Leigongshan Miao traditional culture

Date of publication:2006-10-01   Press: Guizhou Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Li Guozhang   Pages:315  

Li Guozhang, male, Miao, pseudonym (Miao name) exhibition, Guizhou the province county people. With a degree in law, has long been engaged in legal work, director of the National Museum of Chinese Miao culture in Leishan research center. Economics, law has published more than 30 papers, ethnology, author of "the Leigongshan Miao traditional culture", "the Miao" (co authored), "Miao calendar", to cultivate the Miao nationality culture, and achievement.
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"Book, more confidence in the" Ni said: "so 少吴 treat western, Chi 尤佐, make the main gold." Little Wu for western, said Shao Hao American people mainly in the west of Taihang Mountain, the ancient East and west to Taihang Mountain for the community. Ma Rong note said, "Chi You, Shao Hao the end, Jiuli monarch", said Chi You is 少吴's last monarch, is also its monarch; or Jiuli Prince Chi You was Shao Hao's last monarch. "Yizhoushu, taste of wheat solution" cloud: "today at the beginning...... Chi You life Yu Yu Shao Wu, in the square." "Yu" as a "living" release, this little Wu residence is back home. "Historical records of Yin Ji" cloud: "his doctor who was with people, the emperor put to, have shaped." Song Zhong note said "Chi You, Shen chen". Here "Shen Nong's" namely ", the little Hao". "The facts" said: "cutting air Chi You sang, emperor of the neighborhood." Chen Qiyou "Lu spring and autumn school release" cited Mr Yu cloud "empty is poor language sang sang". "Salt and iron" cloud "Huangdi war Zhuolu, killing two Hao (Tai Hao, Shao Hao) Chi You for the emperor," said Huang Disha Chi You of Tai Hao and Shao Hao, chief of the tribe. Wang Dayou in "epoch-making significance" Pu Yangxi water slope M45 Chi You really are the imperial tombs of the said: "the combination of sheep and birds, is the sheep tribe (Qiang ginger Department) and birds (Dongyi people, Yang Yi Yi, birds) marriage alliance portrayal." "The owner of the tomb with western, identity governance of the north and east of Yan Emperor Group and Oriental Dongyi group." Marriage is a direct descendant of Yan Family alliance with Dongyi, main method and the Dongyi people live together in peace together, at the same time, also reflects the Dongyi person in 12000 ~ 8500 "star wound flood" and "Gonggong flood", population decrease, quality and urgent need and exogamy, reproduction of the population and the desire. "Mandarin," said Chu dialect, Shao Hao in the late Qing Yang Zhi "and Shao Hao's ring also, Jiuli disorderly de", also indicates the reason with Chi You and the descendants of Shao Hao failure is closely related to the.......
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The descendants of Xu Chiyou now where the Miao village. Thousands of Chi You's in the history of Chinese civilization the outstanding position of Chi You which formed in the era of Emperor Yan Miao Miao ethnic said its meaning and ancestors branch Liangzhu Culture jade ornaments and Qiandongnan Miao silverware of the origin of Qiandongnan Miao migration route Leigongshan Miao Language meaning and the tourism image positioning GA 100 five roads diverged ficko originated in the upstream slope of consanguineous marriage taboo and the penalty origin Leigongshan Miao Leigongshan Miao Miao diet terrace culture the witch Zhang Xiumei defeated Wudong Shan Lei Gong Ping will be Taiwan for the worship of heaven altar Leigongshan why no temple Miao Miao Miao Miao calendar ordeal drum drum bull Miao Miao Miao Miao Dijiao play Zhao Long totem Miao Leigongshan Miao Lusheng festival customs of Leishan Miao nationality drum Reservoir Bridge section of Leishan Miao nationality Bao Zhai tree Bala River Basin Miao swept walled custom Lang de village hanging foot building the Miao customs palm Ao copper encouraged South Meng Lusheng dance Ping Xiang Gao Pai sacred Lusheng Yanzhai pheasant dance will be gourd dance Sheng Ge head offering dog day Bi "hemlock offering Tian God word out of ghost word mountain Festival Words on @##@ Lang word. Leigong Mountain is the watershed between the Yangtze River and Pearl River river water, is the peak Miao, Miao mountain. Leigong Mountain is in the holy land, there are beautiful natural scenery, rich ethnic customs, tourism is a good place for leisure.
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