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Date of publication:2010-3   Press: Hunan children's Publishing House   Author:Li Xueqin   Pages:76  

"Culture Chinese series" including "Zhou Ruchang on a dream of Red Mansions", "Beijing", "Hou Renzhi about Luo Zhewen on the Great Wall", "Li Xueqin", "the history of civilization, where we all talk about China history", "Su Shishu", "Wu Xiaoru Chinese stone culture of China opera", "Luo Cheng column on Confucius" "would rather talk about Dunhuang,", "Wang Yu talks China music", "Du Xianzhou", "Li Boqian Chinese ancient buildings on the history and ancient bronze Chinese", "Zhang Tinghao" and other books about cultural heritage. In addition, in order to carry forward the humanistic spirit, realize the cultural accumulation, Jia Lanpo, Dan Shiyuan, Ren Jiyu, Zhong Jingwen, Qi Gong and other dead culture everyone left, also include publishing, including "Jia Lanpo", "Beijing man on the Imperial Palace", "Dan Shiyuan Ren Jiyu on Chinese religion and philosophy", "Zhong Jingwen", "Chinese folk Qi Gong on Chinese poetry rhyme" etc..
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Li Xueqin 1933 was born in Beijing in March, enrolled in the Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University from 1951 to 1952, he served as the director of the Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, history Chinese thought culture research institute, Tsinghua University. The director of the Department of history of Tsinghua University Professor, doctoral tutor, director of the Institute of International Sinology, unearthed literature research and Conservation Center, member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, historical discipline appraisal group leader, the Xia Shang Zhou chronology project expert group group leader, chief scientist, director China pre Qin history society, member of International Eurasian Academy of sciences. In 1984 won the title of "national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution", in 1991 the State Council "special government allowance", in 2001 won the "nine five national key project of science and technology contribution" title, in 2002 won the "national outstanding technical personnel" title. Since the late 70's of the 20th century, many times in abroad and in Hong Kong and Taiwan to teach. His major works include "geographical Jane Yin on" (1959), "the Eastern Zhou and Qin culture" (1984), "the new research of bronze" (1990), "comparative archaeology essays" (1991), "the book of changes by the mass source" (1992), "the silk Yi nationality and academic history" (1994), "out of doubt in the ancient times" (1995), "the ancient literature from the theory" (1996), four of "Jane" (1998), "the Xia Shang Zhou chronology notes" (1999), "Rewriting the academic history" (2001), "Chinese ancient civilization ten" (2003), "China ancient civilization study", (2005), "the bronze and the ancient history" (2005), "Li Xueqin's early works" (2008), "the heritage of ancient civilization" (2008) more than 20, nearly 600 academic papers. The award-winning works.
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The first chapter China ancient civilization research section Chinese ancient civilization of one hundred years second festival in twenty-first Century third day study of ancient civilization of ancient civilization and cultural development of strategy of the second chapter of ancient civilization development process first China ancient civilization originated in section second the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to Qin culture in the third chapter of Archaeology and ancient civilization, the first day China Archaeology and ancient civilization research the second section the Liangzhu Culture and the civilization that the fourth chapter text research on the origin and ancient civilization first character origin research is scientific topic section second Chinese Chinese characters -- an important contribution to human civilization fifth chapters of ancient civilization and history section "China academic history" general order second Qing Dynasty academic problems of the
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The master to tell you Chinese culture. "Culture Chinese" series is a popular China cultural knowledge encyclopedic cultural series. Hunan children's Publishing House invited Hou Renzhi famous scholars and celebrities wrote a "cultural China" series. Authors of this series to be of noble character and high prestige in domestic academic circle, cultural circle, with considerable discourse power and visibility. They are set in various academic fields as: Zhou Ruchang, Li Xueqin, and where we all, Hou Renzhi, Su Shishu, Zhe Wen, Li Boqian, Wu Xiaoru, Luo Chenglie...... Series of profound meaning, masters with straightaway language writing, explain profound theories in simple language, easy and fun, Weiweidaolai, let the children in the broad vast China culture absorbing its moisturizing, repair their own.
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