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Date of publication:2012-2   Press: China Textile Press   Author:Wan Cheng Ji.   Pages´╝Ü370  

The mysterious disappearance of the ancient Kroraina Kroraina is a city of Guo Xiaoguo in the Western Han Dynasty of the western regions, formed in the second Century b.c.. It is located in Xinjiang Bayinguoleng Ruoqiang County today, North West of Lop Nor, Mongolia autonomous, the Peacock River 7 km south coast, the ruins scattered in the west coast of Lop Nor Yadan terrain. In history, Kroraina is one of the thirty-six western countries, and Dunhuang adjacent, BC and the closely related. Where the temperature and humidity climate, lush vegetation. The ancient Silk Road “ ” South, two North Road from Kroraina Road, which makes it a hub of Asian at that time. In the East West cultural exchanges, Kroraina has played an important role. Han and Xiongnu to Kroraina once again for. However, about the year fourth Century, Kroraina's sharp decline, finally have never been heard of since. So, why Kroraina will disappear? According to "Shui Jing Zhu" records, after the Eastern Han Dynasty, because of the Tarim River was diverted riverside injection, resulting in serious water shortage in Kroraina. Dunhuang sol shuaibing 1000 people to Kroraina, Shanshan, Yanqi, also called 3000 Kucha three soldiers, do not divide day and night cross-sectional note riverside, diversion into Kroraina ease the water shortage crisis. But after that, despite the Kroraina artificial dredging efforts and try the biggest, but the area of about 100000 square meters of the Kroraina eventually because of water and was abandoned. Also the scholar thinks, the fundamental reason of ancient Kroraina disappear is a serious deterioration in the climate and environment. Drought and water shortage, ecological deterioration, the upper reaches of the river was diverted after the cut-off, forcing residents to evacuate there. Some people believe that, because of the ancient Lop Nor northward, the Kroraina residents lost water, unable to survive, so had to evacuate. … … @##@[] featured classical content in various fields has research value, research significance, concern for the people of the mystery and mysterious phenomenon, combined with the latest research findings compiled. The ideal reader [] set intellectual, readability and interesting in one, the writing is vivid, beautiful pictures, visual multiple, scientific style, a brand-new angle of view. "The classical literature collection series: best reader world mystery now angle complete works" a feeling of world civilization charm; an opening of the infinite wisdom of timeless classics; a stimulate the imagination of knowledge.

Universe of 1 000000000 universes nothing is too strange. We live in this world, filled with a whirling mystery. The silent Pyramid tells the mysterious story of how? The dilapidated buildings have experienced how brilliant? The huge stone sculptures from the who wrote this? Is the rich heritage of human ancestors? Or aliens on earth the occasional masterpiece … … with the development of human history, we will find that, in our side there are more and more unbelievable is the objective existence of mysterious phenomena, like a very attractive puzzle, mystery there quietly waiting for people to uncover shrouded in them the. Einstein said: “ the most wonderful things we experience is the mysterious. It is the main emotional people, is the true origin of art and science. Because if you don't feel strange, was no longer astonished, then died, and one out candle was not what different. ” indeed, human scientific knowledge, social civilization, almost all of creation and development in exploration and explanation of all sorts of unknown things. If we don't explore the mysteries of nature, how can science and civilization now? In order to explore these mysteries, unlock the mysteries of the world, many scientists have even sacrificed their youth and life. With the development of science and technology, people's understanding of things than before more in-depth, detailed. But, in the mankind has already entered into in twenty-first Century, in the development of modern science to send humans into space today, some of the mysteries still incredible, it is difficult to explain. However, the mysterious charm of these mysteries sporadic, like a magnet attracted curious eyes, and stimulate a strong interest to explore the truth. If we want to find the truth, you must summon up all your courage. Day after day we obtain new knowledge, feel the new experience, so there is no reason to stop. Everyone is full of curiosity, full of desire for knowledge, not only has the strong interest to the historical accumulation of cultural knowledge and change rapidly of science and technology, but also full of curiosity about the world many unsolved mysteries and mystical phenomena. This is the psychological characteristics of people, a basic reason is the progress of human society. The book presents a variety of mystery to the reader, including the universe, nature, history, geography, science and technology, human and animal and plant area, the novel style illustrated, picked the most famous, the most wonderful universe of 1,000,000,000 universes mysteries and mystical phenomena, to be lively and vivid painting pictures, paintings show a very imagination, mystery and challenge the unknown world of scenarios for the reader. In the reading process, the book contains a variety of the area of the most authoritative and representative explained the mystery, are discussed and analyzed. Give people a glimpse of the truth of the reading pleasure, that many of the legendary puzzle opened its mysterious veil. In this solemn and full of interest in the exploration, the book not only reveals a lot of little-known details, reproducing the mysteries of rich and changes, but also let the reader thinking and find fun, to get from a lead a person to endless aftertastes, put it down. All the world mystery interested people, especially young people, will be able to open the mind through the book, expand the field of vision, to the future in the thinking and exploration. Now, let us go into the unknown, to explore the mystery!
Catalogue of books

