The Zombie Survival Guide

Date of publication:2011-12   Press: Jiangsu people's Publishing House   Author:The economist Marx Brooks  

Maybe you're on your way home walk, a few zombies have been hidden in the corner waiting by the roadside. This is not only in the film and the game will be the scene, but has been in human history occurred numerous zombie disaster. They are infected with Solanum virus zombies, their living by hunting for food. They walk in the human life on earth, eat our flesh and blood.
when this happens, how should we respond? The author of the book, after years of painstaking research, discusses the key problems related to personal life:
the zombies come from?
select weapons against zombies?
How at home and in public places do defense?
how to formulate the escape plan?
use what kind of transportation?
how to take the initiative? Happen what zombie attack in
the book is a guide to complete in a zombie infested world of survival, please don't try to make any chapters of this book as a hypothetical, every bit of knowledge is accumulated through hard exploration and experience of victory. All the research results are based on historical records, such as field investigation, laboratory experiments and eyewitness record content. This book will greatly increase the probability of survival in the face of zombies when people.
Author brief introduction

Max Brooks (Max
Brooks), was born in New York in 1972, his father's "gold producer" big Breuer, director Mel?. He is a world famous expert, founder of apocalyptic zombie, especially good at preventing theory and practice zombie. According to the authoritative government agencies, to against the cannibal zombie, from human extinction of catastrophe, must with the aid of zombie prevention authoritative knowledge Brooks. This book is written, the author has traveled to five continents around the world more than 30 countries and the polar area of field surveys, find ways to prevent zombie disaster. In addition to this book, the author has "zombie World War: a zombie war oral history" (World
War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War), "Zombie Survival Guide: hit record" (The Zombie
Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks) two on the zombie book published, best-selling all over the world.
Catalogue of books

The myth and truth
virus with
the author note
the first chapter die hard
source... Symptom. Communication... Interspecific infection... Treatment. The characteristics of
the physical ability of
Dead Zombie zombie... Action ability of
voodoo zombie
Hollywood zombie outbreak of

level 1... Level 2... Level 3... Grade 4

second chapter investigation weapons and combat technology

law-abiding principle... Insist on training... Pay attention to your tools... Careful display props... Improve your primary weapon...
close combat
blunt... Sharp weapon. Other handheld weapons... Shaolin spade... Power tools.
A and
catapults bows... Slingshot. Blowguns... Darts. The knife... Longbow or compound bow... Crossbow. Hand crossbow

heavy machine gun fire... Submachine gun. Assault rifle. Bolt action rifle / lever action rifle... Semi automatic rifle. Shotgun... Pistol. .22- aperture edge type weapon... Accessories

explosive flame Molotov cocktail... Splashed... Blowtorch... Flame thrower...
other weapon
acid... Toxin... Biological weapon. Animals in war... Electric shock... Radiation... Gene weapon... Nano

Armor Weapon armor... Acton... A shark... Helmet. Bulletproof vest. Kevlar protective clothing... Tight fitting and short
third chapter defense time
private residence (home defence)
ready to work the first step: residential... Preparations for the second step: Supply... Survival in the attack... Instant defense
office... School. Hospital. Police office. Retail stores... Supermarket. Shopping Center. Church. Warehouse. Port and dock... Dock... Bank... Cemetery. Conference hall and town hall
the basic rules in

military base fort... Prison. Offshore oil drilling platform
fourth chapter escape time
the basic rules in
clear objectives... Determine the destination... Intelligence gathering, arrange travel... Keep healthy... Avoid large team... Training your team... Maneuver... Keep the secret... Observe and listen... Sleep... Clear signal transmitting ideas restraint... To avoid the city...

equipped vehicles sedan... SUV... Truck. Bus. Armored car. Motorcycle... Motorcycle accessories extra... Alternative means of transport.
the type
forest (temperate / tropical)... Grassland. Field. Hills... Swamp. Tundra... Desert. The city of
alternative means of transport.
fifth chapter waterway attack time
Chapter excerpt

