Aquarium village clan culture

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"Shui village clan culture" with "three talent showing itself", one is in social science research this topic today, let alone in Qiannan in Guizhou Province, is also not the research. The inventive subject, open up a fresh outlook, is talent showing itself; two is the subject of fastening the pulse of the times, to follow the trend of the times, the Chinese is of great change history hitherto unknown, modernization has injected vigor and vitality into the local culture, quiet dignified native Wen Mingzheng change constantly, but the local society in national regions creative change is never easy, but not may accomplish at one stroke, one of the important conditions to the ideal of the other side is deeply studies, find out the law, put forward effective measures. "Shui village clan culture" topic assumes this historical proposition, is talent showing itself; the three is the host is the subject to study the aquarium village clan culture from the angle of anthropology, logic and its theoretical framework is rigorous and complete, which stand out. "The pioneering aquarium village clan culture", work on the dig. The first people to fully convey the aquarium claiming "Sui" is named as the birthplace of ancient civilization is sui water aquarium. No doubt, the author of this opening move is successful.
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The order from the tradition to the modernization of the beneficial exploration -- Introduction to "aquarium in the village clan culture" published on the occasion of the third section: Research Methodology Study on object first aquarium village clan culture of Shui village clan culture research framework and the realistic significance of second day aquarium village clan culture and content of the research and research method the first chapter: Summarization of theories on Cultural Perspective of aquatic origin question new exploration first aquarium claiming "Sui" (SUI) Culture Festival second aquarium migration evolution throughout the process of section third Aquarium "source" and "flow" of the second chapter of modern aquarium settlement habitat and ecological culture of the first section on national settlement habitats of the theoretical framework and methodology second day after settlement aquarium population distribution and settlement patterns in section third in Shuizhu region production culture type fourth aquarium language, dress and festival culture ecology third chapter book in the aquarium water and the reality of life in the first section water book written symbols in the second section water the book's astronomical calendar third section water book of primitive religion fourth chapter village home aquarium Family history formation and custom internal structure and customary family first village family concept and the aquarium of village history and formed second village family extremely mutual mechanism of section third village clan culture identity inertial system the fifth chapter home / family: family core group first family home: Life Park harbor second day family type and evolution of the third day family / family relationship with the title section fourth relatives in the network cultural identity of the fifth day family affairs and customs of the sixth chapter aquarium village clan culture structure, matrix and function of the basic structure of the first village family second village clan culture of the basic characteristics of third village clan culture the seventh chapter Aquarium History function of village clan culture historic change the first storm of social change of second section of society political system penetration third village and family structure authority base digestion fourth new culture media invasion fifth traditional village family structure The new supersedes the old. sixth village family members personality conversion eighth chapter aquarium village future adaptation of the Ze Di family culture A trend of village clan culture: development of the second section is beset by: village clan culture with the social transformation and transformation of section third to wrinkle Hugh: Village Clan Culture in the transformation of the composite section fourth mountains multiply and streams double back: anti undercurrent fifth section two law back in the transformation of the village clan Culture: beware of the village clan culture in social transformation in the diffusion section sixth realities call for stable mechanism of new: the new social system be imperative seventh anti disadvantages: give full play to the role of village clan culture in ethical ways to coordinate social order potential series: investigation of village clan culture case one: the influence of Chinese culture moist Meishan Cun village of Meishan -- social investigation case two: Feng Shui Tang Village, the party should be the brilliant -- social survey Tang Dang cun......
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"Calendar" has still water aquarium farming activity basis, but at the same time in aquatic farming activities, the twenty-four solar term lunar also accepted by the Shui people, become the main basis of the Shui people engaged in farm work. The twenty-four solar term of songs "rain Jing spring cleaning day, Xia manwang summer, autumn dew autumn frost, Dong Xuexue winter size cold" is also quite popular in the aquarium folk. Through the long-term observation of Shui people, found the weather end Ohio has a close relationship with next year's agricultural production, and summarizes the farmer's proverb: "Shuidong pull you end Hai, rain, and seedling water; Ting Pai end Hai, rain, a seedling water; three hole and end Hai day rain a seedling plants, water; Lan Ling ancient water ang Shi 家端 Festival Hai, rotten rotten straw rain, winter." Second years of weather climate prediction accordingly, arrangements for agricultural production. Front said, aquatic ancestors first astronomical observation, understanding and change rules in order to find out the stars just law of the celestial bodies, grasp the relationship between change and meteorological chart, to facilitate farming. Later, people will consciously astrology operational changes associated with personnel, from personnel to imagine objects, in turn used in astronomical observation world, so water book became a good number of personnel for inspection by the planetary changes. Ancient Astrology often involves seven luminaries, five weft, four images, such as the knowledge of astronomy. Also known as the celestial Qi Zheng, the sun, the moon and is called gold, wood, water, fire, soil five stars. Five Jin Mu fire earth star. East, South, West, north, five directions of their distribution in the sky. Oriental Jupiter, Venus or Jupiter; the west, also known as the South Taibai; Mars; also called Mars; northern mercury, also known as stars; central Saturn, also known as Zhen xing. All star is a planet, since the right and left rotation, it is known as the five latitude. Ancient astrologers believed that star in the Jupiter (Sui Xing) is the Jetion, when it runs into a constellation, the ground and the relative state and county towns and the countryside would be a bumper grain harvest, the small population boom, logical administration and harmonious people, peace and prosperity; Mars (MARS) is a disaster, when the operation to a star, and the phaseThe corresponding state region will occur natural calamities and man-made misfortunes and other non human can resist disaster. The ancients observed day (the ancients regarded the sun as planets, moon and stars) operation refers to the suns. After long-term observation, they chose the near the ecliptic as reference. The so-called lunar mansions, is the first to compare the twenty-eight stars of the five star movement and choice, as a symbol of observation. "Night" are meant to stay. Twenty-eight host names are called angle, Kang, Di, real, remember, tail, Kei, bucket, cattle (Qian Niu), female (must be female or Wu female), virtual, risk, room (room wall (cAMP), the east wall), Kui, Lou, stomach, the Pleiades, Bi, mouth (Zui Jiaosi), ginseng, well (Dong Jing), ghosts (Yu, Liu Kui), star (seven), Zhang Zhen, wing, etc.. The twenty-eight southeast northwest have four stars, each side is seven stars, form different shapes, the ancients these shapes as auspicious animal; Oriental dragon, white tiger in the north western, South Suzaku, basaltic (Gui She). The East (Cang Long) seven including angle, Kang, Di, real, heart, tail, Ji; northern (basalt) seven including bucket, cattle, female, virtual, risk, room, wall; the West (Bai Hu) seven including Kui, Lou, stomach, the Pleiades, Bi, mouth, and the South (Zhu Que); well, including ghosts, Liu, Xing, Zhang Zhen, wing.......
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The local branch of the disc in a developing, a beneficial exploration of modernization from tradition to the. An academic works focus on water and rural society effectively into the track of scientific development.
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