Feng Ming Shan

Date of publication:1999-7   Press: Gansu Education Publishing House   Author:Guan Lianji   Pages:255   Words:180000  
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A, Gansu -- a multi ethnic homeland (a) Gansu geographical location and natural environment (two) Gansu multi-ethnic provinces of the formation and development of Zhou Qin during the Han Dynasty 1 2 3 Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties to Sui and Tang Dynasties period of 4 5 yuan at the end of 6 (three) during the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient Gansu minority nationalities in two, gallop Longyuan (a) of the old Rong family (two) (three). The Yuezhi and the clan Wrangler January Hexi 2 the Wusun (four) Longnan dizu (five) has a long history of the Qiang (six) Helong Xianbei and West Lu Hu 1 Helong Xianbei West Lu Hu (seven) and (eight) the Tuyuhun, Uighur, Shatuo and temperature at the end of their 2 3 1 Ganzhou Uighur Dongqian Shatuo tribe 4 Tibetan slave of Ou Gansu ancient national culture at the end of three, colorful (a) five cold period of the Hexi many yuan 1 national culture of Buddhism Confucianism Chang Ming 3 and 2 the colorful art wood (two) west Buddha Buddhism in Xixia cultural renaissance 1 Temple Grottoes dot 2 Hexi Corridor all 3 monks Xixia period (three) precious ethnic minorities 1000 Gucci inscriptions The "Xixia monument" 2 rich connotation of "Zhou Bei" four, Gansu Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhism (a) the formation and distribution of Gansu Tibetan (two) temple, Temple Church sect and the features and characteristics of Gansu Tibetan Buddhism spread 1 Tibetan Buddhist 2 Tibetan Buddhist monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism of Gansu 3 (three monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism holy land) method -- the Labrang monastery 1 Labrang region and La Bu 楞哥 2 grand 3 Lablen's art of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan folk culture of Gansu five six, Gansu Hui history and national culture seven, Gansu Islamic sect and government eight, three unique minorities in Gansu, the world nine in Gansu, Mongolia, Kazakh Tu, Sala @##@ bibliography. In the ancient Chinese legends, there is a kind of spirit -- Phoenix bird. Its feather gorgeous colorful, beautiful song such as music; it also Gao Jie, heart kindness, fly to where to bring good fortune to where, perched in the motherland, become the symbol of the Chinese nation. Living in this land of the nation as well as the history of various ethnic groups, tribes, are the destinies sisters and brothers. Listen, in the 嗈 嗈 Fengming, that is to praise the national unity and integration, joint development of Longyou earth!
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