The Indians.

Date of publication:2000-05   Press: Chinese film press   Author:(British), Fred, Hitchcock   Pages´╝Ü408  

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"master of suspense" Hitchcock was the first to explore the spiritual world of mankind film artist, he will be popular and philosophy together, called "cinema Eph lloyd". Hitchcock's works are not only influenced a generation of filmmakers, at the same time, also makes him become make known to every family figures in twentieth Century.
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what is suspense? Hitchcock used to have a famous suspense definition: if you want to express a group of people around a table playing cards, and then suddenly an explosion
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Al Fred Hitchcock is universally acknowledged the "master of suspense". He was born in London, 1925 the independent film. In 1939 he was invited to go to Hollywood, the next shot "butterfly dream", won the Oscar for best film award, settled USA until his death. In recognition of outstanding contributions, he made to the movie art in 1979, American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him the lifetime achievement award. In 1980, the British Queen Elizabeth II knighted him.
Hitchcock is a high level of concern for human spiritual world artist, his director producer 59 movies, 300 TV series, the vast majority of people nervous, anxiety, fear, and as the narrative theme, suspense, plot thrilling winding, fascinating, person be overwhelmed with admiration for.
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