Dai non-material cultural heritage.

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The area is abundant in natural resources, known as the "Kingdom of plants", "animal kingdom" laudatory name, ecological and cultural diversity is very prominent. In the long-term social life and production practice, the Dai people adapt to its habitat, created a unique cultural phenomenon, both the material and cultural level of performance, but also meaning systems and culture, they are in different extent enriched the cultural heritage of China, which in some non - material cultural phenomenon, such as brocade, bamboo weaving, construction, production, manufacture, elephant foot drum Pattra Zhang Ha (singer) singing, a long narrative poem sung, word usage, as well as some religious and cultural activities, practicability, symbolic, artistry, nationality is very significant. Can say, many folk intangible cultural heritage of the extension process, the process is the ethnic thoughts or behaviors show, also is the national traditional culture inheritance process, which is a bearer of national sustainable development, on human diversity of social culture contributed their wisdom.
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Dai non-material cultural heritage status / 1, language and folk literature, traditional performing arts, two / 3 / 4, three / 5 of four traditional craftsmanship, festivals, customs / 5 five, the traditional knowledge / 6 / 18, current situation of Dehong opera opera formation and development in the early period of the two / 18, opera in the new period of development / 28 three opera, contemporary social and cultural functions / 53, four / 58 opera problems Xishuangbanna Dai slow wheel pottery arts and heritage / 62, two / 62, an overview of pottery making process / 66 three, mainly pottery, pottery tools / 89 four five / 93 types, sales / 105, six / 106, inheritance and taboo seven Dai pottery of present situation and problems of eight / 110 / 107, in Menghai County, town, village papermaking process called mixed situation / 112, two / 112, background paper technology, paper sales three / 115 / 131 four paper makers, five / 141 / 133, the Xishuangbanna Dai chapter ha status / 142, chapter, social function and role / 145 two, Xishuangbanna Dai chapter ha heritage status / 148 three, the current chapter HA and the main representatives of the survival and development of the plight of chapter four, 153 / ha protection Measures / 155 Dai brocade and its heritage status / 166, Dai brocade the history and evolution of two / 166, Dai brocade process / 171 three, 191 four, the main decoration / purpose / 198 five Dai brocade, the current situation and existing problems of six / 210 / 204, the Dai nationality Pattra leaf scriptures production and the heritage of the / 212, origin, development and existence of Pattra conditions, about two / 213 / 217 three Pattra leaf scriptures legend, Pattra leaf scriptures production process / 218, four / 247 of Pattra culture value five, Pattra leaf scriptures to rescue and protect the / 249 Xinping Huayao Dai clothing production process and its Inheritance / 254, traditional dress style / 255 two, clothing production and connotation of three / 263, Huayao Dai clothing status / 268 Dai bamboo craft and inheritance status / 278, two / 281 characteristics of bamboo utensils, bamboo craft status / 305 three, Dai bamboo craft present situation analysis / 317 Xishuangbanna Dai traditional houses and its change / 322 a Dai village, two / 322, the Dai traditional dwelling origin and style / 326 three, residential construction, housing four / 336 / 356 five, etiquette Xishuangbanna area Dai residential status / 371 six, Dai residence vicissitude reason analysis / 372 seven, Dai residential status / 373 Xishuangbanna Dai religious holiday survey / 378, two / 379, the Songkran Festival / 398 three, open door Festival / 410 Xishuangbanna Dai Folk Art status / 413, Dai Folk art types and uses two / 413 Dai, murals and religious relations / 422 three, Dai mural contents and forms / 925 four, Dai painting tools and Inheritance / 431, five / 432 Dai Dai Folk Art of farming etiquette changes / 435, the Dai traditional farming livelihoods ecological and humanistic background / 435 two, influencing the farming the concept of etiquette factor / 437 three, the Dai traditional farming etiquette / 439 four, Dai farming etiquette vicissitude reason / 449 five, farming etiquette change forms / 456 postscript / 459
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In 2006 the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection list is announced, in order to strengthen the application of project management, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture Sports Bureau issued a "Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of the protection of national intangible cultural heritage project" (West style [2007]3 document), special management on Dai chapter ha the following measures: 1 according to the State Council "on the strengthening of China's intangible cultural heritage protection work opinion", "traditional culture in Yunnan province Protection Ordinance", "Yunnan province Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture autonomous Ordinance" requirements, a comprehensive survey on the chapter, under the leadership of the government, based on the previous activities on the summary of experience, to take measures to encourage investment, artist creation and singing, actively find new, expansion team, composed of Autonomous Prefecture and county cultural centers, cultural centers, the chapter ha inheritance to do everything in one's power's care and support, adhere to the chapter ha artists training and traditional skills, libretto digging. 2 the "Dai chapter," historical evolution, regional distribution, form, culture, art, exhibition place to protect. Make full use of text, images, audio, video and other media and digital information, the chapter on Kazakh culture natural, social environment, display, text objects, functions, performance skills, inheritance characteristics, face, voice, language artist information etc, systematic collection, record and classification, cataloguing, the establishment of a comprehensive, systematic chapter ha archives. Dai chapter ha inheritance work 3 Xishuangbanna state professional performing groups and cultural centers, the establishment of professional and amateur, Dai chapter performance team, by performing the effective protection to the chapter ha art. At the same time, formulate corresponding measures, to protect the chapter ha inheritors intellectual property and other legitimate rights and interests, to prevent distortion of the chapter, misunderstanding, or abuse of works. According to the relevant regulations, take corresponding measures, the state occupation technologyThe establishment of the National Art College, training specialized personnel Dai chapter ha etc; add chapter ha art appreciation class in national schools, the Dai chapter ha this intangible cultural heritage have qualified successors. At the same time, combined with the spiritual and material forms, encourage and support training mechanism, inheritance and carry out the chapter ha training, apprentices and other activities.
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Innovation base library research "China minority language education and frontier history of Minzu University of China" 985 project, the series of intangible cultural heritage of ethnic minorities Chinese.
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