• Live in the jungle landscape

    Yunnan ethnic hunter gatherers, in a broad and a long history of national culture, gathering and hunting culture is a cultural connotation is rich but so far few people systematically studied topic. In the process of writing, I deeply feel, human culture, can reveal a lot of cultural connotation of value from a tiny hand. On the national culture,

  • Terrace culture theory

    Ecological agriculture of the Hani terrace culture theory, "(ecological agriculture Hani)" is the author of the southern Yunnan Hani investigation area more than ten years of research results, is China's first systematic study of Hani terrace agriculture culture monograph. Its contents include the Hani historical development and production practice of interdependence, evolution and adaptation, eventually formed a terraced agricultural,

  • In twentieth Century the world ethnic problem report

    This book is Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a subject of "Twentieth Century world ethnic problem report" Interim results. The study collected during twentieth Century world ethnic issues of concern to the people of more than 30 copies, according to and national independence, unity and sovereignty related national problems, internal multi-ethnic country,

  • Process technology and craft (Yunnan National Science and Technology)

    Yunnan national culture knowledge series, the national Yunnan science and civilization is of course exciting. Over the years, we both in the laboratory, the library or in the field investigation, is this topic attracted deeply. In the history of science and Technology Professor Li Di Chinese minority will, Professor Chen Jiujin, Professor Wan Fubin's guidance and help,

  • Feng Ming Shan

    In the ancient Chinese legends, there is a kind of spirit -- Phoenix bird. Its feather gorgeous colorful, beautiful song such as music; it also Gao Jie, heart kindness, fly to where to bring good fortune to where, perched in the motherland, become the symbol of the Chinese nation. Living in this land of the nation as well as the history of the,

  • Study on the development and protection of ethnic culture

    National research, development and protection of cultural ISBN:9787105033294, author: Xu Xianlong,

  • Constant departure and reunion of friends

    Constant departure and reunion of friends: historical, ethnic, cultural source, Li Changfeng, Yunnan minorities press,

  • The colorful minority nation tour (3 volumes)

    The colorful minority nation tour (three volumes), ISBN:9787802200395, author: Su Tao,

  • Jiang Hua Yao

    "Jiang Hua Yao" by national publishing house. ,

  • China Hani (Third Series)

    "China Hani (Third Series)" the recent papers of Hani family social history, political economy, philosophy and religion, diet, clothing, literature and art, language, sports dance etc.. ,

  • National Knowledge

    China is a unified multi-ethnic country, people how to deal with the problem, directly related to the rise and fall of China national and Chinese socialistic success or failure. In view of the current in a considerable part of the cadres and the masses in the general lack of Marx's national theory, national policy of the party and the basic knowledge of ethnic education reality, root,

  • Language and culture history

    "Language and ethnic history of material culture" as "social education scientific research fund for the doctoral program of nine five", completed in 2000 October, is a book published. Linguistics book includes the origin and propagation of Southern Ethnic crops, food, construction, textile, casting, names and other material culture test,

  • The northwest ethnic groups in action

    Here is the hall, chief official of the endangered intangible cultural heritage rescue strategy and commitment, wisdom, thinking about all the famous scholars, information and material heritage category, local protection practice experience. You can find out why the rescue, protection of intangible cultural heritage and understanding of inspiration here, what,

  • Dali Cultural Studies (Second Series)

    This is the pursuit of a harmonious ethnic. A scruples, fear of people have not act recklessly and care for nobody, play the gangster, and ten pay attention to harmony, and the pursuit of peace, it is logical, come very naturally. Not only in the nation, the Bai people are also good at Yi, Han, hui,

  • For the endogenous development

    This book is one of the major subject of "Humanities and social sciences of Zhongshan University for endogenous development of ethnic and cultural" China Western achievements, also funded the key project of the national "985 project". Endogenous development, based on the local ecology and culture, to listen to the development of the main voice, respect the right to development and development of local people,

  • The Han nationality custom history (5 Volumes)

    This book is based on the background of its generation history form, culture, discusses the China Han nationality customs, historical evolution. From the pre Qin to Han Dynasty, from the Tang Dynasty to early Republic of China, the land of China five thousand years of history, is deep into the Han nationality's blood, put it into customs, and hide in the heart. Watch the Han Nationality -- the,

  • China ethnic dance

    As one of the earliest art forms of humanity, dance has its roots in a11kinds of activities and is de,

  • The great national spirit - the spirit of the Chinese nation backbone

    The National Spirit -- the spirit of the Chinese nation backbone, the great Jing Huimin editor, Chinese study of Ideological and political work, the ideological and political work, the Central Propaganda Department Institute, Dangjian publishing house,

  • Chengde national historical and cultural city construction forum essays

    The excavation of Chengde ethnic historical culture, scientific construction of modern cultural city (Preface) -- Chengde Municipal CPC Committee, propaganda minister Wang Hongbin in the "Chengde national history and culture and the construction of cultural, academic forum" summary speech focused on the development of research Chengde city and regional ethnic historical culture -- Chengde,

  • From classical to modern

    The issue of national Chinese literary aesthetics,

  • China ethnic totem worship

    Religious and social aspects are two sides of totemism. Besides satisfying the spiritual living of p,

