Limis Yi race "Longmen tune"

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Yang Yiping   Pages:260   Words:250000  

"China minority of non material cultural heritage is the series of" investigation, finishing results to Chinese Minority Shaman culture relics, it of the intangible cultural heritage rescue and protection, in-depth study of the Shaman culture has important meaning and value.
Yang Yiping written "limis Yi race Longmen tune" is the series a, divided into Li pygmy people myth; "Longmen tune" and several chapters.
Author brief introduction

Yang Yiping female
the Han nationality, Yunnan Fengqing people. In 1987 graduated from the History Department of Yunnan Normal University, worked as a teacher, now Yunnan province Lincang National Bureau of religious affairs in the National Research Institute, research associate. Mainly engaged in the study of Eleven World Lincang City in protecting the minority traditional culture, in the national and provincial level academic journals published more than 20 articles.
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The first chapter "
Longmen tune" main successors of
A, folk singer
three, 朵希 cry.
second chapter Li pygmy people legend
A, "Longmen tune"
two, dragon worship God (Kou Mulong)
three, water Longdong borrowed clothes and fishing does not catch fish swim on
four, offering long and fine for rain water
six Longdong, wear black.
seven, cuckoo story
nine, the debt orphan marry Longnu
third chapter "Longmen tune"
A, the ancient song
three, Eagle blocking Tianmen phase.
five, the adjustable mootee.
seven bees across the river, the gods for mortal (brother and sister to marry)
Fourth Series dear bypass regulating chapter cry
cry cry cry two
fifth chapter is
serious tone of a two

serious serious adjustable three
decent adjustable four
decent adjustable five
decent adjustable six
decent adjustable seven
decent adjustable eight
decent adjustable nine
sixth chapter vice via
vice via a

two side by side The three
pairs were four
pairs were five
pairs were six
pairs were seven
pairs were eight
Chapter excerpt

In limi people, people breathe, generally do not directly into the coffin, but first the dead flat on the bed on the bed. "朵希" and "cry mother-in-law" came to the home, filial son began to kill, cooking. The food cooked, to go to pay homage to the dead. Filial mourning the dead, "cry mother-in-law" began to cry. "Cry mother-in-law" cries the regulating many, dutiful son in mourning the dead corpse before, "cry mother-in-law" cry "to offer rice tune" sing, please enjoy a meal of the dead children. "Cry mother-in-law" cry "to offer rice tune", if lucky, will the public. If it is not a good day, wait until the cock crowed after the dead will be put into the coffin. The dead will be loaded into the coffin, "cry mother-in-law" crying "coffin"; to cry "ancient foundation pit", it was praised for the people; to cry "cover" Yin real tune. Cried the tune, in accordance with the limi family customs, filial son and daughter to take the roof with trees in the coffin top, roof truss with different colors 布当瓦 blanket. If the deceased is male, to cover nine black and white cloth; if the dead are women, to seven black and white cloth blanket. At the same time, the coffin above also hung up on children for the sewing clothes. It said the dead to the grave, not only have clothes to wear, there is room to live. Also cry "girl" that offer rice tune, the married daughter into the offer food for the dead. In addition to "support", "Wei Luo", "hang the vestments adjustable Polygonatum branch", "Requiem", "joy" in tone, "wake the dead", "see a regulating fruit", "separation", "tone" and so on mountain. "Cry mother-in-law" cry all the tone for varying lengths of time, this to the host family established a dead man earth time, while the short two days, as long as three to four days. Of course, this "crying" is not to go cry over and over, after all, to follow the procedures, the question must have a rest. "Cry mother-in-law" cry, for the normal and non normal deaths death is different. For non normal deaths, "朵希" must take a series of measures, from the non normal death to death, and then began to read the meridians and the vice via; "cry woman" "cry" also should have corresponding "interlude", "朵希" non normal death to normal the death of formalities, "cry mother-in-law" began to cry established tone.
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