Unsolved mysteries of Science

Date of publication:2002年1月1日   Press: Version first (January 1, 2002)   Author:Maddox   Pages:382  

The book includes: not the end of the beginning, simplicity in complexity, it all happened in an instant, collaborative and autonomous, genome and its defects, nature's pedigree, thinking machines etc..
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Sir Jonh Maddox, born 1925, is an experienced physicist and senior editor. He has served in the famous "natural" magazine editor for 22 years, and in a variety of environmental protection and gene engineering of the Royal scientific committee. Jonh Maddox jazz was at King's college and the University of Oxford to study chemistry and physics. From 1949 to 1955 in University of Manchester theory
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Introduction found River
the first part material
the first chapter material
second chapter complex in a simple
third chapter everything happen in an instant.
second part of life
fourth chapter similarity in life
fifth chapter collaborative and autonomous
sixth chapter genome and defects in
the seventh chapter the nature of pedigree
third part of our world.
eighth chapter thinking machines
ninth chapter numbers game
tenth chapters to avoid disaster.
end road to the future
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