Chinese land belief image Anthropology

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Wu Qiulin   Pages´╝Ü310  

"Chinese land belief image Anthropology: a case study of Guizhou" includes: Aquarium stone land belief, Buyi type conversion of land worship God belief, Miao, Dong class God nature of land faith, Tunpu people type land faith, other Chinese land faith, multi national belief fusion type land faith and so on.
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Wu Qiulin, National Culture Institute of Guizhou Institute for Nationalities, Professor of ethnology, cultural anthropology, China Writers Association members Chinese people ask member Artists Association, member China comparative literature association. China Yu Ji literature research association president, Guizhou cut folk literature and Art Association vice chairman. Beginning in 1980, to combine accounting for creation of literature and art research activity; religious culture research in 1991 1994; in ethnology, cultural anthropology, research and the arts. The publication of academic college and 11, dozens of other works. In recent years, participate in and chair of the two national social science Jin Jin subject. The main academic monographs are: "the fable dictionary" (associate editor, writing 13 words, 1988) "put on" of literature "(1991)" world history "fable" (1994) China allegory history "(1999)" Introduction to art "(co-author, 1998)" drama introduction to art "(2000)" in all "(1997)" beautiful eyes "(2001)" research Suoga Miao people culture "(2002)" the domain — — investigation and research of folk belief culture of contemporary national Guizhou "(2007)" film and TV culture anthropology "(2008)
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Land faith in Tujia Nuo culture introduction Buyi earth type of stone aquarium land worship transformed land beliefs Miao, Dong class land faith god nature of Tunpu people type land faith other Han Chinese land faith beliefs fusion type land faith soul spirit — — land of gods the land God worship
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Sa Sa, God is God, and one of the “ four ” the north square of land god. According to the main color is also called the Qing emperor, emperor, emperor, the black emperor; according to the composition of the Quartet Sixiang, also known as the green dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, basalt, such as the Oriental Dragon Mountain, South Suzaku seat, seat, seat north western white tiger basaltic. The “ four ” symbol by symbol in the SA altar. In general, the symbol four emperors have two different methods: one is to put the iron forged into nails 4 thumb thick, 10 cm long, the nail body is rough up into a cone. People think that has a direct interest with the shape of iron nails at the bottom of the main village of young men and women's vital interest, is the bottom tip, only to young men, will be a good arhat, flat bottom is only good for young women, would be a good girl, in order to balance the interests between men and women, the two hit into the bottom tip often a flat, two; another approach is to put 4 pieces of wood Fang as a symbol, 40 cm long, 10 cm wide, 2 cm thick. When the public security by the division in the twelve earthly branches were measured in a jar in the afternoon, Mao, unitary, sub 4 range, with strong majesty. Nails as symbols, stone altar were buried in debris. Sawn timber symbols will reveal a, visible. In the system of spirits and Dong of gods, the land has become a kind of “ the position of God, ” &ldquo, ” age; the LORD God guarded southeast northwest quartet. It is also such as the Miao people of faith in the land gods, is a servant of God, for God is the service spirit. That is also a foreign god into the nervous system. In the village of Dong pointed land gods, the ritual performance and also the Miao people to offer sacrifices to it are similar, but in the SA altar to “ the position of God ” land gods, just in the Dong people sacrifice Sa Shicai together. … …
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