• National culture theory

    National culture theory, Zuo Yutang, popular literature and Art Publishing house,

  • Southwest national social and economic cultural type

    Southwest Chinese is a natural museum of nationalities, ethnic groups, various styles, social diversity is complex, as the scholars at home and abroad attention. The author embarks from the reality, break barrier, first of all ethnic groups in the southwest society system, in-depth discussion, put forward new ideas. The author thinks, each kind of society are in the longitudinal evolution and,

  • The backbone of a nation

    In the process of survival and development efforts, Pumi women played an important role, hard and change the living environment so that they not only strong, but also the chain of optimism, enthusiasm, cheerful personality. If you want to understand the situation, please follow the book to the northwest of Yunnan trip. ,

  • New exploration of China national culture source

    Book through the study of Xia and Shang Wednesday times various archaeological culture phenomenon, reveals the source China ancient civilization and Chinese national culture and its formation mechanism, through in-depth analysis of pottery, jade, bronze and settlement building, buried ancient writing mechanism, etc., discusses the ancestor worship in the national production,,

  • Tujia folk culture

    Tujia folk culture theory, San ISBN:9787810566568, author: Cao Yi,

  • The Tajik nationality folk culture

    The Tajik nationality folk culture, ISBN:9787806588628, author: the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region foreign cultural exchange association,

  • Splendid Chinese civilization. Custom roll

    "Splendid Chinese Civilization: custom roll" brief introduction: Customs and people's daily lives, today we live around still seen traditional customs. Although some of the ancient custom has been lost in history, but the understanding of their truth for the understanding of the history and culture of Chinese still has important,

  • Between people and gods

    The existence of "people" and "God" with no reality whatever there have all kinds of connections with the relationship, the relationship has penetrated into every corner of social life, make people consciously or unconsciously and God playing. Book with vivid and interesting text from eight aspects to the explanation: not only the creator God, change God, but also,

  • History and national

    China border political, social and cultural,

  • Splendid Chinese civilization. The national volume

    The Chinese nation is a unity of pluralistic integration, which is the largest number of Han nationality. And the Han nationality harmonious coexistence with more than 50 national minorities. While the Han is also the history of many ethnic fusion of. Han is the predecessor of the Huaxia nationality, in the spring and Autumn period, Huaxia and Rong 狄等 gradually fusion; during Wei Jin and the northern and southern,

  • Japanese Studies 2006

    Japanese Studies (2006), ISBN:9787201053318, author: Institute of Japanese Studies Nankai University,

  • The Chinese national spirit

    Jiang Zemin at the Sixteen Party Congress report pointed out that "the national spirit is the spiritual pillar of a nation's survival and development. A nation, without high spirit and noble character, can't stand among the nations in the world. In five thousand years of development, the formation of the Chinese nation unity with patriotism as the core of the,,

  • Chinese minority customs records

    The custom has become "vulgar", is the larger, accumulate and become social customs, manners, habits, collectively known as the. Customary called "folklore", "party Su zhi". "Chi" or "down". Customary description of local customs records, which chronicles the content component. Custom is a relatively broad,

  • Tujia marriage customs and wedding songs

    Marriage in the book around the Tujia deployment system, comprehensive study, thus a beautiful picture of the Tujia customs. The book has six chapters, the specific contents include the marriage customs, marriage customs, marriage and divorce, remarriage Customs on marriage customs, marriage etiquette and Su reform as well as the wedding song. ,

  • Study of ethnic cultural heritage protection and development of Diqing

    The book is divided and three parts. This is an investigation report on the national Diqing villages and community cultural resources, which covers the main ethnic Tibetan, Lisu, Naxi, Yi, Bai, Hui Di Gyeongju village culture and community culture resources. Editing is in Diqing Prefecture intangible cultural heritage protection and,

  • Multi cultural values and national identity research

    The book is a major research project undertaken by Professor Wan 明钢 Ministry of education 2004 year key research center for Social Sciences (04JJDZH011) is one of the achievements. The study of communication and life from the Tibetan, Han, Hui and other large, middle school students start, discusses students among different nationalities,

  • The capitalization of ethnic cultures

    This book examines the capitalization of ethnic cultures from economic anthropology perspective, through the analysis of foundation, structure and rights of the capitalization of ethnic cultures, the capitalization of ethnic cultures as a necessity in the "edge" of the different ethnic groups in contemporary mainstream society and economic activities, emphasizing different nationalities,

  • Contemporary interpretation of the ancient Manchu memory

    Traditional Manchu Shuobu essays, book is "the first Manchu said the academic seminar" set assembly,

  • Thai roll - Ruili

    "China status and development of Minority Research Series" is one of the major projects China Academy of social sciences. By China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Ethnology and anthropology, and some parts of the National Research Institute, University researchers, teaching staff to implement. This series to minority county (city) for the,

  • National cultural fabric hand

    This book uses documentary methods, with abundant data, records the life living in the Miao women in Yunnan plateau, showing their exquisite embroidery, batik, costumes, ethnic handicrafts, praise them from the clouds in the mountains to the modern society's pioneering spirit. ,

  • Kazakh Folk Culture

    Kazakh Folk Culture, ISBN:9787806588598, author: the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region foreign cultural exchange association,

  • Dictionary Chinese minority culture (northwest volume)

