The Jesus Family Tomb of mystery

Date of publication:2010-1-1   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Charles Pellegrino, Perry Gerry Nor (USA)   Pages:250   Words:150000  

If Jesus does not exist will be how? Now, many experts exactly decided that he would not exist. The theory that Jesus is a complex of the heathen gods and with ad first Century Jewish Messiah resurrection legends, and called Jesus and Jose in the history never really existed. Some non Christian to ad first Century ahead of time, the ancient Egyptian god of the nether world of Ausili J (Osiris), the nature of God (Artiles Attis), and (Dionysus) of Dionysus the God about died of Easter (vernal equinox) when, also in three days after the resurrection, and the three where God's. long before Jesus centuries. Many scholars believe that Christmas itself is derived from non Christians celebrate the winter solstice. Some of the most basic plot of the Jesus story, such as the virgin birth, death and resurrection to he was there during the early centuries. He never existed, but only one myth story, to meet the specific needs of certain people. A Jesus Christ lived body can be proved not to have, cannot argue historians has recently launched the movement without reason. But now, this book written by Simcha Jacobusvich and Charles Pellegrino's amazing books, not only gives a proof, but a lot of evidence. I believe, the two authors after investigation, conclusively proves that: in 1980 in Jerusalem in A.D. first Century than found in the tomb of Jesus, Jesus and his family grave. Even more shocking is the relationship about the death of Jesus Jesus's tomb and other family members with him in the same tomb was discovered in the tomb, have recorded. This book is the most exciting of archaeological survey found three years. Charles SIM check and strictly in accordance with the system analysis of physical evidence, and control the orthodox version and provide the forged "Gospel" in the clue, first for the Jesus family to do a complete portrait. Reading the book is like reading a fascinating detective novels, readers will remember this is true, is true. Once upon a time, an interview with reporters I I talk about my movie, asked me: "if you have the opportunity to meet a the ancients, would you like to see?" If a time machine to go back to the past, to see a person living in a long time ago, will be what kind of? Newton, Ben Franklin, Julius Caesar -- to see what they like, that feeling is really great. Maybe I should choose three thousand years in Egypt's history only a once as a ruler Faro Ha Texe Pujalte girl, because I have always liked to see the woman's story. However, at that time, without any thought, I unthinkingly answered "Jesus". Although I don't believe in any religion, I always assume that a real true to life Jesus exist in history, and is at least a charismatic, with individual power pope.

One theory is that Jesus is "pagan mythology gods birth" and "Resurrection", with the first century Jewish Messiah (Christ) product legend binding, authenticity in history, not in Greek mythology, Zeus more. One billion five hundred million Christians -- accounted for more than 1/5 of the world population -- think they know what is Jesus, but what exactly? There is no possible history doesn't exist. Jesus this person? The shock the common customs book, not only provides some evidence of Jesus, or even completely changed the understanding of the world in the eyes of Jesus. It records for a period of three years of investigation, can be said to be the latest. Archaeological finds out who unearthed in Jerusalem: Talpiot area of the first century Jewish tombs, burial is Jesus and his family -- his father, mother, wife, and son...... From the tomb remains a glimpse of Jesus's life, death, and his relationship with his family, no doubt exciting. Once the Emmy award winning documentary director and producer Jacob Veitch and paleontologist Pellegrino system of forensic science methods to the field of Archaeology and rigorous analysis of physical evidence, and as a canon or Apocrypha "Gospel" on the construction of the Jesus family, the first complete picture. In your heart, whether Jesus is the son of God, or just an ordinary people, he is used to living in one of the most important figures in the world. This man lives to our world incomparable impact, continues to this day, this is the fact that does not dispute. He actually is what person? This book will show you a different from the past, the new face of Jesus.
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Charles Pellegrino, the international best-selling author, including sales of millions of copies of the "Titanic", the main source of reference this book is also the director Cameron blockbuster "Titanic". Pellegrino's books were adapted income "era" and "National Geographic" life.
he has a PhD in paleontology, but also to forensic science methods to archaeological
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The most famous 1 years dome history deaths than was born in Sall Jesus was crucified on the cross. Two thousand years ago, in Jerusalem, Jesus by Rome soldiers of the lash of the whip and was sentenced to death. According to "the gospel account", people put Jesus's body down from the cross, wrapped in a linen cloth, and then buried by a disciple of Jesus's tomb, the disciple is Joseph of arimathea. Third days, Jesus trusted disciples of Mary Madeleine (Mary Magdalene), found the empty tomb, coffinMaterial is empty. At this moment, marking the resurrection faith of christianity. After this event, out of tens of thousands of words and ideas, many people have doubt, why Jesus's body to be placed in a tomb cut out of the rock, rather than direct descent? According to the ancient Jewish custom, the bodies of the dead must die in the sun before burial, now these rules still apply. From the rock cut tomb, in line with the "buried" requirements. In most places in Jerusalem, bedrock ground but a few inches, therefore, the dead will be placed in naturally occurring in tunnel, the tunnel has been extended to the mountainside. In most years in Jerusalem in first Century, most of the tombs are carved out of artificial chiseled, the solid rock split, and the tomb is located just outside the city wall. Usually, a tomb consists of two chambers. The body was on perfume, smeared with spices and ointments, then wrapped in a linen cloth, to rely on the outside of the tomb. In Jerusalem the surrounding hills, archaeologists have discovered hundreds of first Century dug graves, are consistent with the description of the fourth Gospels of Jesus's tomb. According to the archaeological discovery and the Gospels, the rock into the tomb entrance, the tomb to be sealed. The body wrapped in a white shroud, solemnly lying on the stones of the grave, in general, the body throughout the year will rot. The body part disappeared, people just wrapped around the head of the shroud, removed from the temporary burial of the outer room, on limestone into the box, this box is called bone coffin. Sometimes people will be the end of the names on the bone coffin, the coffin bone permanent ground to a small alcove deep into the grave. In the same family, the buried bone coffin ceremony were repeated in the three or three generation over time, these bone coffin sealed, one after another into the grave in the alcove. No one knows why the use of bone. Some archaeologists and theologians suspected because Jews believe the resurrection of the body, so will the collection and preservation of bones, until the day of judgment. No matter what the reason, "Gospel" that followers of Jesus are very concerned about Jesus buried a thing, they wrapped by the shroud body, and put it in a tomb. Jesus because of the time of death is Friday afternoon, they must be before the sun set, before the holy Sabbath arrived, put his body to the grave as soon as possible. Arimathea Joseph has a newly dug grave nearby, so in Jesus's body can be moved to a permanent position before, this tomb was used to place the body of Jesus. "Gospel" says, on Sunday, it is not too late to Jesus's body will be transferred, the grave is empty, Jesus defeated death. After this, he in some other place, in different forms and appear in front of his followers. But the "Gospel" also suggests that there is another of Jesus's tomb empty interpretation. Matthew said that Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem Post, also been another story. Although Matthew says the story is not real, but according to the rumours, the disciples of Jesus the night before, and moved their master's body. Such as Matthew says, this version of the story for a long time. If the disciples stole the body, they can only do one thing, it is possible to bury the bodies. If Jesus's body was buried, his family may wait until his body disappeared, and then put the bones on the bone in the coffin, buried deep in the family forever sealed tomb.......
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This book is like an exciting detective novels, always lets the human not to deep in the plot, but in fact, what it is telling the truth. -- James Camelonjacobusvich's success, he brings the vitality of the story, this is a good historian can do. New York Times -- "" Pellegrino was a great plan and noble ambition and the pursuit of the perfect person. Washington Post "--"
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