The genesis of a day early to start

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Jin Cheng   Author:Erich von Dniken  

Objective for thousands of years, humans in ancient times all over the continents of the world all the mystery has been plagued by the modern people, although today science and technology has been developed, the human imagination is rich enough, but the use of modern high-tech armed with the vision of globalization, modern people still cannot untie, thousands of years ago ancestors left to history and cultural mystery. In fact, the more we use high-tech means, the more the global each civilization remains linked to examine, the more the non humans can, one cannot explain the similarity between different civilizations separated by thousands of miles. Is the boundless universe, only the earth gives birth to wisdom of life? The level of development is far higher than that of intelligent extraterrestrial life of my enemies ever visited the earth? They are taught the human what, and became the first human “ ”? These problems all the time in the human brain in memory, human beings have never stop untie these seemingly forever is unable to solve the mystery of footsteps. In remembrance of his past human passion contains the deeply worried about the future. Erich von · · Dniken, Europe's most prestigious research of ancient civilization, the outer space intelligent life to explore the world authority, NBC, ABC, BBC documentary and documentary ace producer. He for the aliens have visited Earth in ancient times believe firmly theory. Nearly half a century, Dniken in order to confirm the theory the annual travel 100000 miles, running in the most remote corners of the world, continue to collect materials, survey research, comparative study. There is no aliens in this problem, Dniken did not start the answer. IKEN university is the study of ancient literature and mythology notes, since the contact of modern science, things changed. Dniken began to read the ancient documents and legends from the view of modern science, with the research further, more and more unbelievable scientific culture archaeological discoveries in his research field, by speculation and hypothesis stage into the empirical and inductive stage. The biggest problem is not the aliens and alien civilization has no problem, but the aliens and alien civilization is how to influence the initial development of human civilization and the future. We are convinced that, readers for Mr. Dniken to collect these have never even heard of it, see what one has never seen before archaeological photos, will exclaim: did we ape descendant, or an alien offspring? If it is an alien offspring, so the earth is just our future transfer station, where are we going? Without a doubt, Erich von Daniken · · is the world's most successful non fiction writers, have published 32 works, the book is called the earth civilization mystery exploration must read. The 32 book is accumulated in global sales of 63000000 copies, was translated into 35 languages. A great many of these books was published to be filmed for the movie, TV and film. In 1968 his first works of Devin "memory of the future" (English version translated into "chariots of the gods") has been published, his work became firmly occupy more than 40 countries, including Germany, American bestseller list, he was recognized as the world's mostOne of the best-selling author. For example: in 1969, USA TV special ((looking for Ancient Astronaut "is based on Dniken's work" chariots of the gods "production; in 1993, the German satellite TV station l according to his" cosmic trail "shoot the 25 episode TV series; in 1996, America ABC / Ka~ 1E TV production company for an hour called" chariots of the gods — — mysterious continue "feature film, and projected on the global synchronization. The ABC television network broadcast the film in 1996. In 1997, 1996— ABC / Karle television company teamed up again with the iken, produced a feature film, the cymbals are "channel. In September 26, 1996, Germany's largest television network RTL broadcast the film, then Europe alone 4900000 people watched this movie. So far, Dniken speaking tour of more than 3000 games in 25 countries worldwide, of which more than 500 is held in each university in the world. Dniken himself had created the archaeology research, space and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, which has great influence in the world, members up to 10000 people, both in various sectors of the general public and experts. Facing the great success of the works of Dniken, questioning and criticism has never been interrupted. Dniken himself has been for his theory and judgment for archaeological evidence of new. Dniken is proficient in four languages, through their own personal experience, Cuba on, as far as possible the comprehensive accurately write their own see, know, want. Needs to be emphasized is, this set of Dniken mysterious culture series we planned in view represents only the statements of a school, can say generally recognized some speculate that so far has not been the demonstration of science and the scientific community, many of which are also triggered a heated discussion and criticism. The US plan introduced this series consists of 26 books, intended for readers with objective depth, panorama of mysterious ancient civilization around the world of mystery, from a remote Pacific island to stand in the desert of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, from the depths of the forest to the British Isles of the Mayan civilization, Stonehenge, from the country of India to Buddha the Andes Mountains thousands of kilometers of “ agar column ” from Peru to &ldquo, NASCAR giant lost city of Atlantis; ” … … in the face of difficult to explain the amazing ancient civilization, the spirit of exploration and learning iken attitude is very bold, and extremely valuable. Among the numerous ancient civilization mystery ideas like hypothesis, Dniken's research is undoubtedly the most daring, the most system, the most influential. Whether his view is correct or not, for the development of people's thinking, to open people's eyes, people are inspired by inspiration, are not. “ we are not alone, ” secret iken books inspired generations of people to the bold exploration of the vastness of the universe, understanding of the human past and future. From this set of the complete works of Dniken, the reader will understand system and rich astronomy, geography, archaeology, anthropology, religion, mythology knowledge. The book records the singular and diverse human prehistory and cultural achievements will also cause the reader huge interest in reading. After Mr. Dniken personally authorized, we planned this set of Dniken's mysterious culture series, to open up the reader's horizon, inspire readers to explore the mysteries of the natural interest, inspire readers to strive to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, cherish the human cultural heritage protection, enhance natural, love nature of consciousness.

