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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Chinese drama   Author:陌子涵   Pages:259  

At the beginning of the fifteenth Century, the great Czech theologian John Hus launched a religious reform movement. The first European religious reform movement is a pioneer in Aarhus, his speech was spread to the European countries, but also exerted an important influence on Martin Luther, and Protestant later inherited. At that time, he is a professor at the University of Prague and Bethlehem Church Missionary, feel cherish an undying of corruption in the church. HUS, the Bible first, rather than those specified in the rules of service personnel. He stressed that the sovereignty of all church is Jesus Christ, and to speak out against the clergy, rebuke they departed from the Christian faith, also advocated the confiscation of church property, nationalized. This speech Hus of course for the German priest and the Church of Rome is not, in July 6, 1415, Hus was burning to death for heresy in the square. The power that this can be used to scare the "little people", but only four years later, in 1419 July, the Hussite cleric led uprising broke out in Prague. The war lasted 31 years, the massive Crusade war five times, let the whole Europe in shreds and patches. "Army" are mostly people at the bottom of the city, with miners, farmers and the priest. But there are many small nobility, small businessmen, although the "motley crew", but the fight is not vague, very effective tactics. For example, the chariot troop, connected with the chariot against heavily armoured cavalry fortifications, extensive use of light artillery in the field...... The European military technology is a bold innovation, of course, they also pay a tragic price. No statistics this how many people died. But according to statistics, buried here died about ten thousand years, and 31 years the size of war, both sides want to number of death will never be more than 1318 was less!

The world has many mysterious supernatural events occurred in different places, and these events and places are many scientists and adventurers who aspire to, they want to know them, deeply explore their. The author spent great efforts to master these events of the first hand data, detailed for the mysterious supernatural events like the readers a supernatural world offer. The book is not what a horror novel, nor horror story in the film, but a book about the discovery of books. It takes us on a true story, a real secret place. We do not advocate superstition, but now is really a lot of things we can not use science to explain one of the mysteries. In the book, part of the contents of the secret, but there are some now still cannot be explained. In this world, the power of nature is infinite. We can't control them, even sometimes impossible to predict the nature to produce power. For example, in the book we mentioned will disappear, man eating terror forest islands. These things are not made by man, but the margin of mysterious forces of nature.
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The first chapter password castle a Lee Kerst Countess hall. Blood bathroom two Brown castle, vampire castle three Baileys Beauty Castle. Shaw lady soul four American house, haunted the Lincoln Bedroom five Moss Hamm castle, witch Castle six praed gamma castle, demon thief second chapters by living a Jamaica Rose Manor, die a bitter the master of the two New York 112 Ocean Avenue, from the will of god...... The third chapter enchanting strange island fourth chapter fifth chapter sixth mysterious terrorist sea area chapter singular "Bermuda" seventh chapter crazy stone chapter Eighth World - Chapter ninth @##@ singular phenomenon In the world of unknown corner small town, there are many strange place, behind them have many stories worthy of our mining. This book selects many famous supernatural world, and tells them the story, the place that mysterious land. Such as Lee Kerst Countess house, Brown castle, Castle, the White House, USA Baili. Tower of London etc.. Add local characteristics in the spoke, enhance readability. The book also add a lot of photos, illustrations, readability is strong.
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"The world" the most evil: fascinating places most haunted: a fantastic thing, a difficult to unravel the mystery, supernatural events, will be staged at! Rapid reading experience pleasure! In the world, there are a lot of very evil very mysterious place, can let a person feel a trace of evil in the darkness, and uneasy, as if in a corner, has been staring at you...... Just follow the "world now:" the most interesting place evil supernatural, went to visit the mysterious and strange place! Be careful, in the corner, staring at your eyes oh!
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  •   Every state has the local legend, but also good
  •   His breath made a set of three books, he is curious about the world, knowledge age, although not a formal scientific books, but can satisfy his curiosity, children growth in knowledge is good.
  •   Help me understand that had always been curious about the magical world.
  •   This book is very interesting ~ ~ ~ very attractive!
  •   Scary dare in the morning to watch..
  •   A lot of this, send very quickly and very loving.
  •   Authenticity.
  •   I was watching, the content is very good.
  •   The teacher didn't know what to do, have recommended children to see the contents of the book
  •   Internal printed book to have some rough
  •   Although there are many had seen, but still feel very good
  •   Mainly introduces some mysterious historical sites, as the extracurricular books can look at the
  •   Can broaden one's horizon, knew many previously unknown place. Mainly is as interesting to see. Writing is very good.
  •   Well, the story structure slightly simple.
  •   Strange existence......
  •   For adults a bit of Pediatrics, the content is not suitable for small children, for the primary school grade 4 to grade children should be the most suitable......
  •   Like to see this strange book, like understanding of things
  •   The content is very detailed, but similar to the mystery,
  •   The content of good, printing is not good.
  •   Only 10 left posterior better (individual), the rest are seen
  •   Although some horrible, but still a very interesting book.
  •   The contents of the book is like but there are a lot of printing problems and a page is torn in the hope to improve
  •   Some have seen, but is also very good
  •   When I started writing is the ~ behind are okay.
  •   This book is really only in the boring time, not what in-depth research, just tell you that there is such a place, the place was haunted, That's it.
  •   It is black and white, there are pictures, but could not see clearly, very thick, oh ~ see is full of black and white will not be of much interest.
  •   Not too like, the lack of scientific basis, do recreational use.
  •   Keyi.
  •   Most of the articles are seen in some magazine.
  •   The book is also good, but not for the faint of heart

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