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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Guizhou people's Publishing House   Author:Li Jichang   Pages:242  

After nearly five years of efforts, "Guizhou minority music culture collection" series has finally met the readers. Series Editorial Board invited me for the book preface, because I not expert in this area, only talk about some of their own feelings, in the preface, to place, also please editors and forgive. First of all, by the publication of this series, embodies another major advance Guizhou minority music culture protection and inheritance. Guizhou is a harmonious big family composed of 49 ethnic groups, nationalities and nature in harmony together, in the long river of history, created rich and colorful national culture. The beautiful, unique minority music is more dazzling treasure, in the construction of ecological civilization construction of harmonious society, today, is worth cherishing of the intangible cultural heritage. However, in the era of change in the flood, they rely on the masses and teach orally national music, some are at the verge of lost position. Guizhou Party committees and governments at all levels and all circles of the society pay close attention to, take many measures, vigorously carry out rescue and protection work, compiling and publishing books is a basic work which. Since the early 50 century, in the "land reform" found in the process of Dong songs before, in the past sixty years, Guizhou has successively published a "China ethnic folk music integration in Guizhou volume", "China folk songs, Guizhou volume", "Dong songs for fifty years," "Guizhou minority music", "music", "selected works of Guizhou local music words" and a number of monographs and papers, now published "Guizhou minority music culture collection" series, one of the most important research results is also the Guizhou minority music culture protection and inheritance in advance in the process of the emergence of. The results of these studies, the rescue and protection of Guizhou minority music culture of great significance, will promote the inheritance and development of traditional music culture of the ethnic groups in Guizhou.
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Li Jichang, born in 1938 September, guiyang. The national level. The executive director of the association, Chinese Musicians Association China minority music, former vice chairman of Guizhou Association, now the Southern Guizhou's honorary chairman, Guizhou University College of the arts graduate professor in the Music Department of Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities, professor. Li Jichang graduated in 1959 and assigned to the Southern Guizhou work song and dance troupe, served as composer, conductor. Long rooted in national area, engaged in the research of ethnic dance creation and ethnic music, focusing on the Buyi, Shui music. As with all kinds of musical works more than 200 in the first, the female duet "good Bonus", selected in 1999 by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the Ministry of culture, "the song of the century"; Miao song "the moon mountain Drum Song" and modern lantern dance drama "good Bonus", won the 2004 Guizhou provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department "Five Project Award"; his ballet "marriage," Yao Bei large-scale song and dance "and" Moon "Rosa roxburghii Tratt bonus", "mountain soul" and other dance music department. President of the national key research project "China folk songs, Guizhou volume" deputy editor; author of "Buyi music history", "history of music" by the aquarium, music history "income" China minority, published by Beijing JINGWAH press; in the "music research", "Chinese music", "China music science" and "music" USA China academic journals published more than 20 papers, on behalf of the song "Buyi traditional form and national marriage relationship", "Aquarium" Xu early "music of Quyi personality initiation and rheological", "Southern Guizhou (Qiannan) study of Nuo culture" etc..
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History of the development of musical culture of Buyi folk as a carrier, singing as the main form of Buyi Buyi folk music of the two traditional forms of Buyi folk instrumental music and forms of Buyi music culture spread characteristics of blossoming sunflowers Zhenghong song -- "good luster and mountain" bonus "good Bonus" spread and the inheritance "good bonus on the changes and characteristics of" good Bonus "sharing of resources and development of" good Bonus "artistic style long and middle (second MT song dialect) Southern color zone (the first dialect) color region (third language) color zone langshao optional Companion to find -- marriage Sonata langshao song singing traditional met Gu love tokens disc Buyi langshao song representative song minor play table song meidiao 勒尤, Le Lang and 勒尤 tone of flute sound -- ancient ballad songs, sister Xiao love epic" song of love "Twelve sister Xiao sister Xiao sound with langshao married married with its most dear the sons of Zhi Shuli preached leisure time to worry stuffy wine song to express the truth -- it two sound CI heart -- big song, song inheritance history and vicissitudes of the ancient words -- singing, playing with a new Bud -- Song Dong Ba He auspicious Suona Music Art Exhibition -- music Qiming from ancient -- small play, eight national musical drama is a branch of Buyi opera and music -- the
Chapter excerpt

"Since the good Bonus" since twentieth Century, at the beginning of the 50's was found out, they get age care, the fresh euphemism, the lively song, has long been familiar, Buyi people appreciate, praise and turn over the Buyi people; Master of the new China after the establishment of new life thriving, let the joy of their love shows between the lines, they likened himself to bright pear flowers, the Communist Party and Chairman Mao's concern to the warmth of the sun. The old folk song sung in the new era, the vivid expression of the Buyi people love, to the new life and the glorification, which become an important representative of the Buyi music culture. In later years, with several generations of musicians, cultivate and regulate the polished, "good Bonus" more complete and beautiful, red earth, shine. Especially since the reform and opening up, with the development of the situation, she gradually expanded and beyond the cultural function of a piece of ordinary folk, developed into a national cultural brand. This shows, Buyi music culture with the surging tide of history, continue to optimize their own, continue to blend in social life, continue to serve the social life. Therefore, the music of Buyi will change the rise and fall of the nation, history into the narrative ancient song, long lacing expansion; and the individual emotion expressing repose in the lively no arrests, have one's words at hand, sees the son dozen, borrow Song Mountain song. Buyi youth feelings in singing often and love, the emotional expression is varied, euphemism and deep integration phase. They are over in one's mind, feelings accumulated to a certainExtent, are surging in mind words speak out; to sing about traditional and ancestral, love by, singing has become a social choice, has become an important part of the national social life, but also become the Buyei culture approach.
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