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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Jilin Publishing Group   Author:"The world of Discovery Series" editorial committee   Pages:191   Words:150000  

USA poet Emerson once said, all is riddle, solve a riddle is another riddle. And it is in the process of solving puzzles, human gradually know themselves, understand the world. Paranormal phenomena of every hue stimulate people's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, let the human consciousness to master scientific knowledge for a time at least, not enough to explain the complicated world. For human beings, human beings are in to confuse a problem: "death really is the ultimate destination of life?" It boasts the memory of previous life children, that speak with fervour and assurance his reincarnation experience person, who is said to be very effective, able to communicate with the world of witchcraft, seem to explain -- death, not the final destination! But they have this or that kind of vulnerability, a half-believe in. But even leaving aside the world after death, the transmigration of souls that torture, direct human flesh, will also have numerous paranormal phenomena puzzling, why people can see thousands of miles away in the scene with the naked eye? And why would someone suddenly self combustion? Why should anyone be perennial insomnia? Why people can dream of what will happen? What humans have the ability to the magic number has not been found? The supernatural is "unknown" synonym. See the UFO flying in the sky, people will think they Is it right? Alien spacecraft; see the mountains mountains in a human empty market, people will wonder if it really was a ghost image of the world; see the vast sky, people will doubt on whether the fate of the hidden password; even the animal spirits depicts myths and legends, people will seriously exploring whether they are fabricated out of thin air, or real...... Supernatural means "cannot be explained by existing scientific knowledge.", it is because I want to find the exact reason they happen, human beings diligently exploration. Each unravel a mystery in the pursuit of truth, people on the road and a step forward. In fact, many of today's "natural phenomenon" was once a supernatural phenomenon makes people be not a little bewildered "". Therefore, whether it is in the universe, or looking back on history, the development of human civilization can be attributed to the numerous paranormal phenomena to a large extent. Always on the "supernatural" arms curiosity is the talent one of mankind's most remarkable, with your strength to uncover these "supernatural" veil, understand the world more, more conducive to the human grasp their own destiny.

The mysterious events when the fantastic emerge in an endless stream, people begin to wonder -- strange stones, gloomy old house, frequently staged the disappearances, insurmountable dead zone...... Too many things let a person be not a little bewildered. So, appeared with the dialogue spirit, has amazing prophecy of Edgar Kathy. They use hypnosis for science, and used divination to predict good and bad, let people open the God's mysterious box, feel the infinite charm of supernatural.
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The world first chapter phantom from outer robe: angel wings feather retreat beauty: angel in the world "you" is too noisy: poltergeist and it haunted house of fantasy and reality biracial: Unicorn terrible monster: the Mothman when fantasy into reality: the world of spirits evil spirits room: 112 Ocean Avenue mysterious biological attack: Charles Ford's theory of rid your demon Exorcist "see": in space, "see" through the world: footprints eyes huge Trinidad real: the Bigfoot legend second chapter explains the secret believers of the gospel: another interpretation of life and growth in nature of the Virgin Mary.: the soul can reborn it icon heart: Tears, bleeding from the grace of God the holy icon: scar decryption digital secret: the Bible Code animal also has "super power": Animal induction from the spiritual world of voice: and the dialogue the sleeping prophet: Edgar Kathy from the power of the mind: in the world of Yuri Gayle telekinesis senses: extra sensory perception of supernatural explanation: Carl Jung and his step Traveling theory Soul: near death experiences deja vu dreams: depending on the sense of existence is of one mind: ECG induction soul magic and future: who is a psychic unbelievable strength: mysterious hypnosis under the starry sky: Astrology life. Explore unknown secret: divination and prophecy to detect the underground objects: water operation the will of God: and the third chapter supported while in the world of endless strange: the life and death of the fantastic "disappear from the scene": the human the mystery of the missing signs: catcher in the pattern of Yin Yun in the wonders of Shennongjia: whirling "ghost city" monster mystery: the Loch Ness monster come and go like a shadow air Ghost: UFO UFO days of foreign "objects": the rain drop from the clouds of foreign body never decay legend: the secret sign not Necrogenic omnipresent: "Titanic" subsidence prediction was "cursed" kill people: spell magic stone decoration of ancient riddle: Stonehenge Pacific Watcher: own heaven Easter Island Statues Mingmingzhizhong: the final list of Lincoln and Kennedy coincidentally saint or The monk: Miracle Man Rasputin night viewer: don't sleep people water darling: sink not down the dead don't sleep: will "walk" coffin bring bad luck "Hope" blood diamonds: mysterious death fire: spontaneous human combustion
