The secret history of the Mongols

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The first chapter beauty blossoming across the cloud eternal difficult dead -- only peach blossom lady GUI history about GUI Record has been lost for a long time, today we can only sporadic literature pieces to recover the true and beautiful woman. History records her beauty: "projects such as the eyes, face like peach blossom, moderate height, behavior ecology." This description of the true to life likeness, makes a vastThe wind Qingli describe stand vividly revealed on the paper, and such a beautiful woman, history does not record her name, we only know that she is called gui. Call according to the custom of women two weeks period, the title that Gui surname GUI, and later married into the rest country. GUI is one of only a few spots at the time, the female character radicals, remnants of matriarchal clan shadow, also shows the name of noble. As an old family name, GUI surname is the five emperors Shun descendants, King Wu of Zhou grams, the packet Shun offspring in Chen Di (now Henan - Yang). Have the face of GUI, is his offspring, Chen princess. Chen Guo king has two daughters, the eldest daughter married neighbour Caihou, second daughter married to the Huai river lake small coupon king. The married xihou little daughter, is a beautiful appearance of the gui. However, the income of China Chen married Princess life but in the neighboring state of CAI rewriting, and at the end of the distant chu. The changes of the times, when Zhou Dai entered the spring and Autumn period, hundreds of years ago that originally be too strong to break the feudal system began to shake, some big states continue to expand the strength, on neighboring countries, held a meeting to become the overlord of the feudal era. An eventful year in the falling of ceremony, powerful lords no longer obey Zhou emperor, all the arrogation of notorious their ambition, eight Yi dance in court is, won the Central Plains people have, and Chu is these powerful states. The spring and Autumn period, feudal hegemony is undoubtedly for the war between Chu Chu Jin, as one of the two super overlord, successive annexation of the surrounding country, wherever he went, all flee pell-mell before. Perhaps the king did not think, open the offensive against a country, without the necessary political purpose, no highfalutin troops reason, he go to war to fight a small, even just to get a woman, and the woman was already married xihou interest lady gui. Wang Tu Baye and lonely regret, the country and break up families, Chu King Wen, xihou, Cai Aihou, successfully defeat these Wang Hou overlord's outline, is a poignant love story be unequaled in beauty.

The harem, a woman of the world, a puzzle. In the official history, you can read a word about it, because any kings do not want their private life is people indulge in elaborating on, therefore they forbid people all over the world to talk about the topic. But the more so, more people find. In the thesis the harem are secret, and raise the deduction, between the lines filled with luxury, ambiguous, lust, pathos, killing breath. More than two thousand years, the walls covered with what many conspiracy against love entanglement? Emperor's harem seventy-two princess, it is a gentle woman, once became the imperial woman, began to live as a man, is fighting for survival. The skirt fluttering, court and intensified, the winner won the honor, the loser is ground into powder powdered power. Gong Dou how cruel? Dingtao beauty the Qi madam Liu Bang won favor, so hire after Lu jealous, after the death of Liu Bang jailed in Yong Xiang pounding rice, finally come to a tragic end cut out from the eyes, chop hands and abandoned in the toilet. Is the most heartless imperial family, how they taste the world most cool Tougu loneliness? When to finally become Affection loses with beauty withering away., Confidante faded from where Chen Ajiao retreated Nagato palace, even if the flower stem gold please scholar Sima Xiangru as "Nagato Fu", the end can not call the emperor back a gu. Jiangshan beauty since ancient times and difficult to be, many emperors all the world for the Confidante? Tang Zhongzong and Wei Li ten years of tribulation, deep affection to Jiangshan and willing to. Wei, this in the history of even the names are not left behind women, become loose, greedy, vicious in her husband's connivance, in the Queen's dream almost ruined Datang jiangshan. When the licentious imperial suffered a femme fatale, ending what? The emperor in Zhao Feiyan, Zhao Hede Loring be entranced, befuddled, Bo beauty a smile at kill dear son, finally died in the Zhao Hede bed. A power struggle and dangerous, and desolate deep palace blame dream, it was lost in the dynasty of soot. Priceless treasures into residual gold 碎玉, Hua Ge beautiful room become broken walls, King beauty into the grave, China country became like floating smoke and passing clouds, the past also has long time combustion into pieces of ashes. Only careful people can be contained in the historical events see heavy curtain of figure, only the luckiest person can mentioned occasionally in notes pseudohistory palace, see that a Raider a richly ornamented building passing by.
