Leigongshan Miao Wu Ci Fu Jia 理嘎 don't

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Wen Yuanrong Minzu University of China press (2010-10)   Author:Wen Yuanrong compiled   Pages:495  

After I was born, was assigned to the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of National Research Institute, Guizhou province after the seconded to work writing national language committee. In the extreme "left" line interference, is labeled as a "rightist", sent home, farming for twenty years. Eleven party 3 in after plenary meeting, the party and the people's government to reform from the bottom, give me the rehabilitation, restoration work. I taught at Thunder Mountain, Hill 2, for old age. For more than twenty years, I published the "," Yang Song, with others to complete the "Miao" one book, and according to the collected data sorting out "the Miao songs, the text", "Leishan Miao tales". Has written and published "to improve the national culture is the premise of the creation and use of national character", "Miao, language, writing, education and culture", "Leishan Miao God worship and taboo culture mentality", "a thousand miles -- the difference of loss has been distorted national culture does not repeat", "with the help of mother tongue teaching promote English learning" and so on more than 20 papers.
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The words of the creation of the world of mankind and the ghost source mountain Festival Words offering rock dad for father medicine word pheasant: rock out oil pan CI CI cattle drum worship on Lang Jia Li Jia 贾理 歌贾 -- sister thanks to sister dare marriage origin song marriage disputes principle word 嘎别福 Jin Baoliang and Gao bean Ni 格旎 · south down slightly, Yang said let just and Nigeria Ni Keli Ji Ni meter Eurpean 涌玖 Euphorion and list of Ao prospecting good water birds of a thrush White Buffalo and black buffalo Fu Gao Li and Ni good shrimp bridge ring package public Wang pigeon hall Wu fill postscript
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The copyright page: a few days later, her two brothers went and the Han Chinese negotiation into one two two money, was sold to businessman wife. One day, they took the sister climbed two slope down to rest bisong, Rong Xi 玖崖, eldest brother said: "here lie deep pool fish very much, you see". When she climbed up to look down, her brother when she wasn't looking, you push her off a cliff. Two brothers think, this time she fell off a cliff dead, returns home. Which know that the cliff with a clump of vines caught her, her coat on a vine. Taijiang a group of visitors to come here to rest, she heard them singing songs, she cried in the vines, asking them to save her. Taijiang business passengers pity her, with a cloth to pull her up. A later she married Taijiang businessman, a wealthy matron. One day, her two brothers exactly to the stockade for pig to buy her. She saw, to people's village said: "the two find a pig to buy, is my family and relatives, you don't have to sell their pigs, tell them to come to my house." The people in the village as they go to her house. She warmly said: "two elder brother entered the room to rest, I cook for us to eat". They went into the house, one said: "she is the sister of my two miles!" One said: "no, our sister have been pushed off a cliff dead, which still live here?" They were a brother in the room to rest, she began to slaughter a chicken or duck, when she cooked the dishes on the table, she asked: "we sing a song to eat, or eat sing again? ,, two brother replied: "sister, you will sing, sing! I can't sing."
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The word "Leigongshan Miao Jia 理嘎 don't Fu" is a project supported by the special funds to rescue the national cultural heritage China national museum.
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