Guangdong tourism culture.

Date of publication:2006-7   Press: Guangdong Economic Publishing House   Author:He Wei   Pages:259   Words:190000  

Do you know the marriage etiquette and custom of Guangzhou? Know why Hakka building covers an area of 10 acres, even more than 30 acres big house cluster live? The etiquette and pay attention to understand the Chaozhou tea tea? The book depicts the Guangdong Cantonese, Hakka, Chaoshan three regional folk customs, culture and characteristics, tell you a folk Guangdong, an authentic guangdong. The focus of this book outlines the Cantonese, Hakka, Chaoshan three clans in their folk customs, culture, tells anecdotes anecdotes and moving, and is combined with the attractions, culture is to decode the scenery behind the. For from other provinces to Guangdong people, this book is a window to understand the culture of South of the Five Ridges; to the Cantonese speaking, we can more fully understand the culture of South of the Five Ridges.
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Guangdong scenery infinite Cantonese culture [] [regional travel tourism tourism landscape] in the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou scenic attractions -- "riding on the Pearl River on the city of Dongguan --" the Opium War "Shenzhen ancient battlefield night rising --" city of Zhongshan -- the father Sun Zhongshan's hometown of Zhuhai -- filled with romantic seaside city with a long history Foshan -- south of the Five Ridges town of Jiangmen city in western Guangdong area -- rich flavor, attractions -- overview of the Zhaoqing Xijiang bright pearl in Yunfu -- the city of Yangjiang Dai dolomite -- Haitian Isshiki, scene blend on ancient and modern civilization in Zhanjiang -- Maoming -- Chinese train south sea [] has a long history of cultural pride of Cantonese culture [folk customs. Folk culture, folk customs] a "Huacheng fly everywhere," "May you be happy and prosperous!, lucky Dou Lai" "soldiers" and "good will" sell "lazy" released live carp carp whom "day" tour to buy a cane to New Year festival customs do in Enping Lantern Festival "line of wagons, and sons" no "the first tour of the Baltic, second wife" lettuce will Dongguan Dongkeng "selling yourself Festival" a Buddism godness Guanyin birth Buddha Festival Qingming "worship the mountain" And inserted Liu Jinhua Christmas dragon boat "row" Yuecheng Dragon Mother gave birth to July 7th Qiqiao Festival Zheng Xian Dan Huadu Shiling Pangu Festival Mid Autumn Festival Customs: "vertical" mid autumn ", still eat Double Ninth taro screw" kites "肥冬瘦年" my "God" to "God of wealth" Foshan Shawan piaose at Sha Yong Ao fish dance in south of the Five Ridges the lion in June six songs, two marriage etiquette and custom of Guangzhou marriage customs aunt house intimates women...... Hakka culture and regional travel Chaoshan culture regional travel main references
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  •   Which tells about folk custom content is a lot of books on the market introduction is not careful, looking after the feel of Guangdong's history more, out of stock for a long time, and now finally into the capsule.
  •   Travel book, often not beauty diagram is the knowledge, the book belongs to the latter, see the big harvest.

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