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The first chapter beauty blossoming across the cloud eternal difficult dead -- only peach blossom lady GUI Xiang from the fireworks to gold Palace -- Interpretation of Zhao Jizhiluan at the beginning of the Chinese situation of women -- after Lu, Qi madam, Boji bloody rivalry niece married uncle -- Virgin Queen Zhang Yan's dismal life concubines rivalry weak wins -- Li Ji and daughter-in-law of King competition from confinement to limbo -- to Nagato female Chen Ajiao geisha queen legend -- Wei Zifu bully Wu Di smitten princess -- Mrs. Li scheming Zi Gui mother died -- hook Mrs. various helpless empress Huo's death -- the clouds Han Palace only if the first sign of life -- sorrow sorrow sigh Jie ban good promiscuous the Zhao sisters flower Han Dynasty -- drowning gentle Xiang let emperor "off the cuff" man -- man Dong Xian pleasing many charming -- emperors Wang Xuan concubines standard chapter second tears wet Luo 巾梦 not swap the identity of the wife and concubine -- Yin Lihua and Guo Shengtong in the temple with the world -- Deng Sui's strategy and power will tilt Han industry -- eventually fell Liang Na was sent to cover the infamy bran mouth -- eternal Elegy "Goddess "Zhen Luo vibrated in eight kings rebellion first ugly queen Jia Nanfeng -- sinister in deep palace absurd and naive -- Xiao Baojuan and Pan Yuer's absurd life Xu Niang is old still passionate -- after the death of Xu Zhaopei was rested as Yushu streamer backyard -- Zhang Lihua carmine with aphrodisiac Charm -- Feng Run King's concubine stir up a fire and burn oneself from angels to the devil -- Hu Xianzhen's controversial once for the emperor to humiliate the world -- mad emperor North Qi Wenxuan Di Ou foreign dear sink into professions not socially respectable phoenix -- Qi empress dowager Hu willing prostitution beautiful concubine send Jiangshan - Monkey acme Feng Xiaolian also Dugu defeated alone -- Queen Dugu's iron palace lonely red flowers -- hidden in deep palace ladies the third chapter song all the peach blossom fan bottom blowing our house -- eternal first iron rule by the emperor queen Wu Zetian spoiled woman -- Wei political chaos forced the hanging of the fashion beauty -- Yang Tang Xuanzong and the legendary love in full bloom in the dreams of the sisters -- Lady Zhou Hou and the size of LiMao change prince -- Liu E's seal road vicissitudes -- Meng empress of the three vertical three get good out of misfortune Foreign waste mystery Daming Temple -- the wanguifei lifetime after lifetime just love Zheng concubine Constitution -- the mysterious beauty Wanli harem chaos Gu Zhi three three wife and husband -- Huang Taiji palace of emperor Shunzhi and -- Dong Hubei princess love buried in Princess Qian Long in the garden coffin chamber -- Dangerous Beauty real black La that pulls a surname broken hair mystery -- The Empress Dowager Ci Xi subversion and emperor's harem seventy-two princess -- the emperor how many wives @##@ bit Low born geisha to climb back? The Millennium saw the empress deep end and how? Raising children queen why to die is still a virgin? Ban Lao Xu Niang invited King lifelong favor? This is a conspiracy, politics, love woven into a secret history, hundreds of millions of people involuntarily into the plot field. Not love wall, seems to be a mistake. The lofty palace, some bows the heart, in the intrigue and conspiracy against out of life youth and beauty; some people lost the direction, because the emperor's love is life unbearable weight, she still is an eternal sad people. A beautiful face, an exquisite beauty, one after another incessantly tangled up, just floating dream of pale embellishment.
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In this science and technology is developed, be able to calm down and read history less. This book shows the whirling five thousand years of Chinese history for us, those years concealed the true from the book to see the true face of. Color printing, publishing and delicate, rich in content. It is a rare book! The vast snow book -- quality can be assured, very delicate, very beautiful full-color pictures, let me very surprise, the price is very reasonable, a word is a good book! Love would rush to buy it, online than going to the bookstore to buy convenient, fast much. -- the scissors hand love stars always liked fotosay series, bought a lot of books, I hope the world series of books do it better and better. -- Linda
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A power struggle and dangerous, and desolate deep palace blame dream, it was lost in the dynasty of soot. Priceless treasures into residual gold 碎玉, Hua Ge beautiful room become broken walls, King beauty into the grave, China country became like floating smoke and passing clouds, the past has already been fired into pieces of ashes of time. Only careful people can be contained in the historical events see heavy curtain of figure, only the luckiest person can mentioned occasionally in notes pseudohistory palace, see that a Raider a richly ornamented building passing by. A woman to be resourceful. world, but floating careerist phantom. The candle light does not light the dark people, the door curtain can not cover the peerless face. In Jiao Mei be, kill the arrow shot.
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