Came from the ancient civilization

Date of publication:2007-03   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Zhang Shengbing   Pages:722   Words:150000  

Zhang Shengbing, Shandong Zouping people. 1984 graduated from the Yunnan University Department of Chinese, 1990 graduate of the Department of professional literature, received a master's degree. From 1984 to 2002 March, teaching in Chinese Department of Yunnan University College of humanities, Professor of Guangdong Institute of Nationalities Chinese successor, now a professor at the College of Ocean University of China. In 1996 an Asia rising as associate professor, Professor @##@ 1998 promotion Illustration
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The first chapter is the introduction of Diqiang ethnic cultural origin of ancient literature in the first quarter of Diqiang section second of minority nationalities in Southwest China Diqiang third Festival cultural evolution of Diqiang ethnic groups the second chapter of Diqiang ethnic groups in the formation of aesthetic ideas first geographical environment -- natural factors section second ethnic migration -- historical factors of primitive religion -- Section third psychological factors in the third chapter the aesthetic concept of the first section of this clan consciousness second wizard consciousness third day fourth festival of music students consciousness of life worship consciousness in Chapter fourth aesthetic forms the first section weird second ferocious third crude fourth mysterious fifth chapter of Diqiang ethnic groups and ethnic aesthetic views of the first section Baiyue ethnic the origin and cultural features of section second painted pottery culture geometric stamped pottery culture festival third the fire nation and national water section fourth, tattoo body decoration, Liang Chidi the six chapter aesthetic ideas of Diqiang ethnic groups and Han culture relations section of Diqiang ethnic group and Han ethnic and cultural homology between a prehistoric archaeological excavations, from about two, Southwest China Diqiang ethnic and Han Culture Festival second Diqiang ethnic literature and art of the Han culture factor, Yu 宙图 Style and aesthetic occurred in two, literature and art of the performance of 1 Building 2 painting 3 process 4 literature references @##@ conclusion. China southwest is an important birthplace of mankind, is the hometown of Yuanmou people, the ancient culture remains a variety of extremely rich. Diqiang ethnic minorities in Southwest China as the largest group, it is in many ways the same China traditional culture has a close relationship, retained a large number of original ancient civilized traditions, customs and habits, the original beliefs and aesthetic ideas, become an important living fossils of ancient civilization. This book is based on the background of diversity in unity of the Chinese nation, further explore the aesthetic Diqiang ethnic concept has the unique cultural connotation, such as the consciousness, the national consciousness, the consciousness of life worship, life consciousness, and the aesthetic form strange, ferocious, crude, mysterious primitive culture. Thus, looking for the relation between the southwest, to enrich the research Chinese aesthetics to provide more rich and colorful cultural resources.
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