The world's ten largest treasure mystery

Date of publication:1997-5   Press: Jiangsu people's Publishing House   Author:Tang Yanneng, Zhu Jianjin,   Pages:197   Words:140000  

The Pharaoh's tomb in the valley of the funerary very valuable, since ancient times, which makes many Ghoul drool with envy. Almost all of the Pharaoh's tomb has not escaped the grave robbers looted, but he survived the tomb. 3000 years after the tomb was found, mummies unearthed and funerary exquisite, shocked the world. When that person immersed in the joy, as if spell by Tutankhamun, happened a series of mysterious deaths, one left a mystery.
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Treasure of Tutankhamen mausoleum mystery Homer tips to the imperial tombs of the talons of New Spain gold dream mysterious smile temptation desecrated sacred Silk Road treasure hunters sun country gold car thieves are ancient Greek statue fate
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