• Monographic study of minority culture in the Northwest

    "Seminar on" minority culture in the northwest introduced the history and present situation of northwest minority language, language, religious, legal, moral, cultural, and educational aspects; types and characteristics of cultural structure, social structure of the ethnic groups in the northwest; northwest minority social morphology, structure, function and its development trend,

  • The story of Song Ci

    "Introduction": song song story content, is an exotic flower in the Chinese growth this piece of fertile land of culture, she is connected with the poetry of the Tang Dynasty style, like a proud sister a pair of beautiful flowers, the ancient poetry China dotted with colorful. Her brilliant although has become the past, but in her completely precipitated in the historical bottom,

  • Study on the national culture in the West

    He Qiong research, national culture in Western China, the Ethnic Publishing house,

  • The grassland culture

    "The wolf" Gen Gi Khan across his empire, the surf in Mongolia steppe nomads and the highlights of the world history, but people often overlook the important role of the grassland dwellers in cultural exchanges. Three thousand years ago, Chinese has been the Greeks called "silk country", but the silk road has not open,

  • Xiangxi Miao teacher almanac interpretation

    "Xiangxi Miao teacher almanac interpretation" is a by the old division palm seedlings altar, with Hmong worship ritual ceremony of seedling 祖苗 cases. It brings together all the offerings for Ba generation male speech, a total of more than 20 church ceremony, is divided into nine chapters, 四十六余 festival. ,

  • Khotan (Paperback)

    "Yutian" by the Xinjiang Art Photography Publishing house. ,

  • Mongolia family surnames.

    "Mongolia family name Daquan (Mongolian version) (fine)" for the library a book, to include all the name Mongolia, published in the form of. In order to reflect the China Mongolia study status, academic exchange information, promote the further development of China Mongolia studies, carry forward the fine traditional culture of Mongolia, as the reform and opening up,

  • Chinese Xinjiang minority customs painting collection 9: Turdi • Ming works

    "China Xinjiang minority folk custom painting collection 9: Turdi. Ming works" is the Xinjiang Art Photography Publishing house. ,

  • Naqqara music

    "The main content Naqqara art": from the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi, over Tianshan Mountains to the south. Extending 1500 kilometers, there is a city -- Kashi. If every city has its own "standard", then I think that Kashi "s" is the center of the square, ID kah,

  • The interaction between ethnic culture and economy

    The interaction of national culture and economy, edited by Yuan Shaofen, the national press,

  • Xinjiang traditional ethnic culture and society

    This book from the perspective of cultural anthropology, comprehensive, systematic study of several Xinjiang minority -- Uygur, Kazak, koercl gold group, Yugur traditional tribal, national system, marriage, family system life etiquette system, religious belief and customs of the west, and under the background of globalization,

  • In the cloud walking tribe

    "In the cloud" walking tribes from Xinjiang art photography press, Xinjiang electronic audio video publishing house. ,

  • China Xinjiang minority customs painting collection 2

    "China Xinjiang minority folk custom painting collection 2: Uygur folk customs" content brief introduction: Uygur people have their own language and script. The language of the Altai language Turkic languages. Using Arabia alphabet based uighur. Because of the frequent communication and learning between nations, Urumqi xu,

  • North national history and history of Mongolia translation.

    The book the history of Mongolia, north national history of translation, for the translator in twentieth Century 60 in the early to mid 80's research at the Inner Mongolia University in Mongolia history room (in 1982 changed to the Institute of Mongolia History) the translation work, the majority had published internal communication academic journals published in "the Research Office of the history of Mongolia,

  • China Xinjiang minority customs painting 11 - complete works of Yu Yuntao

    "China Xinjiang minority folk custom painting complete works of Yu Yuntao" by the Xinjiang 11: electronic publishing house. ,

  • On legal culture of ethnic minorities

    The national legal culture, San Wu Dahua, national press,

  • Let the culture into capital

    China western national cultural capital operation research, process in western big development is the process of the modern market economic culture to the national cultural reconstruction. The capitalization of ethnic cultures, vigorously develop the cultural industry is one of the important means of the reconstruction. In this regard, undertook beneficial exploration in western area of China, and has gained rich experience. Yes, of course.

  • The lake monster haunts all 2 volumes

    "Huguai" haunt: Tourism in Kanas, ISBN:9787807440383, author: Wen Hao, Xing Gang, Wen Sheng knitting,

  • The red cultural heritage of ancient books of Yi nationality.

    The red cultural heritage Yi ancient books collection, ISBN:9787222064508, author: Li Tao, Pu xuewang editor,

  • Ethnic studies.

