes, including a general overview of the funeral, the funeral culture of minority nationalities Pu'er Tea area, the funeral culture of minority nationalities Pu'er Tea area social function, the world Pu'er Tea area minority people,

  • Weddings and funerals in the.

    "Weddings and funerals - a" by the house of money that family members in learning, life, job development and change, the computer learning, farmers, farmers' financial, etiquette study rural funerals customs, practical writing the basic common sense into them, fun, happy to learn. ,

  • Hui interpretation

    "Hui" is devoted to the study of reading a book from the perspective of comparative ethnology comprehensive interpretation of Hui nationality. The first part of "Hui thought theory", from the point of Hui occurrence, development history of thousands of years, Hui in the formation of cultivating spiritual dimension to interpret their ideological, moral, mental, personality, and,

  • The folk customs

    The folk customs, Bagui the earth from generation to carry forward the tradition and the folk custom culture, together with the people of all ethnic groups in Han Xi, national character, national spirit, national truth, goodness and beauty. "The folk custom" is unique and distinct representative, so that readers feel the classic Guangxi unique folk customs. "The folk custom" by,

  • The Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Education Series

    And the series of stories, "and" (Zhong Yong), Confucian philosophy important. "Shuowen" in ", is also"; "Yong, also". "The doctrine of the mean is' and 'it". Is the use of business rules in the development of right. "And" (Zhong Yong) is a concept first put forward by the Confucius, but similar ideas in the Confucius,

  • The Hui nationality Folklore (5 Volumes)

    "Hui Folklore (5 Volumes)" was named "Hui introduction to folklore", since the 1994 publication, deeply loved and comments from readers. Once many times reprinted reprint. Readers positioning of this series for the Hui culture, popular all over the country, is not only suitable for the Hui people more deeply and systematically,

  • The Gelao article aquarium articles

    "Guizhou minority music culture collection, Gelao article Aquarium: introduction Shanqi Shueisiou" content: Guizhou is located in the eastern Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China, has an area of 176000 square kilometers, 97% for the mountains and hills. Throughout the mountains, a tributary of the Pearl River, the Yangtze River flowing in the mountains. In Chinese,

  • Changes

    China reform and opening up thirty years of cultural ecology memo, 1978 - 2008, in the historical transition of the Chinese, experienced a real There was no parallel in history. "cultural revolution". Thirty years ago, a thousand things wait to be done, some at the time of the cultural pioneer in drama, literature, art and other areas take the lead in breaking the ice, Chinese culture gradually recover, and prosperity. This year is the,

  • Northeast Asian culture review (Second Series)

    "Northeast Asian culture review (Second Series)" the main research issues: Northeast Asian community study; Study on the relationship between civil society and ethnic group; globalization, regional and cross cultural communication; ecological, cultural and social change research. To maintain regional peace and stability, promoting economic development and prosperity of the region, the east,

  • Xinjiang human geography books

    "Xinjiang Human Geography Series (first episodes, one volume edition) (2)" include "Xinjiang history", "Xinjiang", "Xinjiang" anecdote mystery, "Xinjiang adventure", "Hetian jade", "Xinjiang documentary" wonder. Xinjiang is a very thick book. Xinjiang is a part of life can't finish reading the book. In recent years, every year i,

  • Study on the cultural rights of ethnic minorities

    "Study" the cultural rights of minorities are introduced: the narrow sense of culture rights usually refers to the cultural rights of ethnic minorities. The need for protection of minority cultural rights has never been so urgent. Both in the international or domestic in Chinese, are constantly pay attention to the protection of this right. Because it concerns,

  • The history and the culture.

    The history and the culture of the tutorial, Wang Feng compiled the "history and culture of the Hui tutorial" is the first in the history and the culture. Standing in the development of modern culture baseline, the use of cultural theory, adopts many kinds of new methods, inspect the Hui traditional culture of multi angle, multi-level. And the formation of the Hui Hui ethnic diversity ",

  • Inheritance of ethnic culture and curriculum reform of Ethnic Elementary Education

    "The inheritance of ethnic culture and curriculum reform of national basic education" from the cultural perspective, systematically discusses the curriculum reform of national basic education some fundamental problems in the theory of performance, has a strong theoretical and practical sense of orientation sensitivity. The study region for the national basic education curriculum reform promote,

  • The common heritage and personality

    Study of traditional Chinese national spirit and national culture in Guizhou, "the common heritage and personality" entitled "common heritage and personality", showing its subject, is the study of the Chinese nation spirit and cultural interaction between Guizhou unique traditional ask. This requires the spirit of Chinese culture and national culture in Guizhou has deep grasp, but it is not easy to do. ,

  • Chinese Xinjiang folk knowledge series Han

    "A brief introduction to the main content Chinese Xinjiang folk knowledge series Han": the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, located in the northwest frontier of the people's Republic of China, covering an area of 1660000 square kilometers, population 20951900 (2007). Its vast territory and abundant resources, many nationalities, has a very long history and,

  • Hui Sheng oral culture

    "The main content of Hui oral culture Range Rover": language of Hui nationality live in oral, Hui myths and legends, ethnic origin, historical legend, legend and folk legend, history legend; Hui folk rap, life folk songs, tales and humor, satire, jokes, proverbs, Xiehouyu Hui Hui flowers,

  • The dragon and Lion Dance / China cultural knowledge

    The dragon, the ancient legend of a scale has to be able to make clouds and rain, miraculous animal, is the symbol of auspicious. The lion, is a vigorous, powerful, brave animal, the ancients called "the king of beasts", as a serene, guardian, evil spirits, auspicious deity, symbolic as courage and strength. In diffuse,

  • National sports culture. Harmonious society.

