The grand and mysterious culture classics

Date of publication:2004-1-1   Press: Guangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Yang Chang Wang Yude   Pages:274   Words:310000  

The mysterious culture classics are mostly preserved in the "Si Ku Quan Shu", "integration" series, "integration of ancient and modern books", we emphasize on the philosophy and technique about the mysterious number of books, because the book is the core and main body of mysterious culture. Each of the books, we try to explain the author, title, content, edition, in order to readers have a preliminary understanding. Through this book, interested research mysterious culture colleagues can faster access to relevant data, theory, method, better study the mysterious culture terms, examples, rheology, the essence of traditional culture to see the place, provide useful insights into reality.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of Tao Dian class "me" and the "Tao" -- "Chuang-tzu" -- the origin of metaphysics and Taoism thought origin of "Taiping Jing" -- the Taiping Road programme "yun ji seven sign" -- "Lie Zi" -- the essence of the Song Dynasty Taoist Taoist scriptures "bid" -- Guan Yinzi philosophy and the mystery of the coexistence of forgery "text" -- General of me tomorrow "-- Interpretation of" true Taoist School of Maoshan. "The Xuan true son" -- with no reality whatever view of the universe "Kang Cang Zi" -- on "Tao" as a "book" -- "Tao" and "" reveal "Lingbao true spirit position diagram" -- Taoism celebrity zuoci table second chapter Buddhist sutra class "Agama" -- the early Buddhist basic classical "Prajnaparamita" -- too by Buddhism thought based on the classic "Heart Sutra" -- highly summarized in Mahayana Buddhist thought of "Lotus Sutra" -- a case of Tiantai Sect based on the classic "by Kegon" -- Mahayana Huayan doctrine theory source of pure land "-- the" three read the name of Amitabha pure land and guide the reincarnation of classic "fahua mystery" -- one of the theoretical foundations of Tiantai Sect "Lotus Sutra "" -- the Tiantai speak Shu "Maha Zhiguan" -- Tiantai unity of the three truths that deduction for "chapter on the five teachings" -- the founder of Buddhism, "ontology" -- Huayan thought strong end "into" transcendental -- Mahayana Yogacara theory interpretation of "liuzu Tanjing" -- Chinese writing sutras third chapter Yi Xuelei "book of changes" -- the theory of yin and Yang stronghold "Zi Xia Yi Zhuan" -- false or true the first Yi Jing Fang Yi "--" Jing Yi masterpiece "Yi Lin" -- from the easy to the Zhan Hou art turning "Taiji" -- Explanation of science. Tai Chi said "by the Emperor by the world" -- like mathematics and congenital learn to create "Yichuan Yi" -- the argumentation school framework "original meaning" -- the argumentation school play "easy" -- the original image in "the book of changes" -- a mathematics to intricate Yao on interpretation of "Zhouyi" from within -- Wang to learn the "Wei" -- Summary of misunderstanding to learn the hodgepodge "ancient micro book" -- the synthesizer "Tao" is easy to approach their -- called also easy for the purpose of fourth chapter is too fake "Xuan Xuan class class" -- Yang Xiong's new thinking mode of "yuan package." -- on "taixuan" imitation "retreat" attack "virtual" -- as potential Taishi public original divination system "wing" -- interpretation works enrich "Xuan Xuan"......
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Mysterious culture is a magic and fantastic magazine, governance scholars see wisdom flash; executive summary from the royal government of trickery; business people get rolling the money from them; pray for body restraint from the ropes in the.
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