  • Investigation on the status of Yunnan ethnic language

    Investigation on the status of minority language in Yunnan, Yunnan Province, ethnic Chinese Guidance Committee, Yunnan minorities press,

  • Study of Ethnic History (Sixth Series)

    Study of ethnic history, the sixth series of the History Department of Minzu University of China, chief editor, national press,

  • North northwest northeast roll China nation

    Book in accordance with the language classification, from the cultural perspective, comprehensive and systematic introduction of distribution in North China, northwest and northeast area belongs to the Turkic Uighur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Uzbek Buick, Tatar, Sarah and Yugur; Mongolia branch of Mongolia, Dongxiang, soil, Daur and security group genus,

  • The Zhuang style collection

    The Zhuang nationality has a long history and profound cultural accumulation, although with the Han culture has a history of six hundred or seven hundred years, but still retains the linguistic and cultural characteristics of their own. The book is divided into language, food and clothing live, marriage and funeral, festivals, social customs, folk songs, folk dance, sports games,

  • Mountain Banshee

    Through the mist to find the scenery on the way the flagstones claim credit due to others research home puzzling building the well good-looking profile visit Yi car girl's father -- belma billion dollars and exotic customs girl real wear "short shorts" Yi car girl clothing experience and historical absurd The Strip banquet delicious with new meters mountain road,

  • Globalization and cultural diversity

    This is the National Social Science Fund Project: "globalization and culture diversity" (No.: 99BMZ016, approval number: 20040539) the final results. The book under the guidance of Marx's historical dialectics, use of international relations, political science, economics, people,

  • Naxi Dongba language and cultural heritage reading (3 volumes)

    "Naxi Dongba language and cultural heritage reading (set of 3 volumes)" in Yunnan province is the first set of the Naxi language and culture teaching. Old Town of Lijiang to inherit the unique Naxi culture and the national architectural style included in the world cultural heritage and reputation. Yunnan National Institute of Guo Dalie in social survey found that, in recent years, in the,

  • The celebrations: Yunnan national funeral (Paperback)

    Cultural diversity is reflected in the funeral customs, many people have a ceremony at their own way, mourning, mourning, tingling, funeral, burial and funeral buried sacrificial activities and so on, only the burial type and funeral, burial and so on, type the number in the country is come out in front. Therefore, from the cloud,

  • Nothing is too strange. National customs

    "Nothing is too strange. National customs" by the Shanghai Education Publishing house. ,

  • Modern China national spirit Studies Reader

    Modern Chinese national spirit studies reader, ISBN:9787303079209, author: Zheng Shiqu,

  • The Lost Kingdom

    The Lost Kingdom, ISBN:9787221055941, author: Wu Yiwen,

  • Jane culture China ethnic theory

    Culture is the social members to share thoughts, actions and feelings and its products. It is created by people and by adjusting the human thought and restricts people's actions to provide the order of existence and the meaning of life to people's concept of reality. The structure of culture can be divided into three levels: basic structure (material and technology, structure (organization),

  • Turpan

    "Turpan" content brief introduction: Turpan and Shanshan brewery, produce a large number of list name, gifted, special products. Such as the Kroraina wine, white wine, red Wine Wine, western red Wine, rose Wine, full juice Wine, won the autonomous region, the Ministry of light industry and international exposition. ,

  • The Tibetan Customary Law

    Tradition and transformation, the book is divided into 8 chapters, from anthropology and sociology of law standpoint, on the basis of obtaining the field survey of first-hand information, based on the previous research, used in Tibetan diversity of the meaning of the law, the traditional characteristics of the Tibetan customary law, early function and practical effect, objective reasons, the transformation of the Tibetan customary law,

  • The spirit of the times and the national legal system

    This book from the philosophy of law, sociology of law and national law angle of view, to the comprehensive construction of well-off society in west ethnic legal system as an example, discusses the national legal system and the spirit of the times to adapt to the problem. Authors: the spirit of the times, the national spirit and the national legal system is composed of a state of national spirit, spiritual support and spiritual power to,

  • The national cultural heritage

    "The national cultural heritage (first series)" Editors: national cultural heritage is the legacy of the nation in the history of the material, spiritual wealth. Chinese history of human civilization is the civilization ancient country with long history, cultural heritage have no equal in this world. Chinese is a nation composed of 56 multi-ethnic country, in history, the,

  • Minority women's history

    "Overview of ethnic minority women's history" the China minority women's participation in social and economic activities in all aspects, involved in the areas of: from traditional agriculture (even primitive agriculture) played to the minority women's role in the process of modern agriculture, the minority women in the proportion of the emerging industry of villages and towns,,

  • The national culture and Globalization

    This book is "selected from more than 100 papers of national culture and globalization" academic seminar received in the proceedings, discusses how to maintain the diversity of national culture in globalization from various aspects, how to effectively protect and inherit the national culture, how to make full use of and development of ethnic culture and natural heritage,

  • Study on ethnic problems in the process of city

    In recent years, the large-scale labor mobility across regions, is the inevitable result of reform and opening up and the development of society, history is also a product of our country from the agricultural society to modern industrial society. In the middle, floating minority population with special "dual identity", the group behavior existence,

  • Heluo culture and the Han Nationality Theory

    Heluo culture and the Han nationality theory, ISBN:9787215059177, author: Chen Yichu,

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