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Date of publication:2008-6   Press: JINGWAH   Author:"Science" magazine editing   Pages:245   Words:260000  

Culture is long, culture is diverse, different period, different countries, different nations have different cultures. This volume in the world and countless culture phenomenon, select some people pay less attention, disclosure is not many wonders, strange, strange stories and phenomena, relates to the humanities, history, geography, customs, love, diet and other aspects, of intense interest to read.
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A, customs: into the interesting folk life searching for the mysterious "daughter of the country," long "Wind Horse flag waving" Guizhou wine "flying" the imagination of tribal mysterious go two places of historic interest and scenic beauty, wedding: find the most magnificent human geographical landscape Chinese most is worth the visit town Global first "tea king" walking on the pull Labrang "Kroraina" in the discovery and conjecture "ghost town" one-day decline of the Dragon King tip castle in Longyou Grottoes riddles of the temple of Mona Yadla, Gozo temple and "blue window" Kathmandu Temple of the Yellow Soil Plateau "Yungang" quest Lingyun Giant Buddha original environmental galloping place "Oriental Pyramid" discovered "the bird" in Tibet the first temple -- the legend of the ancient city of Petra Shangri-La Samye rose, the temptation of Heaven Temple of Karnak: meet the sun to the mysterious "Sichuan Ba Castle" preexistence Angkor Wat Haiyuan a Xi'an City annihilation thousands of Song Xan Gan Bbu road in Waterloo in three yuan imperial tombs, the natural landscape: visit the beautiful landscape of the Yunnan desert be riotous with colour Qilin exploring the West Double Banna tropical rain forest river Guifeng dilute the world most world wide Iguazu Falls and Limushan wonders of the world: "double peak" the world's largest "bread" -- bread mountain sea landscape Pingtan odd Tower Hill discovery day made rock arch Park lost Joel Guy S, the world wonders of the best in all the land of Meteorological wonders: million to explore the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes: Qi Cun village without mosquitoes...... Five, to travel around the world: enjoy the unusual exotic six, the expedition: witness the exciting adventure
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"The scenery elsewhere: 84 tourist sites" worth quest quest by JINGWAH publishing house.
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