The first chapter reproduces the ancient relics of civilization
the mysterious disappearance of the ancient Kroraina
Xiangxiong Dynasty puzzle
the Guge Kingdom disappeared.
Niya ancient mystery why die
the Western Xia imperial tombs mystery
Sanxingdui seven riddle
Atlantis the lost kingdom where
shown: the mystery of
Nineveh city sculpture of the Minoan civilization mystery

Mycenaean puzzle
Sumerian civilization mystery
the Etruscans puzzle
once bustling Pompeii
the Carthaginian civilization site
Mohenjo? Why the destruction of
giant Darrow ancient city built the Tiwanaku civilization city --
the jungle ruins of Angkor
City monuments. The Oklo reactors puzzle
Zimbabwe ancient mysteries of
the sudden disappearance of the Hittite Kingdom
Te Ody Wa Can civilization site
The Mayan ruins of migration puzzle
Olmec civilization mystery
Magic ancient Thebes
high mountains and lofty hills in Machu
cursed South Martel the ruins of the
India River civilization two big city relics puzzle
the mysterious Solar gate
not inclined to Leaning Tower of Pisa
New Babylon build the tower of Babel.
Pyramid is how to build
England Stonehenge.
amazing Turkey underground city
cliff palace was built
Breton stone column puzzle
Baalbek site of ancient Kenya 19
root Stonehenge puzzle
wasteland stone markers puzzle
cannot understand island pillar
Malta prehistoric Building Puzzle
Indian "cliff Palace" puzzle
mysterious statues of Easter Island
the mysterious underwater construction sites
the tombs puzzle
second chapter traces the brilliant art culture of
the earliest text for
the Latin alphabet produced mystery < br > Chinese characters origin
Kroraina word puzzle
who draws the ancient map of Antarctica
printing is how to spread to the West
pottery what is the invention of the time
pottery basin "dancing grain" puzzle
ancient rocket is what country invented
curse of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt mystery
Why did the ancient Egyptians mummified
beyond the era of Mayan astronomy and calendar
latitude 30. Flood puzzle
the history of Christmas Puzzle
the riddle of the Nazca Lines
Africa Sahara Desert primitive rock
beem bertka prehistoric rock paintings puzzle
Damaidi rock puzzle
mysterious Platon white carved
the mysterious island of Corsica stone
Costa Rica mysterious stone ball
Dunhuang Grottoes puzzle
who built Sphinx
Taj Mahal built puzzle
Pyramid surprising data puzzle
Shibam soil building does not collapse puzzle
Jerusalem to the riddle of the Wailing Wall
the mysterious Indonesia "Thousand Buddha Temple"
magical Quetzalcoatl city
why the Imperial Palace known as the Forbidden City.
the mystery of the origin of
Red Cross symbol source puzzle
Homer and epic
parchment texts preserve puzzle
Monalisa smile what mean
"along the river during the Qingming Festival" puzzle
third chapters focus blurred historical issues.
China why called "Huaxia"
Kyushu is designated
Yu ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun's death of
ancient Rome missing Legion Jingxian Gansu little mountain The village of
the ancient Greeks made gear computer
the ancient Indians make spaceships puzzle
Troy war is really false
Nero and Rome city's destruction of
there is no love, Zhu Yingtai.
the end of the Rome Empire puzzle
King Arthur and the round table knights tale puzzle
Spain "armada" destruction of puzzle
who discovered Australia
Leibniz invented the binary and the "book of changes" on
who opened the first gun Lexington
why Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo
fourth chapters to pursue eternal quest celebrity behind
fifth chapter mysterious cultural treasures of
sixth chapter of discovering extraterrestrial space
seventh chapters explore the earth's natural mysteries of
eighth chapters to decipher the mystery of magic f
ninth chapter in the mysterious ocean world
tenth chapters explore the secret of
eleventh chapter strange secret animal world
twelfth chapters to solve human unique puzzle
thirteenth chapter explains the human secret @##@ magic Change unpredictably vast universe and Nothing is too strange. In the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, there are always some phenomenon, let a person feel mysterious, there is always something left too many mysteries. These strange phenomena and the nature of numerous numerous difficult problem, can always arouse our enthusiasm and attention.
"Classic Literature Collection Series: World mystery is the complete value angle (Platinum Edition") with knowledge and interest as the starting point, all-round, multi angle display has the research value, research significance, concern for people in various fields of hundreds of the world of mystery and mysterious phenomenon. The book consists of thirteen parts as sites of civilization, art and culture, historical issues, celebrities, the cultural treasures, space, natural mystery, mystery, f marine world, paintings show a very imaginative, very mysterious, very challenging scenarios and screen readers.
for each puzzle and mysterious phenomenon, the editor is in reference to the basis of a large number of documents, archaeological findings, with the latest research achievements, the phenomenon of science behind secret gives reasonable analysis, so as to lead the reader into the wonderful world.
hope "Classic Literature Collection Series: World mystery now angle complete works (super Platinum Edition)" allows you to expand the field of vision, open mind, to the future in the thinking and exploration.
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