The star child head bone mystery

Date of publication:2012-3   Press: Jiangsu people's Publishing House   Author:Louisa Lloyd Pye   Pages´╝Ü245  

If you have mysterious beautiful crystal skull and deeply, so this strange star Tong skull will again let you indulge them, and it has great significance than the Crystal Skull more ambitious -- it is found that may rewrite the origins of human history!
1930, an American couple who found the skull in the vicinity of a mine in Mexico, its volume is huge, orbital ellipse, quality far more than the human. The star child skull once released, people are scared, people have speculated that this strange skull, what is human?
after years of painstaking research, the author gives a very bold and compelling argument: Xing Tong is human and alien race! In order to confirm the judgment, he started a everlasting no exploration of the mysteries of mankind new journey - bold hypothesis and careful verification, to subvert the previous rigorous scientific. Cobwebs, core categories, each step of scientific and rational exploration is flashing light.
what is more important is that he changes not only our understanding of the origins of human, is the fate of human beings in the future!
Author brief introduction

Lloyd Pye (Lloyd
Pye), former U.S. Army intelligence officer, advocacy for the origin of human life as alien life deliberate interference hypothesis. He in the global scope of speech and record TV, frequently appeared on the learning channel, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet show, found to promote his research and. This book is his by star children skull to explore the relationship of human origin and alien jingshizhizuo, rigorous scientific evidence, thought-provoking. In this book, he also wrote several books, including "everything you know is wrong: the origins of man" (Everything
You Know Is Wrong: Book One Human Origins) a book, continue to sell well all over the world.
for more information about him and the star child skull see:,
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The first chapter of the story behind the scenes

third. Second chapter chapter first impression
fourth chapters with the "children" to meet
fifth chapter Ralph Lynn
sixth chapter in Vegas, Sedona, Denver
seventh chapter of Lincoln, New Orleans
eighth chapter completes the task.
ninth chapter Vancouver
tenth chapter eleventh chapter to recover
change new direction for
twelfth chapter test neural
thirteenth chapter
fourteenth chapter barrier
the end
Appendix A: preliminary analysis report appendix two kinds of human skull unusual: analysis of two sets of skull fragments DNA report appendix three: analysis of the star child skull inorganic chemistry report
Chapter excerpt

The star child skull if there is a perfect source, will be happy, all the convenience of many. But there is no doubt the authenticity of it. The approximate human skull things need scientific explanation sufficiently, and scientists are generally not addressing the problem of orthodox ideas. As long as they have the slightest chance, will take is not reliable as an excuse. Fortunately, it is not always so. As mentioned before, found the skull woman with friends and family, they know more details. Through the transfer of the skull to the thunder and Melanie young couple that family members, can be traced back to find the identity of the person. As long as the people who knew her have every incentive to admit that their identity, say understanding of the situation, the problem is very simple. This is our hope one of several objective book can achieve. We also hope that this book will achieve three other objective. It a: let the whole world know star children of citizens. Let them as observation, research and judgment. Second: to stimulate the mainstream scientists and scientific institutions overcome their natural hesitation: not willing to out of the habit of comfort, in that more realistic subject. We hope that they will have some bold scientists to show interest: through fair experiment, obtains all details from Xing Tong's skull. Only in this way, we can really understand what it is, not what, beyond all reasonable doubt. This requires expensive, so the book third important purpose is to attract the rich interest in providing funds for a large number of experiments. Historic relics need these experiments. Kimi Oates (Otzi) -1991 in September, the Austria Italy border of glacier retreat, found the New Stone Age Hunter - spent millions of dollars, check meticulously, the importance of the case should be so.......
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He lived in 900 years ago, he was 5 years old; his huge skull was found in 1930; since 1999, he became a problem archaeologists: his DNA does not belong to human beings, human and alien hybrids. So, who is he? Where are you from? Why and come? Forget the crystal skull, Xing Tong skull will unlock the mystery of human origins! The most controversial and astounding, most likely to rewrite the archaeological report of human history! Who are we? Where do we come from? When this make all people feel shocked by the star child skull available, we again have to consider these questions. This is a time to explore the mystery of human origins Adventure: a 80 years ago unearthed in Mexico huge skull opened mixed lineage of human and alien for thousands of years. Door to the unknown by the star child skull open for you!
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  •   Through the study of rigorous scientific, star tong head bone to the mystery will finally opened. The human view of the universe will therefore change. Human is no longer an orphan in the universe. This is I read the most exciting books. Hope that everyone reading this book.
  •   Already before the skull know, know the sequence of events and the results in 07 years has been out of the book tell the whole thing, did not expect to be introduced to the Chinese now. Admire the bold hypothesis and careful verification of scientific spirit, which is very likely to be completely changed the history of mankind that.
  •   Previously denied the alien Hu one reason is -- take a proof to me have a look? This book on a "human" skull make the DNA identification of qualitative and quantitative analysis, then draw a conclusion: the skull is absolutely not the earth human!
  •   Shocked, when many people dare not face up to the fact and truth.
  •   When the love of books, bought small friends now, hope you like
  •   We come from! No one can say clearly
  •   This book is a home, children eagerly looked up, very attractive
  •   It is suitable for people who like reading the supernatural
  •   Another masterpiece following the crystal skull after, expanding the field of vision.
  •   A new book, read more fresh.
  •   The specific content is more abundant than domestic, style of writing is better than domestic fine and straightforward
  •   Feel good! Broaden one's horizon
  •   Only a skull, not the body, may also be animal. That is a lack of evidence.

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