The magic of the Maya

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Everyone will have their own fear, and cherishing life is common to all, extreme horror film "2012" has shown is one thing that everyone is not willing to see, but if the Mayan prophecy really become a reality, there is no doubt that everything will be happening, in 2012, that will be the end of the human race.
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Medea, born in 1965, graduated from
the History Department of Tsinghua University, has been engaged in the research work of ancient world history. Research mainly focus on "the history of the ancient West Asia and North Africa", "ancient Greek history of Rome", "European medieval history". In 2007, was the Japanese ancient world will learn the invitation, to participate in organized by Japan's "Japan and South Korea in the ancient history of the world conference". The Mayan civilization, has its own unique perspective. His major works include "Greek women", "the mystery of India", "the mysterious universe" etc..
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The first chapter: the prophecy of the end of second chapters: Chapter third: the Mayan origin for Maya fourth chapters: Chapter fifth: the Maya religion, myth and the fate of the sixth chapter: philosophy, literature, mathematics, astronomy and seventh chapters: "heaven" chapter eighth: architecture, literature, art, the ninth chapter: political, military and economic tenth chapter: weddings and funerals of social life the eleventh chapter: "agricultural society in the stand or fall of twelfth chapters: be a survivor of a disaster of the Maya civilization
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1 "Bible" in the Bible prophecy 2012 Last Prophecy, is called the "Apocalypse". In all the prophecies. The Apocalypse may be for the last human during this period was the most accurate, the most detailed. In fact, the whole Christian are almost constantly fulfilling prophecy by the prophets and to bear witness to the development of a miracle. We all know that the "end of the world" and "the last judgment", actually also is to come from the bible. "Revelations" depicts a huge, costly, and surge high and sweep forward, very bloody conflict between good and evil and human catastrophe. Is a field from a known as "lamb" (that is, the small lamb lamb) man and his followers and was known as the "beast" (that is, the beast beast) fierce battle between the forces of the. "Revelation" in the clear "they make war with the lamb, the lamb will overcome them, because the lamb is the Lord of Lords, the king of kings", "his name is the word of god". Of course, since many people have been "beast" confused, help a tyrant to victimize his subjects, crime, so mankind will experience a huge disaster. "Revelation" that includes unprecedented fire, earthquake, hail, smoke and sulfur (may be a volcano -- editor's note), high temperature and locust plague, war, abnormal water metamorphism, kill people, creatures in the sea died in large etc.. The disaster is disciplinary people not to do evil, to people to repent their evil, but "Revelation" also foresee: many people still do not repent, but because the disaster and pain you are and more resentment and blasphemy. Of course, the lamb and the saints defeated the evil monsters. After all the sinners will experience the "last judgment" and destroy.......
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All love mysticism, like the Maya culture. Like man's temperament, can get what you want from this book. Because this book is not a false story, also not crawl intimidation, also not a peaceful life and heavy thoughts, but a forgotten civilization, an adrenaline stimulated pleasure, we are lack of the hormone, really. -- Japan masters of science fiction, "Japan sinks" author Komatsu Satokyo any... Civilization, in the museum show we see, is often the appliance, product categories. But after reading this book, you will be surprised to find that, spicy, Maya civilization and language, emotion and philosophy together, it is a kind of value. The social system, and survival mode. -- strongly recommended with Maya abnormal splendid ancient civilization, who will be overcome by one's feelings to ask: How did it all come from? The market on the Mayan book an immense number of books, but, this book is not about climbing aimlessly the accumulation of information, nor boring, but in the background of new E Study on the system of Maya culture of the book, in the book, is a gift; in reading is a feast; for I am with you, conform to no conventional pattern is a cultural feast. Senior professional @##@ Culture -- light "Magic of the Mayan: decryption password" 2012 doomsday prophecy: in December 21, 2012, the Xuan fire from heaven, the sea surge, devour the land be split, heaven and earth, nature became the executioner, the world will be at the end of the earth, like a giant Dartboard, countless dart will we throw to, the problem is...... It will really happen? Time about 2012 the most complete, the most bizarre, the most thorough prophecy secret. Analysis of Maya culture is the most mysterious, the most difficult, the most unique. The earth changes, climatic anomaly! Earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought, storm, Tiankeng, volcano, sand storm swept the world without...... What's wrong with the earth! The Maya leading position in mathematics and astrology is well known in the world, their first calendar non about God, but about human reincarnation cycle.
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  •   Understanding the Maya civilization, understand the 2012 legends.
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