Voodoo zombies if zombies is a virus rather than black magic made it, then how to explain the so-called “ voodoo zombie ”? Voodoo zombies, a dead but being rise from the grave _ people, destined to be human beings as slave forever. Yes, “ zombie ” the word is originally from GEIL Du language (Kimbundu) in the “ naumbe”, the word describes the souls of the dead, zombie, zombieIs the integral part of Afro Caribbean religion, also known as voodoo. However, the voodoo zombies and virus zombie only common also lies in the name of their origin. “ zombie power ”, the drugs used to zombie priest of the tool, contains a powerful force of the nervous system (its exact composition is almost a mystery). This toxin can temporarily paralyze the human nervous system, creating an extreme state of hibernation. In this case, the heart, lungs and all the functions of the body are in a low stage, therefore, it is not difficult to understand those inexperienced forensic, will determine the object is dead. Many people in such a state would be buried, only in the dark coffin woke up screaming. So, what makes someone into a zombie? The answer is very simple: brain damage. Those who had been buried alive can quickly reduce the coffin of the air. And those who are saved people (if they are very lucky), usually have been because of hypoxia and suffered some degree of brain damage. Therefore, these poor people usually can only walk in a no cognitive skills or the exact state of free will, which in turn led to their easily mistaken for zombie. So how will the voodoo zombies and real zombie distinguish? Distinguish signal is very significant. 1 voodoo zombies will show emotion. Those who suffered the zombie power and lead to impaired brain can still exhibit normal human emotion. They will laugh, cry, even hurt or offended will roar (and real zombie is not this). 2 voodoo zombies will show the ability of thinking. There was a record, when a real zombie when I meet you, it will hide in the house immediately like a bomb that cunning. A voodoo zombies will try to identify who you are and what is. He might be coming over to you, maybe he will retreat, maybe he just stood there and continued his observation, because of his impaired brain still trying to analyze the received information. However, the voodoo zombies never raised his arm, put his jaw, also won't untangle, damn straight to fall for you. 3 voodoo zombies will feel pain. If they fall, there is no doubt that they will cover the injured knee sobbing. Similarly, Voodoo zombies will take good care of other wounds, they at least, they can be aware of the existence of wound. They won't like real zombies that ignore the body deep cut. 4 voodoo zombies can identify fire. Of course, that is not to say that they are afraid of fire. Some severely brain injured people may not remember what is fire. They will try to examine what it is, may also reached out to touch, but once they find the fire will cause pain, they will not continue. 5 voodoo zombies can identify the surrounding environment. Unlike the real zombie know only prey that voodoo zombies will change to a sudden environment, such as light, sound, taste and smell to respond. Have observed that voodoo zombies will watch the television, noticed the flashing lights, listening to music, will be frightened by thunder, and even to notice the existence of the next. Finally, a fact that has played a key role in some case of mistaken. If we are talking about the kind of zombie will not react to adjacent words (they look at each other, making the sound, and even touch each other's face), then they may have very accidentally destroyed. 6 voodoo zombies have no power. One suffered a zombie forces still have normal ability. He can't walk in the night, can not hear the 500 yards outside the footsteps, nor the smell of human breath away. Voodoo zombies don't actually on followed by curious. And those horrible zombie true may be furious, although not exact. 7 voodoo zombies can communicate. Not always, but most voodoo zombies will respond to visual signal. Many voodoo zombies can understand the meaning of the word; some even able to understand simple sentences, and has the ability to speak, of course, very few can expand dialogue. 8 voodoo zombies can be controlled. Not always, but a lot of damage to the brain will lose most of self-consciousness, it is easy to be influenced by the advice of others. Simply to an object to yell or just turned to leave, have been able to make the people fled the voodoo zombies. This phenomenon has led to some people mistakenly think that they can manipulate real zombie, this is very dangerous. A few diehards, insisting that they can easily control their zombie attack. When the cold and rotten hand caught their limbs, dirty rotten teeth bite into their flesh, these people really understand what they face is how terrible things, but it was too late. These items can help you distinguish the voodoo zombies and real zombie. Finally, the voodoo zombies are usually encountered in the following areas: Sub Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, central and South America and the southern United states. So far, it is not likely to find a created by voodoo priest voodoo zombies in other areas, there is little chance of that. … …
Media attention and comments

“ a cruel and rigorous escape zombie hunting guide. ” — — "Time Out New York" “ the proof is rigorous, thorough research, read more dread than fun. ” — — "Esquire" “ this is the most people on a Book … … write very clever, morbid taste full of heavy taste, but compelling ”. — — "vector" “ start reading when holding for fun mentality, but read the fiftieth page they want to run out to buy a machete self-defense! ” &mdash"New York post"; — “ please treasure the precious life. This book can help you escape the clutches of the undead, they may be hidden in your side now, waiting in the wings. "Zombie Survival Guide" provides many useful suggestions and methods, so that you can better protect themselves and their families. This is an instinct for help book. ” — — Frank · de BoNT “ we live in New York, but he's going to move to a more remote, more defensive place as soon as possible. This book is a must read for all monstrous zombie fans. ” — — famous zombie expert Simon · Peggy
Editor recommends

World zombie guru, pains, selling ten years, swept the world. "The New York times" commented: “ a book from the future, do not read will die! ”. Thousands of stiff wire hematemesis recommended, there is no reason not to read, not buy, do not worship the zombie bible.
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