Unpredictable Egyptians

Date of publication:2007-1   Press: Zhongzhou ancient books publishing house   Author:Terry Dili   Pages:137   Words:80000  

Math class asked endless questions. English courses and problem completely different, music lessons can inspire people, geography is funny and boring. Chemical class teaching people head fog, biology is full of the breath of life. Physical education is a time-consuming game...... Then the history class? History lesson too terrorist! It reminds you of those horrible date terrorist kings to suppress the same horrible people. Sometimes, history will feel extremely tired! Sometimes, history also really makes people confused! Now, you hand on this book, write but terrible history, there are some things the teacher never told you! Frankly, the teacher usually do not have told you the whole truth! Teacher always think you are too small, also don't understand those terrible things, for example: the Egyptians mummified head hollowed out, the teacher wouldn't tell you...... Then, you leave school, you never learn the important knowledge. Sometimes, the teacher didn't tell you, is because they don't know! (this is true! The teacher does not know everything...... But some teachers think that they can. ) so, this book will tell you that even the teachers don't dare to say. When you've finished. You can teach your teacher -- you'll love! In this book, you'll find out many interesting things: -- than crocodile claw can make you nervous story! -- do something more interesting than to eat snacks in the classroom things! -- and, more than teachers joke funny than the Rangers socks, nausea, or more miserable than three legged sheep story. I hope you can find all the horrible taste in books.

Prophet Jesus died on the cross to Pyramid, unexpectedly also can make the blade sharpened? Mummy remains is the elixir? Mummy bandage was used as a meat packing paper? The Greeks also can become the Pharaoh Tutankhamun's widow remarried? Grandfather? When Chinese are legendary Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns period, the Egyptians had built one of the the seven wonders of the world, the Pyramid of khufu. The Nile civilization is the world's oldest ancient civilizations, is also one of the most amazing. Wonderful is one's art. building, measuring technology and the knowledge of astronomy, the Egyptians Xuanqi even more intense colors. This book will unveil the mystery of the ancient Egyptians for readers, with the mysterious force Pyramid, mummy complete manufacture process, Cleopatra's love and hate, the Pharaoh's Millennium curse theme.
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No words, no money, no wheels, it can develop strong Empire, dominate in Andean Inca which is one of the most peculiar mystical ethnic world. However, the Spaniard has only two hundred and sixty soldiers, will completely destroy the most great gold country in the South american. The conqueror's Inca is barbaric and superstition, but the Inca Empire was a committed to the welfare and no ideal society theft crime. "Unpredictable" will be a complete description of the rise and fall of the Inca civilization, as well as the exotic customs of this batch of sun god people unique.
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User reviews
  •   To understand the mysterious culture
  •   Suitable for all ages, both knowledge and interest, the illustrations are very good, the child as long as not too stupid, basically can understand. Some of the content and a relatively new perspective, non related fields who should not be aware of, so the adults look not feel boring.
  •   It was interesting but do not know whether the trusted
  •   A very good material for the book!!!
  •   Humor, humorous, offbeat angle observation of the ancient Egyptian civilization.
  •   The content is absolutely funny!
    however, the relatively small, looks not fun.
    humorous language, the easier.
    but some details are not detailed enough, need to refer to other books about ancient egypt.
  •   The contents of the book are the vivid, interesting, the people can not read history and dreary. In picture books to express horror or people inconceivable to painting in particular, people easily read history.
  •   This book content is novel, bold humor, most teachers have not talked about it.
  •   Leisure time have a look very good
  •   Well … … ….....
  •   This book is like for primary school students, is not consistent with the.
  •   An interesting book, but the content is empty.
  •   Too simple, not very vivid
  •   Suitable for kids.

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