Into the ancient village of Leishan Miao

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Wu Yugui Minzu University of China press (2010-11)   Author:Wu Yugui   Pages:258  

"Into the ancient village of Leishan Miao" tells the story of Leishan county located in the southeast of Guizhou Province, the county a total area of 1218 square kilometers, a total of 157 administrative villages, population 154500 people, native Han, Miao, Dong, Yao, aquarium, Yi and other ethnic groups, among them, the Miao population accounts for 84.2% of the total population, Leishan known as "in the Holy Land", known as the "Miao cultural center", Miao style unique, rich and colorful culture of Miao nationality. "China rural folk art", "national key cultural relics protection units" Lang de village ", the world's largest Miao" Xijiang Miao village, "Lusheng dance village" Nan Meng Miao village, "bronze drum," Zhang Ao Miao village, "Silver Art Village" Kongbai village and a number of unique unique ethnic villages, formed a relatively complete system of Miao culture, including farming culture, architectural culture, fashion jewelry culture, diet culture, festival culture, song and dance culture, marriage culture, etiquette and custom etc..
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Dan Zhen ancient Miao Village -- Tao Yao clouds -- in Wudong planting grapes, red tangerine Miao Village -- Lang Dang Old Dan Hall City Miao Village -- teach factory national health model in cat river terraces up -- in -- white rock Christian Miao - Peach Village bayberry red Miao Village -- Wu Xiu Bala River brother Miao Village -- size solid Lu in Lusheng making in -- row card good breeding bull Miao Miao and Dong -- high Party Harmony -- Yang Gou Shan Miao Miao Village -- Tao Yao knitting basket card overlooking the county Miao Village -- foot male original intact Miaozhai -- foot slope ridge in -- row in Palm Valley Tian Ba Miao village built on the side of the mountain -- lamb leading Miao Village -- Based Yong's Pastoral Area -- water and Zhai hidden in the stream valley in 乌开林 -- beautiful mountain Miao Village -- the world's largest row Weng Xi Jiang Zhen Miao Village -- the good for silver art processing Miao Village -- Kongbai reputation spread silversmith Village -- hemp material is located in the mountains of the Miao Village -- the cat nose ridge valley river Miao Village -- sheep my province famous Hong Qi Cun Yao -- foot Wu Yao Miao parenting hero -- General Secretary to the Miao Village -- Huang Li Lei Gong Ping mysterious Miao Village -- open the sleep by County North Area -- 乌高 hid in the Castle Peak in the Miao Village -- Long Tang Baishui River flows through second Miao Village -- stem Rong Pai Shui River booming Miao Village -- Long Wu mountain spring sweet Miao Village -- dragons Ao green tea Miao Village -- long Ao cliff on Miao Village -- yellow walled Fangxiang village Taojiang Xiang Da Tang Xiang Lang De Zhen Wang Feng Xiang Yong Le Zhen Da Di Xiang
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The copyright page: illustration: Tao Yao, this is one of the most ancient Miao village of Miao history legend, it is located in the north of Shanxi, Dan River town area, only 6 km away from the county seat. The whole village by Hu Yang, dry white, dry, dry, dry is often 勒略, dry Yao, male water, new village, bowl factory 9 natural village, a total of 548 households, 2090 people. Bazi typical Tao Yao Department of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau terrain, originated in Leigong Mountain River, flowing from the dam, the river is lined with thousands of years of Miao generation relay repair chisel paddy fields. 9 natural villages near the dam in the mountain, stacked layers of Miao dwellings consisting of a bright scenery line. The Thunder Mountain Road along the village to the east the line, leading to the Xijiang Miao village highway wear dam north to, traffic is extremely convenient. Tao Yao surrounded by mountains, rivers and streams through the dam, river water babbling hordes in agricultural irrigation to Tanaka. A song of Miao songs to sing: Tian Ba watery, waterwheel squeaky singing, the river long flow, Tao 尧好 place. Tao Yao from time immemorial inhabited villages formed, how Tako, because there is no written records, is indistinct. But from the Miao generally adopted son father joint forms can be inferred. According to the village said the old man, to the first year of Emperor Qianlong "an Tun set fort", Tao Yao has more than 50 generations living generation, 30 years in the calculation, tao yao Cun Qing Emperor Qianlong had history of 1000 years. From the dug Tao Yaoba rice fields and slopes around the layers of terraced fields, paddy layers connected, diversion irrigation canals lightness and darkness, some ditch from dozens of hill field field bottom over, this shows that tao yao Miao society has built terraced superb technology in a long time ago, people can in a national leader leadership according to the plan.
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"Into the ancient village of Leishan Miao" is a project supported by the special funds to rescue the national cultural heritage China national museum.
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