Inner Mongolia

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Foreign Languages Pr   Author:Wang Dafang   Pages:265  

Itis easy to have a quick look at China's past and present, but it takes time to gain a panoramic knowledge of China. The "panoramic China" series is meant to assist readers, especially those overseas, in this respect. Each volume in the series focuses on a province, municipality or autonomous region, describing, with illustrations, the outstanding characteristics of each area from different perspectives.
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The HistoryMongols fromIn the Tracks of Mongol ForefathersGenghis Khan-the "proud Son of Heaven" From Grasslands to CitiesMarco polo and other Foreign VisitorsMongol Culture in DocumentsInner Mongolia TodayUlanfu and Other Political Figures of Mongol EthnicityXu Rigan and Science, Technology and Education in Inner MongoliaCities and a New Way of LifeJalsan, the Living Buddha, and Religious Faiths in Inner MongoliaDr.Ulan and Traditional Mongolian MedicineYili Dairy Industry and Inner Mongolia 's Animal HusbandryHerdsman She Deng and Eco-friendly Animal HusbandryFor theTomorrow of the GrasslandsFolk CustomsWhat Rivers Mean to MongolsMongol ReligionsMongol Horses and MenMongol WomenMongols and SheepMongols' Mobile Home-the "Lele" CartMongols and DrinkMongol Song and DanceNadan Fair-a Traditional Mongol FestivalThree Small Ethnic GroupsAppendicesMajor Foreign Related Agencies of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR) List of Major International Travel Agencies in Inner Mongolia Autonomous RegionList o F Major Hotels in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Catering to Foreign Visitors
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A focus, depth, distinctive show China panorama style books, from which you can understand Chinese panoramic view, we have a better understanding of China panorama. This book is one of the north, is in Chinese, with a mysterious and beautiful land, her shape like a flying horse, also like the wings of an eagle. She is Chinese first national minority autonomous region, Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia has a long history, rich products, an exquisite scenery, is a gorgeous, charming place. This book will bring you closer to Inner Mongolia, to feel the charm of her.
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