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In twentieth Century 80 in the early 1980s, a book called "Oriental mysticism" small format books in the China secret pop, caused a lot of readers and researchers. At that time, no one will think, after a dozen years, the mysterious culture to topple the mountains and overturn the seas in the potential impact on people's ordinary life. Suddenly, like Yi, Feng Shui, astrology and other traditional culture, choose an auspicious day, ward off evil folk custom culture form the rapid popularity. More importantly, the world outside the China mysterious culture also quietly entered the people's view. Astrology, tarot, blood type, hypnosis, exotic or been talked about, or become the object of study, they are a mystery, the vicissitudes of old face in the eyes. More and more people understand, their knowledge can not be used to explain everything, know things very rare. Why would someone with a vague memory alive, why some people can "drive" the dead, why some people can use the stars to interpret life, why some ritual "out" the dead...... Many problems are not scientific answer, so, some people struggle to become those who are superstitious, and in which a deeper. Because of this, many people sniff at the mysterious culture, think it befog the minds of the people, think of it as superstitious. However, the mysterious culture is truly a world culture system, perhaps offbeat, but there is no lack of charm. Learn more about the unknown, the possibility of people open the door is unknown. To some extent, the mysterious culture to promote the development of science, but also encourage more people to broaden one's horizon and enrich the knowledge. Of course, so far, the mysterious culture still could not get rid of a dilemma: believers will be regarded as treasures, questioned as dirt. But in any case, the mysterious culture has opened another window for the human, is different from the traditional culture and formal history window. People see more, more gorgeous colors from the window, saw a more interesting, more seductive world. How to become the masters of this world, you need to constantly explore the human spirit and never give up the belief. With the development of history and the accumulation, the mysterious culture also gradually thick up. They are like old wine, exudes a meaningful mellow, like stunner, exciting every twinkle and smile. However, when people stop trying to peep, when it found no longer, and mellow, with misty, leaving only a little bit of traces, quietly waiting for the careful bold and courageous people, to uncover its mysterious veil, let the world see the true mien.

The ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of human knowledge and ignorance likened the circle, he believes that the circle is known, outside the circle is ignorance. The more you know, the greater the same circle, circle of ignorance is correspondingly larger. In the process of evolution of human civilization, ignorance has always far greater than the known range. So, people will have a superficial knowledge of or completely puzzled civilization as "mystery".
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The first chapter of life beyond the power of divination in "Zhouyi" -- all time was born in the wind, in the water transport -- Interpretation of the subconscious of Feng Shui secret information -- the password decipher the sky dream -- astrology shipped "number" myth -- numerology reflected heart kept secret -- Tarot the cycle of life -- the life destiny blood decide everything -- blood culture in the struggle between blood and death -- a vampire is the moon a werewolf curse soul life originates from day, table waiting in the body -- physiognomy was born with five wood, five lines one five lines life destiny wheel on the birds and animals -- the story of divination twelve zodiac; try to perspective window of culture -- the two party the second chapter "psychic" divination through Yin and yang yin and Yang master Abe No Seimei -- deadly supernatural witchcraft and sorcery curse of a legend -- power -- secret magic curse prophecy -- Chinese prophecy and "centuries" the most ancient exorcism -- Chinese Nuo culture witchcraft, hallucinations and sleep -- hypnosis reincarnation soul not destroy the myth -- evocation rituals "Chinese long life Not the old "Dan medicine -- China alchemy culture no evil, peace auspicious Taboo -- folk talisman China of ominous talk of the third chapter of the exotic customs" walking dead "-- Xiangxi vampire mystery alive -- rain praying ceremony ghost nocturnal mysterious Temptation -- Japanese monster culture golden -- alchemy culture from ancient symbol -- Chinese totem culture by the door, safe Kangtai -- China door god culture special funeral -- the world famous funeral custom real a dead-alive person -- Haiti" zombie "worship and recognition of death -- the world of death worship Festival joy -- a special holiday celebration of marriage many interesting -- strange customs ancient civilization rites Custom -- the worship of the sun and the blood sacrifice
