Chinese northern hunting ethnic patterns and other arts, the volume

Date of publication:2008   Press: Heilongjiang Education Publishing House   Author:Liu Yuliang   Pages:230   Words:270000  

This monograph consists of five chapters and an appendix. The book includes patterns and other works more than 400 pieces, because of hunting gathering culture Elunchun is accelerating the disappearance, and its value is self-evident. The first chapter mainly introduces the process patterns; the second chapter introduces the clothing culture; the third chapter describes the patterns of style, including the individual patterns, flower pattern, continuous pattern, the suitable patterns and other patterns; the fourth chapter focuses on the influence of all spirit belief modeling and painting art; the content of the fifth chapter for the relationship between the spiritual beliefs and other cultural things, the most value of Anthropology and ethnology, very helpful for insight into the northern hunting collection culture, which is the focus of the book. The fifth chapter brings together multiple valuable other cultural works, such as wood and decorated with male facial features God with horse God "Zhao Lu Bo Kan", the "mang Ni" God, "Arni ran the ancestor god", "Bai satisfied just God Mountain" protection of God ", the dark tree I strap Bonn" God, reflects the core connotation of primitive hunting collection culture, is the empirical data interpretation animist beliefs. The badger God "ang hard he Bo Kan" God, "plant God Chu grams Bozi Kan" god painting was affected significantly by full, Han culture, the gods in full, Han style robes, this influence began in Qing Dynasty, deep culture system on the impact of the original.
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Liu Yuliang, Han, Statistics Division, university degree, member China folk literature and Art Association, chair of Heilongjiang National Research Institute, member of Heilongjiang photographers association.
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the first chapter decorative pattern art
second chapter clothing art
third chapter designs
fourth chapter God beliefs influence on other artistic
fifth chapter ritual activities and other art related
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