Chinese Funing Zhuang Poyage book / China ethnic non material cultural heritage research series

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Huang Fengxian   Pages:227   Words:200000  

"Chinese Funing Zhuang Poyage book" is a film to the original text of the picture will Zhuang folk songs recorded in the cloth on the folk songs, is the only picture recorded folk literature found so far, is a valuable resource in the national cultural heritage of Yunnan Province, is one of the picture text our country alive, with research value, high value and development value. The song is made up of 81 picture writing, every picture writing a song, clearly demonstrating the Zhuang as rice nationality poetic thinking characteristics and artistic skills, has the very strong national and regional characteristics.
Catalogue of books


sequence of the first moon
second a stone
third beautiful brother
fourth first Mandarin
fifth partridge
sixth steel bamboo
seventh affinis
eighth first son,
ninth first open smile
tenth maple leaf
the first eleventh maple leaf
twelfth oil grasshopper
thirteenth first garden leek
fifteenth pieces of stone or
sixteenth salt and sauce
seventeenth hook
eighteenth a dish
nineteenth tripods range
twentieth lovers
twenty-first Ma the chestnut leaves
twenty-second longan
twenty-third mountain fruit
twenty-fourth wooden
twenty-fifth cotton basket
twenty-sixth Qiao eye
twenty-seventh < br > twenty-eighth go with you the first bleeding hand
twenty-ninth if human
thirtieth seven
thirty-first first Yijiao volume
thirty-second taro
thirty-third hands Purple Plum
thirty-fourth first two tree Purple Plum
thirty-fifth two branch Purple Plum
thirty-sixth first foot to sister home
thirty-seventh cage in
thirty-eighth duck pear
thirty-ninth pairs of chopsticks
fortieth lamp
forty-second grass skirt
forty-third silk pants
forty-fourth first burned
forty-fifth pieces of cotton
forty-sixth the first Grass Carp
forty-seventh cellular
forty-eighth banyan root
forty-ninth pieces of cucumber Long Ya tou
fiftieth first toss
fifty-first meters from
fifty-second grape
fifty-third first scimitar
fifty-fourth stars
fifty-fifth first net fish
fifty-sixth first saw
fifty-seventh first girl
fifty-eighth first sit chair
sixtieth songs a hoe candle
sixty-first desk
sixty-second first peer
sixty-third first dinner table
sixty-fifth pole axe cut
sixty-sixth room
sixty-seventh first bridle
sixty-eighth intestinal the < br >. The first sixty-ninth twine
seventieth fire finch
seventy-first pieces of fruit cane
seventy-second duckweed
seventy-third chalazion cream
seventy-fifth first carry axes cooking
seventy-seventh plough first three times
seventy-ninth Song academy fields in
eightieth flowers the first hand
eighty-first first twin shoots
appendix two appendix three of

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"China minority of non material cultural heritage is the series of" investigation, finishing results to Chinese Minority Shaman culture relics, it of the intangible cultural heritage rescue and protection, in-depth study of the Shaman culture has important meaning and value. Huang Fengxian wrote "Chinese Funing Zhuang Poyage book" is the series a, is the Narrative Folk Songs with folk songs of Zhuang nationality and Zhuang old picture text as the main transmission form, a total of 81 pictures, 8L song.
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