The way to eternity (Egyptian mythology)

Date of publication:2003   Press: Chinese Youth Press   Author:Time life Books Inc series   Pages´╝Ü134  

This is a non - with the general history of the world. Each book is full of in a cultural core of strange stories, mysterious ways, angry God and ghost quest and magic; and these, in the vast majority of history books is not to see. In the beginning period of human beings, how people all over the world in an attempt to explain the mysteries of life, death, other creation, love and of life? The book is very important for us to understand the myth of these views, they are both imagination and the intersection of history, wisdom and experience of the intersection, the intersection is the dream and the reality. In short, this is about the most important stories for thousands of years has been circulating, their vitality is so strong, so that people not to forget a long time.
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Egypt world picture: the token and the God of the sun the sun amulet order after the great creator riots servants picture palaces and God: God in heaven world divine feminine protection god sacred animal pictures: sacred animal Rui God powerful sons of Horus and Seth's war Mythology: the great king of Pyramid. The monarchy is the eternal preparations in the dark journey: The Curse of the mummy, founder of Thoth Ann Harmon mausoleum magic and imagination story magic magic universe Royal magic story Egyptian culture heritage vocabulary
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The book is the crystallization of human thought and experience for thousands of years, is a collection of human one's ability and cleverness. This is not just a set of books, they are rich in connotation, praise and continuation of human nature and human had dream cream. You will be very diligent, again and again to pick them, have fun, enlightenment and inspiration from them. Most importantly, these stories will provide a new angle of view of history and of the world as we know.
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