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter of life beyond the power of divination in "Zhouyi" -- all time from time immemorial, people will "Zhouyi" described as "mysterious books no one really know", with its highly abstract "Gua" to tell people the universe habitat, but no matter what people stand in the perspective of it, or a way in which people interpret it, can not see through the essence of it. It is like a thousand years constant Gujing, even open to people, people still can't see it. "Book of changes" from the "two part" and "book of changes" Yi, commonly known as the "classics" and "biography", by the Ministry of the hexagrams, transmission part is some discussion of "Zhouyi" of confucianism. But for thousands of years, on the "book of changes", the sixty-four hexagrams than the witch divination familiar. These hexagrams each have a special divination, each of which contains a profound meaning, if they are in order, also can see a universe of enormous ideological system. At the same time, each hexagram has Liu Yao, Yao is also divided into two kinds of yin and Yang, Yang Yao, Yin Yao for "Nine" for "six", each of the three lines as a group, a "three Gua painting". While the three Gua painting is the most primitive gossip -- dry, Kun, shock, Xun, Kan, leave, gen, against the "Zhou Yi" -- the sixty-four hexagrams is these diagrams two two combinatorial results. EachA hexagram, located above the three Gua painting called "Gua" (outer Gua), the following is "Gua" (lower). Watching the Gua, Gua in the bottom line known as the "first", the other followed by the bottom "two", "three", "four", "Five", "on", each line also has its own meaning. The "dry" Gua as an example. Dry is the symbol of heaven, "book of changes" is the first hexagram in sixty-four hexagrams, an infantile Gua, it implies that the masculine force is the dominant force in promoting all operation. It's Yao Ci and Dragon: the beginning of Yao's Yao CI: "dragon" instead of "meaning" dragon diving, should be low profile". Nine two: "see the dragon in the field, see adult" refers to the "dragon in the land, to meet the lord". Nine three: "the gentleman dry all day, if Xi Ti, Li, no blame", is in the description of "the gentleman should work hard during the day, at night are not to be let down, even in the face of danger, also can change danger into safety". Nine four: "fire in the hole, no blame" hint "dragon is in when both Jintuiziru, leaping, or sink to the abyss, never a disaster". Nine five: "dragon flight, see adult" symbol "dragon finally Yue Man high-altitude, will accomplish much". Nine: "highlight dragon's shame" intention "Longsheng upper limit, evil". From the initial line to nine, only the "dry" this hexagram interpretation of how people from the unknown to the public "dragon" to achieve success and win recognition of the "dragon", and then to 高处不胜寒 "proud dragon". In this process, not only contains the wisdom -- "Qianlong not keeping a low profile", also contains the inspirational Xingjian self-cultivation method -- "dry all day, if the Xi ti", also expressed extreme caution -- "highlight dragon's shame". This hexagram and applies not only to the study of personal destiny, can also be used on state affairs. In fact, "book of changes" in each hexagram is true, its highly symbolic images is the concentration of universal wisdom, the author of "rigid flexible and economic change, in which" implies that the people, everything works not straight single to, whether it is the fate of people or things, have unlimited potential. Images will prompt people to every possible situation, will also help people to make the right decision, but the final result will depend on the person of their choice. Therefore, in the face of the sixty-four hexagrams, the querent should carefully examine their own heart, to find out the real confusion problems of its own, so, to see the hidden answers from the divination in.
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For thousands of years, we have never stopped the pursuit of civilization. This book is about the discovery of human civilization was created to us a way to explain profound theories in simple language, regardless of their own to read, or for children to read, the books, I feel very good...... -- the sun dancer book printing paper, good quality, good products, will continue to buy the world. Haita Ro's wife -- the discovery series production is perfect, classification is very strong. Turn to in the bookshops, interested. The dim clouds --
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With the development of history and the accumulation, the mysterious culture also gradually thick up. They are like old wine, exudes a meaningful mellow, like stunner, exciting every twinkle and smile. However, when people stop trying to peep, when it found no longer, and mellow, with misty, leaving only a little bit of traces, quietly waiting for the careful bold and courageous people, to uncover its mysterious veil, let the world see the true mien.
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