China ethnic dance

Date of publication:2006-10   Press: Intercontinental communication   Author:Li Beida   Pages:120  
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Chapter I A Survey of the Dances of the Chinese MinoritiesChapter of Minorities in the North Dances Characterized by Swan Walks I.Dances and Willow Hand of Riding and Shooting Ⅱ.Dances Ⅲ.Dances Fired by Nomadic Spirits.Dances Featuring the Fun in the Ⅳ OasisChapter III Dances of the Ethnic Groups in South China I.Dances Maintaining the Characteristics of Primitive Society.Dances Featuring Rhythmic Stamping of Ⅱ Feet Ⅲ.Dances Showing Charm and Grace.Tibetan Dances@ ##@ IV As one of the earliest art forms of humanity, dance has its roots in a11kinds of activities and is deeply ingrained in human social life.A lot of important activities, such as labor, daily living, hunting, war, sacrifice.entertainment and love, etc., can be displayed by dance.It is also an expression of psychology and a way to express a beautiful vision of life and reveal emotions. Among the dances of the minorities in China, there are those originating in the labor of primitive society, wars between different tribes, and primitive religious activities, as well as those manifesting productive activities and social life in different development stages.
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