The history of the prophet

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The ark of the covenant the magic boundless mysterious God machinery now where? Various races in the world is the ancient aliens came to earth? On the island of Malta "rut" and why? Geometric net Greek temple is the astronauts masterpiece? Dniken, the history of the decryption, the unique perspective and bold guess you and common pursuit of world mystery......
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Erich von Dniken, born in 1935 in Switzerland, the most authoritative writers in the world of mystery, 1968 for a movie about aliens and the early relationship between human civilization works "memory of the future" and spring into fame, become one of the world's super best-selling book writer. His series of works explore the mystery of human civilization has been translated into 35 languages, and by the American Broadcasting Company, Nbc National Broadcasting Company shot into a plurality of monographic film. In 1993, a German satellite television 1 according to his "cosmic trail" shoot the 25 episode TV series; in 1996, USA ABC/Kane film company produced an hour long called "chariots of the gods: the mystery continues" feature film screenings, and synchronization in the world. 1996-1997, ABC/Kane television again and iken together, produced a feature film, "found in" channel. In September 26, 1996, Germany's largest television network RTL broadcast the film, then Europe alone 4900000 people watched this movie. The absolute authority of the world of mystery, his works "mystery" sit tight in the long-term, "natural science", "soul", "the universe" and other classification list, ranked the "occult" and "UFO" books list. So far, Dniken speaking tour of more than 3000 games in 25 countries worldwide, of which more than 500 is held in each university in the world. Dniken himself had created the archaeology research, space and search for extraterrestrial civilizations will. The organization has a great influence in the world, members up to 10000 people, both the various sectors of the general public, there are experts.
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A cabinet, looking for
three, human nature to the mystery of the garden of Eden -- Malta island
five history repeats itself, God left logo or God built identification?
six, "the list"
seven, the history of the prophet
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Can understand why Jehoiakim the king (608- 598 BC) doesn't like listen to Jeremiah. During Jehoiakim king of Jeremiah in the period, posted a poster at the temple forecourt, gave a provocative speech, his view of boring, then people put his mouth shut. The world has too many forecasters left legend -- in 605 BC, smart Jeremiah wanted students to Baruch put his speech recorded and spread out. A year after the Lenten festival day, Baruch put the people gathered in the temple, published the speech of Jeremiah. The authorities are angry, said Baruch inciting people, his heart. They tore Baruch propaganda and brought him to the king, the king angry after the leaflets into the burning in the fireplace. Later, Jeremiah and Baruch had to leave there. The prophet is not only about religious matters, he has become a real politician and agitators. His speech topic is about every political events, and his mastery of the art of speech, know how to let the people to resist. In politics, Jehoiakim king is regarded as the Egyptian servant, and Jeremiah sided with Babylon and Egypt for the enemy. Jehoiakim allows people not Christian, the momentum growing in israel. Jeremiah fought against. He easily incited people, Israel paid a great price. Later, King Jehoiakim and Egypt covenant and cease to pay war reparations.......
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Erich von Dniken in today's world super best-selling author, so far has published 32 best-selling archaeological suspense works, accumulated in the global sales of 63000000 copies, has been translated into 35 languages, works in Germany, Britain, American perennial, Italy and other 40 countries of the bestseller list. He is the creation of the world of Mystery's absolute authority, and constantly improve the "Ancient Astronaut theory", in Europe and the United States, his works often occupy "mystery" "natural science" "soul", "the universe" and "mysticism" and "UFO" classification of books selling books list.
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  •   Compared with the film and television and the network works fabrications, is the right channel for middle school students to gain knowledge
  •   This book allows us to understand the history and had this story.
  •   The content of this book is more complicated, but amiable and easy of approach, the reader can shallow, just a little problem, such as Salomon also translated salol Mo, watching strange.
  •   Well, like, just five on the full set of all.
  •   Generally, the book is of good quality.

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