Fujian traditional folk culture

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Fujian people's Publishing House   Author:Fujian Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, the education committee,   Pages:544   Words:477000  

In the first chapter of China is a long history of civilization, the Chinese nation for thousands of years, in the exploration, transformation of natural process, with their own hands and one's ability and cleverness to create rich and colorful folk traditional culture. Traditional folk culture is the foundation of the Chinese culture and an important part, is an important bridge to link the spirit of the Chinese nation and the emotion and the heritage of Chinese civilization, is the internal driving force for the survival and development of the country and the nation. The rest of the world a few ancient civilization disappeared, not to disappear as a symbol of the Chinese nation culture, blood is since long uninterrupted power, inheritance of ethnic folk culture not. Traditional folk culture is divided into broad sense and narrow sense, broad sense of traditional folk culture refers to a particular nation or region people from generation to generation, retained in the folk, reflect the national or the region in general population history, production characteristics, religious beliefs, cultural content. The narrow sense of national and folk traditional culture refers to a form of artistic expression and activity of representative traditional folk culture, including language, literature and art, traditional crafts, folk customs and the related representative characters, objects and places. Fujian traditional folk culture is an important part of Chinese folk culture. The book is in its narrow sense to introduce Fujian traditional folk culture. Fujian is known as "seashore Zou Lu". Traditional folk culture has a long history, variety, colorful. Due to historical and geographical relations, culture and many species had disappeared in the Central Plains, not only in Fujian and its trace, some even intact. These contents, discusses the book on the origin, characteristics and the development present situation, and puts forward some thoughts on protection work. A, natural landscape and humane environment......

By the Fujian Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Education Committee to take the lead organization, a Book Lv Liangbi, member of the Standing Committee of the nine national people's Congress, Chen Kui editor of "Fujian traditional folk culture" was finally published. In recent years, because the working relationship, I on the Fujian national folk culture protection work involves more, have real effects of some traditional folk culture protection project and the results of the work, visited a number of old scholars, folk artists, in 2005 the more privileged participated in the activities of national folk culture protection in Fujian Province years of. With the national folk cultural tradition of reverence, reading this book manuscript, have more understanding, I present to our province national folk culture protection in the future and existing problems. First edition of this book published before delivery, the Education Committee comrades asked me to write a preface. Experts, I am not the aspects of how to preface, is difficult to me. Later, if I want to take a shower introduced in our province, many experts and scholars and cultural workers in the blood and sweat of the monograph offers readers, for me was also contribute to promote Fujian national and traditional culture protection work, why not to. At present, our country is in the period of social transformation important way, with the rapid development of production and social life of market economy and industrialization, city to change traditional folk culture, the environment has changed. In the trend of globalization, cultural diversity severely impact, the traditional folk culture protection in some areas, some areas have not received enough attention, a considerable part of traditional folk cultural treasures loss, die, some performance form, making skills to annihilation. Folklore Master Mr. Zhong Jingwen once said: "the traditional folk culture is disappearing at a thousand li a day potential atrophy and." This is not alarmist.
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In the first chapter, a sequence of natural landscape and humanistic environment, historical origins and evolution of two, four, three regional situation and Countermeasures of the second chapter overview of Fujian local opera, local opera history headstream of Fujian local opera of Fujian opera features two, the Song Yuannan drama drama drama in the Qing Dynasty after the Ming Dynasty spread spread the puppet show category three, third chapter civil quyi a thinking, the overview of Fujian folk origin Fujian folk characteristics two, the singing of folk art, thinking of class three fourth chapter one overview of folk music, folk music of Fujian has a long history of the Fujian folk music classification of Fujian folk music, the basic characteristics of two folk song music of opera music, folk instrumental music three on fifth chapter folk dance, folk dance in Fujian almost the origin of folk dance in Fujian, the two regional characteristics of folk dance dance dance of the She nationality religious dance drama, the sixth chapter three on folk art, an overview of folk art and folk custom of Fujian folk art category and theme of Fujian the beauty In two, the inheritance of stone, brick, wood carving New Year paintings paintings texture painting painting and paper-cut, the seventh chapter three on folk art, folk craft a summary of Fujian history of the Fujian folk art of Fujian folk arts regional distribution of two species, the Qi Yidiao plastic craft painting process knitting embroidery craft other handicraft three, on the eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter folk literature dialect folk custom folk diet eleventh chapter twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter of folk sports in folk medicine fourteenth chapter houses fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter the culture of Hakka culture seventeenth chapter in Fujian province rural folk art chapter eighteenth historical and cultural town of Fujian province (town), village @##@. "Fujian folk traditional culture" by the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Education Committee prepared to take the lead organization, was included in the provincial social science research "fifteen" project planning. The book is divided into 11 topics of local opera, folk music, folk dance, folk art, folk literature, folk customs, dialect, folk art, architecture, shes culture, Hakka culture, about 40 words, is the precious materials for the study of traditional folk culture in our province.
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