The study of myth

Date of publication:2009-9   Press: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press Ltd.   Author:Zhang Zhenli   Pages´╝Ü395  

The myth of the excavation and research work, has gone through more than 30 years. A lot of treasures like Central Plains Folk oral myth are discovered, caused the domestic and foreign mythology circles and cultural circles. The research of Central Plains myth score (although still preliminary harvest), along with the historical (especially the history of the development of Folk Culture), increasingly shows its academic value. Thus it gradually by the Chinese and foreign academic circles (especially mythology circles) attention and recognition. It has had a broad impact in the academic circles. Although some problems still need further study, but generally speaking, it has been paid much attention, the academic consensus. The above situation and social feedback based on a more consistent, hoping to get the Central Plains myth study books as teaching, academic research and college textbooks and reference books. But, because of some books published more than 20 years ago, there have been 10 years. Therefore, some schools (such as the College of Henan University) to the copy of the solution to the urgent problem of learning or teaching reference books, this situation has been six or seven years. This is the book in a special way published reason. This book income content has three kinds: one, "Central Plains classical mythology rheological study" written in 1991 by the Shanghai literature and Art Publishing house. It is difficult to find the book. It mainly studies Chinese ancient mythology in the characteristics and laws of folklore. It is the research and published report on the earliest academic monographs Central Plains myth. Two, the Central Plains myth to explore this part is from 1997 to the present 10 years for the academic problems of mythology and practical research are discussed in the thesis. There is an old problem in academic circles there; some controversial new problems; some of the Central Plains myth research summary and review of the sequence of events, etc.. These papers are due to meet the various needs of (Symposium) and write, strong pertinence, experience time longer. Therefore, the change of Central Plains myth can understand the feeling and understanding in the course of the study from the. This is no doubt a good reflection on the research of Central Plains myth, also a new study preparation.

China is one of the typical regions of China classical mythology and spread. A lot of valuable information living was found, not only the classical mythology rheological research, but also has gradually in-depth discussion of possible. Especially as the use of modern oral preservation of folk myth, and to study the rheological characteristics of classical mythology, the myth of China's scientific theory significance and the practical significance, are very important.
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Zhang Zhenli, Professor of new secret, Chinese folklore society, consultants, honorary president of Henan folk literature and art association. Under Mr Zhong Jingwen, in 1955 graduated from the graduate school, taught in the College of Henan University. "Central Plains myth investigation group", carry out decades of research in folk myths, folk custom research and teaching, rigorous scholarship, research on the origin and spread of the Central Plains myth is especially prominent, lifelong writing, has the widespread influence in the domestic and foreign mythology circles, and cultivate a batch of famous scholars. Author of "Zhongyuan classical mythology rheological study", won the first prize Chinese folklore Shanhua prize. Editor of "Central Plains culture, folk custom dictionary", "dictionary dawn of Oriental civilization". In 2007 won the eighth session of Chinese folklore Yamahana Award for lifetime achievement award.
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Preface first series of Zhongyuan classical myths on test sequence order two order three introduction in classical myths, bird's eye view of a Chinese "open creation" and "flood survivors, Rebuilding Human" the myth of the fusion of the two, in classical mythology, religious and non religious tendency - (or secular) local Pangu mythology on the phenomenon of coexistence of three, China's well-known classical mythology, open up a world significance of myth, the myth of Pangu opened two in China and three central plains of preservation, Pan Gu mythology that ontology hierarchical structure and its significance in four, Central Plains of the myth of Pangu primitive philosophy five, Zhongyuan Pangu mythology six, conclusion: the Central Plains of Pangu pedigree chart of the Nu Wa myth of a place, introduction two, Nu Wa creation achievement three, Nu Wa myth spread in China in four, Nu Wa myth in the central eastern place five, Xihua county's "Nu Wa," six, the goddess patching the sky and flood after the brother sister marriage "make do": the Central Plains of Nuwa myths the flood myth of a graph, the flood myth two, China's flood myth Preservation and research status of three, the Central Plains flood myth entity perspective four, Central Plains flood myth culture "accumulation", ending five yellow emperor myths and legends and historical one, two, the Central Plains of the battle of Zhuolu was the capital of four, three, Bear Mountain Fang Xian Tao five, "sacrifice of Heluo" the founding ceremony was six, God Yue king -- Yellow Emperor myths Taoism faces of seven, several theoretical problems of Kua Fu myth probe into the original one, introduction two, Kua Fu myth prototype three, on the eve of the parent class society that myth of the variation in four, about five, "Kuafu death Kuafu Valley inscription" and about the Lingbao Kua Fu family custom, the conclusion of six Chinese family "stealing fire myth" test, the world various nationalities Vulcan mythology based and cultural history value two, Huaxia "stealing fire myth" was found in three, Shangqiu Zhongyuan "business" steal "myth and the myth of Plo Michel J stealing fire...... Second series third series of Xinmi City Central Plains myth "China Fuxi township of the cultural" section
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The first series of Zhongyuan classical myths on Zhongyuan classical mythology a bird's eye view of the Central Plains rheological test is one of the typical regions of China classical mythology and spread. A lot of valuable information living was found, not only the classical mythology rheological research, but also has gradually in-depth discussion of possible. Especially as the use of modern oral preservation of folk myth, and to study the rheological characteristics of classical mythology,Research on the myth of China's scientific and theoretical significance and the practical significance, are very important. One, our "creation" and "open flood adherents, one of the main contents of Rebuilding Human" the myth of the fusion of mythology, is clear, the origin and formation of life, psychological development, and its change rule. Myth is not fixed. It except in special circumstances fixed in the literature, in the oral tradition of state (or called "natural flow"), from content to form, is gradually in the flow, change and development. And this kind of change and development, and is influenced by certain regularity constraints. Therefore, we should raise the level of research in this area, the folk myth was found, which gives us more favorable terms. For example, the "Pan Gu opens the creation" and "flood survivors, Rebuilding Human", the two groups in the mythology in the world with a sense of, on the "doomsday and the destruction of myth," in ancient literature has three Wu Xu full "three five Li Ji", "Five" transport calendar age, beam generation of any anti "Shu Yi Ji" and Tang Lirong's "alone disloyalty". However, in the recent two or three years, along with the folk literature to explore, organize the work of gradually deepening, the Central Plains area of such variants have also come out of the myth. This makes us greatly broaden the horizons, but also raised new questions.......
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"The myth of" everything from set out actually, seek truth from facts. The absorption, the experience of many academic factions beneficial nutrients. Yamahana Award for Lifetime Achievement Award, 30 years of excavation and research of the Central Plains living legend of the fruits, reporting and investigation of typical case, successful demonstration of large items of non-material cultural heritage, to lay the foundation, as the new research direction, providing method.
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