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Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Xue Zongzheng, Xu Jianying, Tian 卫疆 Xinjiang art photography press (2009-08)   Author:卫疆 Tian, Xu Jianying   Pages:117  

"Folk knowledge series" Chinese Xinjiang national financial knowledge, interest and popularity as a whole, make full use of all available information, with concise and comprehensive, user-friendly text form, a more comprehensive, systematic description and introduce 13 main nationalities in Xinjiang's history, social change, cultural life and customs. Through this series, readers will be more accurate, comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang the footprints of the past and present changes, a profound experience of necessity between different ethnic groups in modern Xinjiang friendly relations, fully aware of the unity between different ethnic groups be too strong to break in the construction of the socialist modernization in an important role.
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Han Han was officially settled in the Western Han opened western / 001 / 002 / 008 customs and culture of Gaochang founding with Han Jin Dynasty change / 017 / 018 Kroraina Gaochang founding / 021 / 028 in the Sui and Tang Dynasties of Han culture in the western regions of the Tang Dynasty unified the western regions development / 035 / 036 / 042 customs and culture of late Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty in the western regions in the Han Ming and Qing Dynasties settlement / 055 / 056 / 065 customs and culture in Xinjiang province to the Republic of China period of Han people of Xinjiang province customs / 079 / 080 / 085 customs and culture of contemporary Chinese life in Xinjiang / 095 / 096 Xinjiang contemporary changes in customs and culture / 103 bibliography / 117
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The copyright page: illustration: agriculture is the basic form of production. All the land belongs to the military government, according to people with, Kroraina drum slips record the 21 Zhang Bin Geng 5 are 12 mu, 24 mu per person, which is about Kroraina's soldier's quota. Reclamation soldiers repair canal in Kroraina oasis reclamation, planting wheat, millet, barley, rice, grain, wine, and other food crops, production, sauce, vinegar and other food crops byproduct production more than sufficient. The Kroraina Garrison Army in Dunhuang cable excited once said, "in this area in three years, product millet million". But they have to ration supply quantitative, according to their seniority, physical strength quantitatively for eclipse six liters, eight liters.
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