    "Dictionary of Chinese minority culture: Northwest volume" brief introduction: "big dictionary" Chinese minority culture is a large specialized dictionaries. The total income of 55 ethnic minorities in China about 25000. The book is divided into five volumes: Volume (northeast, Inner Mongolia Xibo Nationality in this volume), west,

  • The Chinese national spirit

    Chinese national spirit is the spiritual bond of the Chinese nation into a whole, is the common value of the whole nation, is the whole nation coagulation China force guiding ideology, is the motive force of social development support China. This book adopts the combination of history and reality, theory and practice, of the Chinese national spirit of the philosophical foundation, the basic connotation, formation,

  • Kirgiz ethnic folk culture

    Kirghiz folk culture, ISBN:9787806588604, author: the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region foreign cultural exchange association,

  • Dunhuang diet Quest

    Dunhuang is a bright pearl on the ancient Silk Road, life here in the Han Dynasty, Sogdian, Tuyuhun, Tibetan and other ethnic groups together to create a culture of Dunhuang grotto art, therefore, as Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes sign, is the crystallization of their common wisdom, is also a product of Western religious culture communication. Dunhuang development is required,

  • Lusheng songs mouth.

    The Lahu family is an old and brave shaman. The women to bear hardships and stand hard work, Cliffide Flower. Lahu women, rich and colorful culture of ancient magic. Lahu female progenitor Gen Lahu prosperous matriarchal family and "house rent card" organization characteristic, and their marriage customs more impressiveness. Sheng's heart strings,

  • The history and culture of Li

    The book is divided into 4 chapters, the main contents include: ethnic relations and change; cultural research; tattoo topics; spirituality and religion. ,

  • Study on the manuscript by San Genghiskhan

    "San Genghiskhan offered by a study" (Mongolian), ISBN:9787566002341, author: Yin Bao Battelle,

  • Examining the development of national traditional sports culture

    "The development of Chinese traditional sports culture" standing in the scholar's standpoint and cultural perspective, explores the cultural cause of national traditional sports, development of traditional nation under the background of globalization in the analysis of issues and objective judgment, and puts forward the trend of future development of national traditional sports. ,

  • Research Chinese ethnic costumes

    Study on Chinese ethnic costumes, ISBN:9787105058303, author: China national museum,

  • Tujia

    Tujia, the book is "one of the China minority customs tour series". The series is a set of history, culture, geography in the integration of tourism culture knowledge series. This book introduces you to the tujia. It not only describes the cultural and historical heritage of Tujia people, but also a detailed description of its main settlements of the scenic spots,

  • Chaoshan culture

    Chaoshan culture, south of the Five Ridges culture is one of the unique regional culture with distinctive Chinese characteristics, and full of vigor and vitality of the people love. This book explains the culture of South of the Five Ridges one of the Chaoshan culture of this unique cultural phenomenon, which for our understanding of ancient culture of South of the Five Ridges has a great help. ,

  • Huizhou engraved books and books

    The writing of this book is to reveal the subjective intention, in Huizhou the special geographical environment and social environment, its book collection, the formation, development and characteristics. This book is the bibliography start. Picking the representative little bibliography, one one extraction of Huizhou works and Huizhou edition, do,

  • Chinese western national culture research 2003 volume

    "Research" national culture Chinese Western History Department of Northwest Institute for Nationalities Chinese cultural history research a topic on the master. Included in the more than ten years academic echelon the disciplines related to cultural history of the nation in the western achievements. Among them, most of which have been published in various academic journals, small amount without publishing, the publishing,

  • The culture of Tujia nationality annals pass

    "New" in the annals of Tujia culture to strengthen research, promote the Tujia Tujia development purposes compiled a set of academic works. This book consists of two parts, one is the study of the Tujia history and traditional culture, these works try to through the analysis of the Tujia history and traditional culture, carry forward the tujia,

  • The tea horse ancient road culture (3 volumes)

    On the ancient tea horse road Tibet story, through six years of Tibetan life, during the collection of a large number of historical data and historical pictures, and his countless times in the Shangri-La along the search, to show you the mysterious and fascinating Tibetan history and culture identity and eye contour, a youth of Han nationality cadres, interpretation of his Tibetan history and,

  • Chinese ethnic village culture

    "Chinese ethnic village culture" to "Chinese ethnic village survey series" is one of the 55 ethnic villages, assemble the survey pictures edited into a large album, a total income of more than 1100 pictures, there were "General Preface", "preface", "Chinese ethnic village culture survey point schematic diagram",

  • The southwest market theory

    The book consists of introduction, conclusion and eight chapters, concentrates on the Southwest Nationalities Area bazaars of the origins and history of formation. In the introduction, the book research proposition, main research ideas, methods and sources of material, and relates to some important domestic and overseas literatures in the book,

  • Sino foreign cultural exchanges and pragmatic analysis

    With the development of global integration, cross cultural exchanges in all areas of society. Language is the carrier of culture, plays an important role in expression, according to the cultural habits of rational and effective use of language to communicate more and more attention. The book starts with the definition of culture, the key comparison,

  • Xinjiang Ethnic Studies

    Xinjiang ethnic studies.1 national publishing house,

  • The villages and their traditional culture

    This book is a description of the village construction monograph. The author in the area of typical Wa village in Yunnan Ximeng County, San Zhai fieldwork, reveals the social from behind to advanced the evolution process of regional characteristics and differences and development, the village play from the perspective of history,

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