    Ethnic studies, ISBN:9787806590676, author: Lang Weiwei, Yuan Xiaowen,

  • Introduction of Yunnan national culture

    Yunnan, a mysterious and rich red earth. In that piece of red land, stands still not conquer the mountains, flowing across several countries River, rich growth unusual animal and plant resources, also have 26 people, together with the million years of history. Want to enter this fertile land ", the Olympic region of South china,

  • Globalization and the nation state

    The book based on globalization brings to the nation of this specific social practice realm, stand in the height of Marx's philosophy of history view, the domestic and foreign existing rich research results as the foundation, analyzes the profound philosophy on national issues. And through this analysis, provides an analysis of the background of globalization,

  • China Xinjiang minority customs painting collection 1

    "Introduction China Xinjiang minority customs painting collection 1: Uygur portrait" content: Uygur people have their own language and script. The language of the Altai language Turkic languages. Using Arabia alphabet based uighur. Because of the frequent communication and learning between nations, Urumqi xu,

  • Jin and Yuan period of northern ethnic Chinese Poetry Research

    Jin and Yuan period of northern ethnic Chinese poetry research, ISBN:9787105119158, author: Yin Xiaolin,

  • Xinjiang girl

    "Xinjiang girl" content: Xinjiang girl, my bones with Xinjiang flavor, a brilliant smile, gorgeous costumes, very beautiful, very beautiful. ,

  • Xinjiang Tourism Geography

    This book describes the characteristics of Xinjiang's most scenic spots, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, grasslands, desert, basin, valley, landscape, history, city etc.. ,

  • The Jinuo customs records

    Jino Jino customs customs records, records, ISBN:9787810015981, author: Chen Ping,

  • Shilin Yi Sani people

    This is the understanding of business card China, Shilin Yi Sani ethnic understanding people. Its contents from 13 aspects of history, residence, marriage, festival, etiquette, taboo, religion, literature and art, funeral, diet, clothing, specialty, scenic spot and so on the Yi characteristics, let the reader have a comprehensive understanding to the Yi, to travel to read,

  • National unity and new picture

    "A new picture of national unity, national unity propaganda paintings Gallery" show the people of all our ethnic groups together, share a common fate of history and tradition, carry forward the work together for common prosperity and development of the spirit of the times of all ethnic groups in china. It encourages us to continue to promote national unity education in the whole society,

  • Mulao customs records

    Eighteen, Mulao customary -- folk library, 日泽, bamboo, too Wei, Central College for Nationalities press,

  • Structural studies of Tibetan traditional music

    Structural studies of Tibetan Traditional Music: Tibetan, ISBN:9787105115174, author:,

  • Ethnobotany and culture

    Ethnobotany is a new field in the vigorous development of botany. With the "return to nature", "natural" increasing wind, people for how the rational use of natural resources, the service given more attention in today's society, the traditional experience of plant utilization of ethnobotany by people gradually,

  • In Sanshan two pots for love seizes the color (lower)

    In Sanshan two pots for love seizes the color, ISBN:9787807440390, author: Liang 彤瑾, Xing Gang, Yu Wensheng,

  • The red culture and Heritage

    "Red culture and heritage" based in Jiangxi, the regional red culture resources deeply, the integration of Jiangxi, refined fit the needs of era and realistic spirit value, taking Jiangxi region of red culture of "people", "things", "things", "soul" as a clue, closely combined with the characteristics of the times, to the regional red the culture of Jiangxi,

  • Advanced culture and the cohesion of the Chinese nation

    "Advanced culture and the cohesion of the Chinese nation" the author along the long history of Chinese civilization, sort out the development context of culture and the cohesion of the Chinese nation go hand in hand together, reveals the inherent law between the advanced culture and national cohesion. ,

  • Xinjiang during the Sui and Tang Dynasties

    "Introduction to Xinjiang during the Sui and Tang Dynasties" content: Xinjiang its unique geographical location and natural environment characteristic, make here long ago become human live and multiply, an important area of communication between the East and the west cultures. From the beginning of the stone age, our ancestors had interest in this activity, residents of all ethnic groups to develop, interdependence,

  • The Qiang Minority Qiang Qiang dwelling

    This "Qiang Qiang Qiang towers residence" album, is a photographer Mr. Zhou Yaowu after a few years, ran Qiang stockaded village. Selection from the nearly 10000 pictures, according to the Qiang Minority Qiang Qiang houses three part organization selected. The Qiang Minority magnificent magnificent, row upon row of the walled Qiang, Qiang embroidery fine beautiful, showing the Qiang people's hard-working and intelligent,

  • Chinese fireplace culture.

    This book discusses the fireplace in the social life and religious beliefs of the Yunnan Naxi, Pumi ethnic minority in the important role and symbolic significance. The basic function of structure type fire fire -- Types and basic functions of the fire and fire a primitive man two three four fire and fire,

  • Subsurface flow

    Criticism and reflection of narrow nationalism, "undercurrent" is divided into 4 parts: foreign series, series, series and the theory of global conflict, the former three parts according to the "Chinese can say no," globalization "under the shadow of the Chinese road", "overrun war" criticism, finally discusses how to build a healthy nationalism. The book brings together Li Shenzhi, Ma Licheng, Qin Hui, zhu,

  • China Xinjiang minority customs painting collection 4

    "Introduction China Xinjiang minority customs painting collection 4: Kazakh portrait" content: Uygur people have their own language and script. The language of the Altai language Turkic languages. Using Arabia alphabet based uighur. Because of the frequent communication and learning between nations, Urumqi xu,

  • Chinese ancient northern ethnic cultural history

    This monograph is a national social science "seven five" key project of scientific research. The book deal with to solve the Chinese cultural history, the northern regional cultural history and national history. For the first time put forward the cultural system is transformed from multiple to one yuan, one yuan culture contains multiple content, diversity and mutual one yuan,

  • Respect for the old-age Chinese ancient custom

    The book is divided into eleven chapters, including the standard, respect for the elderly and nursing etiquette, dynasties for the elderly preferential treatment, a special ceremony feudal dynasty, old official retirement etc. ,

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