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Date of publication:2010-05-01   Press: Ningxia people's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Yanyun et al  

"Since you" into "between the branches and leaves," family "," reproduction "soul," sponsored "not see neon search" in the four series, income 67 essays, including "pain" beach ", to a knife", "Hu Yang's yellow and strange", "the Gobi desert the hermit" etc.. "Green grass" is a set China modern literature, is divided into three series. The first part is the research on the subject of China modern women literature experience; second series for the Mao Dun research monographs; third series for the modern writers. "West of the sun" for the author's collection of poems, the income of more than 00 new poem works. Divided into "the west to have the sun blossom", "poetry", "the western romantic" three series of works, the author demonstrates the life feelings, life, home feeling. "Humanistic concern" is divided into five parts, the research of Hai Rui, Hui folk culture of Hui girls' education, research, Hui women's education and research of anti poverty, Hui women's social participation. "Love is the sun" collects the author's creation, including essays, story, drama, literary criticism, from the "smoke past", "small talk", "life," said suction "read more than I remember the" four branches.
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The first series of Hai Rui study of Hai Rui's literary theory and the literary value of Hai Rui's poems describing scenery art of Hai Rui's prose ideological content and artistic characteristics of Hai Rui personality style of the traditional connotation and modern significance of second series of Hui folk culture research demonstrates the southwest Hui folk color picture -- Comment about poem "Muslim rainbow" Ningxia Tongxin Hui wedding. "Should be" Customs of Hui folk story cultural significance of Ningxia "flowers" the agricultural production folklore and Thoughts on agricultural production in Ningxia Hui folk Ningxia Hui folk custom village folk occupation Ningxia Hui Ningxia Hui family folklore inheritance and variation: some non Islamic phenomenon of custom of Hui Hui economic review third series of Hui girls' education of Northwest Hui thinking on the education of girls in Ningxia Tongxin Hui girls school education culture and gender interpretation of poverty stricken areas of the Northwest Hui girls school education present situation investigation analysis -- take Ningxia Tongxin County, township, town as example fourth series of Hui women's education and research of anti poverty in mountain area of Southern Ningxia Hui women's survival situation in Ning Nanshan District young women of Hui nationality cultural quality in the Hui nationality The education of women and the mountain area of Southern Ningxia anti poverty fifth series of Hui women's social participation in social gender and the Ningxia Tongxin Hui women's social participation "ever since you" love "is the sun" "green grass" a set "west of the sun"
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"Advanced in Li movement" is a political ideal article elucidate author. "If I use, I give to the world of music." Which involves the origin of music, "and where to start? Human nature is "," music from the heart "and so on, that is the soul music composer echoes. In the "order" in Qingshan elegy characteristics using a large amount of text discusses the rui. "The poem of the voice of the heart", namely the poetry is the poet's voice, which is the soul of the poet (feelings) reflect. The essence of this view inherited the early Chinese literary theory "poems". "Praise Ode to life, memorial to neither, dirge of righteousness, the sense of moral heart also". This passage refers to educational function of poetry. Since poetry is the reflection of the poet's feelings, then, poetry must have influence from ideology, moral norms of human power. Hai Rui then explained how "the voice of the heart" is a "sad mu". "Zai Si Gong nature honest, conduct clean, what mother filial piety, office family mu, like men and women to marry, although his trance, just and earnest. All the basic program, Tan Hu old man of the wind, a secretary to the tooth de Wen, Li Yan Xiang Yin, the object is respected, Cheng Yan Lin Shuo De to looking at it". "Order" is Hai Rui Castle elegy for fellow Wang Sixue (alias Castle) of elegy set order. Praise sequence in the conduct is elegy sing the praises of the content, which is thought content Harry publicity poetry to reflect, that is Confucius call poetry "innocent", and advocated "affection, just between etiquette", and advocated "placid" Confucian poem teaching. "Teach about" on Literary Theory: "Wen also so write my meaning. I usually read, recognize the truth know, heart for yourself, be open and aboveboard, my God, and for the artist, but the spirit of ear." Hai Rui believes that article is "write my meaning" painting "my god". Also is a writer with strong emotion or emotional catharsis. Apply the "sermon against plagiarism hackneyed and stereotyped expressions in 墨卷", "temporary is exacted the memory, falsify from beginning to end, influence model". Also opposed to flatter pretentious writing, "the problem is you can't get, is unknown to man". Hai Rui think this false statement lie, the author but also has a problem. Hai Rui's life is a struggle of life. Always urged people to tell the truth, not from the "parrot". His literary theory also claims that the truth, tell the truth. "Cover self see raised, a mocha in between". The authors appreciate full of real emotion work, "read, read, there is no such words...... No such word, no such word graceful but not showy also...... Flow 胸腑, practice experience, there are words such as is, incompetence do?"
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"Colored ribbon series" five volumes, including "ever since you", "love is the sun", "green grass", a set of "west of the sun", "humanistic concern".
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