    Yunnan Jinggu, Guangxi Sanjiang sports anthropology field investigation, "national sports, culture, harmonious society: Yunnan Jinggu, Guangxi Sanjiang sports anthropology field investigation" mainly included the development of traditional minority national sports to promote national rural social harmony, ethnic minority traditional physical meaning and the characteristic, the meaning of the harmonious society, characteristics and influence factors, Labagoumen national sports,

  • Tuoniang river country woman

    "Tuoniang River in Yunnan, Guangxi Zhuang woman side ougui marriage origin status trend" based on field visits, to real, vivid, elegant style, more visual, multi form, omni-directional, three-dimensional description of the existing in the Guangxi fam -- Tuoniang River Basin Zhuang "daughter of the country" "women marry husband" ("europe,

  • The East China

    "East China" about 9 words, 150 illustrations, is an illustrated, popular easy to read national knowledge popularization books. The book is divided into three parts, in part one,, is divided into six parts, the introduction of the national situation, historical origin, environment, culture, customs and beliefs, psychological characteristics; chapter two mainly introduces,

  • Study on the social culture of Dai Village

    "Research" Dai village culture is a book in the life-long study of Dai history and culture, published many works and "social studies", "Dai Dai serfdom and religious marriage" and other monographs basis, spend a lot of energy, to the social reform of the rural commune system and the traditional culture deeply research,

  • On the national culture

    On the national culture, learn ISBN:9787207091697, author: Zhang Bibo,

  • The article

    "Guizhou minority music culture collection, Dong article: introduction the picture" content: Guizhou is located in the eastern Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China, has an area of 176000 square kilometers, 97% for the mountains and hills. Throughout the mountains, a tributary of the Pearl River, the Yangtze River flowing in the mountains. In the development history,

  • The Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Education Series

    Series Zhong, "loyalty", as the Confucian ethics and the culture of the Chinese nation in the primary content of moral, after several thousand years of development, its position is even stronger than before. "Loyalty" as people's moral standards, it is universal, suitable for all people. In the Confucianism, "loyalty" caused the Confucian scholars. Confucius "loyalty,

  • Study on minority culture China

    "Be lively and vivid China minority culture in 2004 International Symposium on" unity, warm. With a rich, truth-seeking, innovative academic atmosphere, is expected to reach the purpose of improving the academic discussion and communication. Especially the delegates to exchange of academic achievements of protection, development and prosperity of ethnic outstanding,

  • The mystery of the Taliu people

    This book is the first system introduced him to keep people on national culture. The mystery of the Taliu people living in the territory of Yi Xiang Yongsheng County six de Lisu, he left the mountain is the old tea horse road on the military fortress, he has had to create glorious history, but because of the long history of the barrier, whirling the history;,

  • Shangri La County, Yunnan Tibetan and Hui ethnic study

    Shangri La County, Yunnan Tibetan and Hui ethnic study, "Shangri La County of Yunnan province" Tibetan and Hui ethnic studies "field comprehensive survey of social history and cultural change in Yunnan" hidden "this group, on the basis of the ethnic identity and culture identity transition theory, specific analysis of the is in a period of rapid social and cultural changes of the Tibeto Hui community,,

  • Digital cultural heritage

    "Digital cultural heritage" content is: China's ethnic culture is an important part of Chinese culture. The protection of national cultural heritage, carrying forward the national traditional culture, to ensure that the national culture security, is facing the world globalization strategy theme. Resources of ethnic and cultural heritage in china,

  • The Shang civilization by

    This book gathers the research field most has the academic value and impact since the reform and opening up, which fills the blank of the mountains, some at the basis of previous studies, further. This book can be used for scholars and the relevant professional institutions and post. ,

  • The boreal forest

    Grassland ecological environment changes and national culture, "Northern Forest - grassland ecological environment and ethnic culture change" of the national ecological environment in minority areas of northern China and the culture change from ecological anthropology perspective, not only focus on basic theoretical research, reviewing the history of boreal forest, grassland and farming ethnic minority nationalities on the different ecological ring,

  • The belief in magic

    "Magic of Gelao nationality's worship and the sacrificial offering" the belief mainly introduces and studies the Gelao origin, nationality and distribution, Gelao soul concept, Gelao worship, funeral ritual, Gelao Festival worship, Gelao taboo and characteristics, Gelao nationality folk belief function and significance, the author (Yuan Lihui) using a large number of when the,

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