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Illustration: the universe mystery people never stop the exploration of the universe's footsteps, especially in the rapid development of science and technology today, more and more people on the space of obsession, and the exploration of the universe using various high-tech means. However, even if the spacecraft has space walk, the human has successfully landed on the moon...... But the universe space still give people the impression of many mysteries. With the development of science and technology, our understanding of the universe, the unknown gradually reduced, also transiently increased. When we understand a phenomenon or a certain substance, also raises more questions. Therefore, the human exploration of the universe, the more you learn, the more you unknown. Human beings are the centuries long explorations, the time distance billion light years, has experienced numerous difficulties and dangers, but never had the courage to move forward subtractive. Now, although mankind has entered the solar system, but outside of the solar system space and to our great longing. When the UFO is one and again, again and the three mentioned, when the black hole has become indulge in elaborating on topic, when there is a claim that other planets appear signs of life...... More and more people feel the mysterious universe. Let us with a variety of doubt, for these mystery explore. The solar system is now in star system. It is the sun as the center, including satellite and hundreds of millions of at least 8 planets, 165 star known as small bodies of the solar system. In the known, the unknown planet and objects, there are a lot of even the scientists is also very difficult to say what the mystery. The size of the solar system solar system the mystery of how? This is a difficult to answer, it is a very interesting question. Because the answer is extended with the knowledge and technology of the continuous improvement of people's. The solar system from a broad sense, the solar system are the sun, 4 stars like the inner planets, the earth is composed of many small rocky asteroid belts, 4 hearts full of gas giant planets, full of frozen Little Rock, second Kuiper small celestial zone: in the Kuiper belt also has a discrete disk ecliptic and the sun circle, and still hypothetical Oort cloud, according to the distance of the planets from the sun, mercury, Venus order:, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the 8 planet in 6 is a natural satellite around the earth, because the satellite is known as the moon, so these habits are also regarded as "the moon", the outer planets are composed of many small particles of dust and a planet around.
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Longitudinal and transverse miles. Since ancient times, the mysteries of the universe is the mankind diligently strive after. It may be shocking scenes, may realize that strike a deep chord, may also be people never give the curiosity in time. The universe wonderful creatures bred, anecdotes, different customs, different phenomena change unpredictably, on around us, but we separated by a layer of mysterious veil. It is an amazing coincidence, or kick up a cloud of dust? In the great world, many mysteries waiting for us to explore. In the human diligently diligently explore, these mysterious mystery will slowly open the years seal, showing a curtain dusty picture to us...... With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more of our cognition of the world, curiosity also increases. How long does the birth of universe, its future what kind? The Bermuda Triangle, let many guest inexplicably disappeared, what is the strength to make it so mysterious? UF0 frequent earth, is to explore this beautiful earth to aliens, or in pursuit of their lost memories? Be known to all the world's Pyramid is a relic of the masterpiece of human or alien? Printing with 5000 years ago to craniotomy operation, the medical technology so advanced? The European military genius Napoleon die young, President Lincoln was assassinated in the theatre, history hide how much mystery? Between the twins heart Lingxi, human beings have many puzzles? Various kinds of abnormal performance before the earthquake animal, whether that can predict the disaster animal instinct? The horror of death road, the mystery of the elephant graveyard, the nature of how much hidden puzzles? A strange phenomenon is there convincing explanation...... All of this, not only make us be very much puzzled by, and we delude one to folly. It is because of today's science and technology had reached a high level, so people begin to hope to solve these puzzles, explore the unknown world more. A mystery has been solved, new mysteryGradually, people explore the enthusiasm aroused. It is in this process of continuous exploration, human step by step forward.
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1 space puzzle solar mystery solar mystery solar age mystery solar mystery mysterious celestial puzzle missing solar neutrino puzzle mystery of life planet Pluto has been demoted mystery companion mystery Uranus lay rotating mystery meteorite disaster mystery the mystery of radiant star Jupiter singular the huge red Sirian and Dogon main mystery Neptune halo puzzle asteroid hit the earth mystery mercury reduced mystery Venus evolution puzzle on Venus Mars surface stone city mystery, the mystery of Pyramid life on Mars mystery "big brother" Jupiter mystery 4000000000 years ago, the mystery of the earth Saturn's rings the mystery of the origin of the moon moon moon mystery the mystery of magical mystery of lunar soil mystery Comet Halley's comet egg source puzzle mystery "snowball" mystery meteorite ice mystery in the universe to consume one another mystery extraterrestrial puzzle UFO top secret files mystery the mystery of UFO landing area 51 puzzle UFO the mystery of Guangzhou "diamond disc" mystery is UFO hijacked driver puzzle KGB file UFO puzzle UFO attack humans puzzle UFO treatment of human mystery BAPU Island commotion mystery Roswell UFO incident puzzle over Heilongjiang UF0 Mystery singular space puzzle mystery of fourth states of matter antimatter world mystery four-dimensional space puzzle fifth force puzzle space-time tunnel puzzle magic Metal Puzzle Tachyon energy superluminal Puzzle 2 natural mystery the mystery of magical plants plant sleep mystery plant predict mystery "plant language" the mystery of mysteries mystery floral cactus plants "sweating" mystery guide tree pointing to the Antarctic mystery plant will also fear the mystery man eating plant mystery plant ever-young mystery forest air mystery the mystery plant trees in the "emotional" mystery eat animal plant main mystery palm trees blossom on the mystery of Dutch act. Animal riddle seven beast of prey coexistence mystery dinosaurs mystery animal reproduction mystery animal language mystery animal mathematician mystery seals the mystery of the mummy mystery turtle "basilisk self burial" mystery elephant graveyard mystery gigantic whale collective Dutch act mystery dolphin brain Apis cerana cerana rapidly disappearing mystery the mystery of pterosaurs fly hundred "deep sea Troll" mystery of thousands of toads the mystery of the explosion of hibernating bats collective death riddle riddle riddle Chinese jiutouniao thylacine turtle longevity the mystery of the Loch Ness monster migratory mystery Bigfoot mystery geographic wonder mystery The mystery of the foehn volcano glacial enigma tornado mystery black lightning ball mystery Oregon whirlpool mystery San Pierre disaster puzzle mystery mystery Death Valley mystery makes people grow taller Island Mystery highway of death mystery death Ya mystery bottomless mystery up "bride" demon cave Mystery Stone murder mystery the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Mystery the Atlantic the San Francisco earthquake belt mystery Oak Island mystery...... 3 the human puzzle 4 historical mystery 5 decline @##@ civilization mystery In real life, full of numerous invalid information. Today, a person can be successful, depends largely on the ability to select effective information he. The book is the best carrier of effective information. So, Premier Wen said: "the book itself may not change the world, but reading can change life, people can change the world." So, some publishers put forward "publishing philosophy the most affordable, the most classic, the most practical", let the public readers to "spend the least money, buy the best book, do the most successful people". "The most affordable, high quality and effective content" is to refer the reader to spend the same money can buy two or even three times in other books; "classic", refers to the selection of the longest, most admired classic books of all kinds of books, please expert interpretation of comments, let the reader from trial and error trap; "the most practical", refers to the increase in more detail and practical function, so that readers can learn in order to practise, to lay the cornerstone of success.
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Reading a person's personality and character. The relationship between the quality and strength of a nation, a country's future and destiny. A man who does not read, do not read the nation, there is no hope. Premier Wen Jiabao --
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