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: the first chapter phantom supernatural world retreat wings: angel there was such a beautiful picture in the world, the hero of the photograph is a 4 year old blonde cute girl -- Tracy. Behind Tracy loomed a age, height the same little girl with her, took her by the arm. This photo shoot date is 1979, two days before the shooting, Tracy just from a major accident escape. Because of this, Tracy's parents firmly believe, photo glimpses of the girl is Tracy's guardian angel, if the guardian is not angel, Tracy may have been killed in an accident. A stone arouses stem billow, photo "angel" caused large fluctuations of public opinion. Some people struggle to believe, some people struggle question. Photography enthusiasts say,But that is a lens flare, glimpses of the girl is Tracy's own view. Even the adult Tracy also think, this is an artefact of the lens and the light. Tracy's parents still believe that it is the daughter of the guardian angel, she has been helping Tracy healthy growth. If a picture can easily draw a scientific conclusion, the 70000 people saw it is fantastic, is not easy. This storage is a be hardly worthy of belief thing, but there are 70000 people to do the witness, even scientists are in difficult to solve the mystery. That happened in 1917. On May 13th, a sunny day. Lucy, 雅森特, Francois, three is not 10 years old small partners go to play. The place where they live is Portugal's Fatima, a small village, which is such a country, but occurred in this matter is known around the world. Lucy, saw a very beautiful lady in an oak, her gentle and generous, intimate attitude, let a person very easily. When she appeared, the sunshine is dim down, as was her shadowed by the general. The beautiful lady told Lucy, let them in the monthly 13 oaks are to meet, so until October 13th. Three naive children, performing with beautiful lady agreed, in June July, the 13 are about to oak there to listen to the teachings of mrs.. It soon spread, many people in these months of 13 saw the sun suddenly dim and dark sight, but have never seen oak had any figure. The miraculous events Fatima soon by the local government to know, the government believes that the three children in the spread of superstition speech befog the minds of the people. Then, in August 13th, the police will Lucy et al into prison. This day of oak, nothing out of the ordinary place, the sun also keep all day sunshine smile. Children will be children, although their rich imagination, but impossible to fabricate such exquisite rich lies. The government is also well aware of this, was arrested a few days later, the children release. Another 13 days, the weather in September in addition to fresh, there is a hot sun, they covered the entire Fatima. The 13 day is very lively, people near Fatima Town, in that this strange thing after have come here to explore what, someone devout, there are people suspected of sinus. At noon, the oak tree has been filled with to come to the onlookers. Strange phenomenon appeared again, the sun was like a man possessed suddenly dim down, a bright sunny day suddenly clouds. Suddenly someone shouted: "look, she is coming." Everybody looked up, a little light objects flew to the east. According to a witness -- Maria? Parreira? Let's description, the luminous body is not large, flight speed, and soon disappeared in the horizon.
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Nice printing, book quality is very good, I am a person who loves books, to buy the cheap and good quality of the book is a happy thing for me! This book children look very like, to increase knowledge, concise language is very suitable for children to read. -- net friend Lin Songshu is bought in to see the child, to see such a beautiful book couldn't hold back. Beautiful pictures, concise language, a very good book, suitable for all ages. -- the zfh2855 almost in pictures of this series of books I like, more than ten dollars can buy a such beautiful pictures, also is the value of the. -- qq
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"Supernatural": why people can see thousands of miles away in the scene with the naked eye? And why would someone suddenly self combustion? Why should anyone be perennial insomnia? Why people can dream of what will happen? What humans have the ability to the magic number has not been found? These are the "supernatural" phenomenon! Always on the "supernatural" arms curiosity is the talent one of mankind's most remarkable, with your strength to uncover these "supernatural" veil, understand the world more, more conducive to the human grasp their own destiny. The bizarre ghost world, whirling monster mystery, drop from the clouds of the foreign body, never rot legend, fear is the curse, can not read the secret......
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  •   Always love the world of books, the quality is very good, the picture is very beautiful. Only a simple point. If just interested, want to take a look at or very good, if you want to understand, content is still lacking. But the quality is very good.
  •   Much of this book than I had seen this type of book some believers and skeptics point, the contents of the book is very attractive to me.
  •   Just open the book, was attracted directory, look at the text, is full of magical color, worth buying!
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