Hidden in the prose culture

Date of publication:2002-11   Press: Guangdong Education Press   Author:Ding Laixi   Pages´╝Ü263  

This book is the main motivation, stimulate students interest in learning the language, second is the communication language teaching achievements. In the past the long years, our ancestors left behind a lot of heavy history books. We can learn some knowledge of the ancients in the basic necessities of life, ie, the official calendar Title etc.. These knowledge can help us not only to read ancient poetry and classical Chinese, but also have a practical significance to improve our comprehensive Chinese accomplishment. In order to enable the students to understand the customs and culture of our motherland in the relaxed happy reading, I in the preparation of the special attention to the following three points: 1 explain profound theories in simple language. The main readers of this book are middle school students, the book will wipe out the "stumbling block", ancient poetry involved, whether it is in the class of classical Chinese, or "book of songs", "the Analects of Confucius" and other extracurricular classical Chinese, modern Chinese translation shall be. The purpose is to let students see clear, to understand. 2 the small special form. Each topic consists of a number of stories, which addresses one aspect of the problem in the ancient cultural knowledge. "Small topic" in the form of free, flexible, can be short or long, boring and dull scene a dictionary entry type. 3 combine the practical, and around the classroom teaching. Cultural knowledge, scope broad boundless, rich and colorful content. We can combine the Chinese textbook of Middle School of the famous, the content of writing. The text appears in the ancient cultural knowledge, most can find satisfactory answers from the "hidden in the verse" in the customs and culture. This will, because of the limited space, had to forsake.
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A scholar, Juren and champion -- ancient official selection of ancient how official selection Han tide "election", "Pi" system of Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties "Jiupinzhongzheng" system of the imperial examination system, founded the imperial examination candidates qualification review of the imperial examination and official rank "five Gong" and "Sansheng" imperial examination of the content of imperial examination examination of the guard without stop text cases were forced to withdraw from the stage of history two big pieces of Xiaoling outsiders -- ancient forms of talk about what is the difference between the name and the name, word, word, number, of the selection and use of the "taboo" the ancients said, "and" big house "to" outsiders "death poem" "dogs" and "small" "from the" posthumous title, temple, the ancient age addressing three "was the Regal isolationist" official -- official in ancient anecdotes and staging of monarch minister official central departments executive official local official four "Mo, Mo, Mo" of marriage -- ancient marriage customs of five dumplings, poetic couplet, set off firecrackers -- the ancient calendar in six purple silk on the Ru Xiang Qi skirt -- ancient costume history seven "Dongpo's braised pork" and "cock" -- the ancient diet -- eight the Great Wall Terracotta Army Gossip Gossip The ancient palace of the nine boat and chair line -- ancient chariot history ten Yunchang height nine feet -- on the ancient weights and measures eleven Gao Qiu played aerobic ball -- in ancient sports
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