This book is written by the famous Swiss writer Erich von Dniken about the myths and legends and the origin of human exploration of the.
"the genesis of a day early to start" author Erich von Dniken in this book the Bible stories to the reality of the reasoning and theoretical analysis, through a large number of Scripture, proposes that shocked the world "Apocrypha" theory, and to rigorous scientific spirit of suspicion about the origin of mankind deeply analysis.
our earth is the genetic evolutionary in nature or an alien? The world is really God? Our body's genes as a kind of information of the universe, is manipulated by extraterrestrials? If another intelligent creature exists in the universe? "The genesis of a day early to start" the close and academic exchanges, mastered many officially banned by the government's top secret information, the author hopes readers to answer these critical questions through human fate and fortune, together on the great secret break road.
Author brief introduction

Erich Ti Dniken, born in April 14, 1935 in Switzerland, the mystery of the most authoritative writers in 1968 because of a relationship between human and alien and early Ming's works "memory of the future" and spring into fame, become one of the world's super best-selling author. He is "ancient Ning crew theory" was put forward and improve, series of works in his exploration of the human Yiming mystery has been translated into more than thirty languages and American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Nbc National Broadcasting Company (NBC) taken into many feature films, 1969, Mei Wei TV documentary "Ancient Astronaut" is looking for according to Dniken's works "chariots of the gods": in 1993, Tokuda made satellite television 1 according to his "cosmic trail" shoot the 25 episode TV series: in 1996, America ABC/Kane TV company produced an hour long special film "chariots of the gods -- the mystery continues", and show in the world, the ABC television network broadcast the film in 1996. 1996-1997, ABC / Kane television again with Dniken together, making a documentary film, "found in" channel broadcast: September 26, 1996. Germany's largest television network RTL broadcast the film, then Europe alone 4900000 people have watched so far, Dniken in 25 countries around the world speaking tour of more than 3000 games over the 500 field is held in the University world of Dniken I personally founded research business, space and search for extraterrestrial civilizations will. The organization has a great influence in the world, members up to 10000 people, both the various sectors of the general public, there are experts and
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Sacred Berlitz stone
text chaos
return of
Planet Report
to cognitive way
the newly research complement
Chapter excerpt

Sacred Berlitz stone in Berlitz tribe, at the age of 15, children can become the novitiate. This year a total of 18 children participated in the ceremony, 8 boys and 10 girls. The abbot at their pious young face, sighed to say: “ this generation of young people with good little ah! ” this is a group of native children, their parents are working in the Berlitz tribe. Here not only monks and nuns, and farmers, hunters, various craftsmen and midwife and guardian. The people who live here have a common mission, that is as much as possible to reproduce, and to raise adult offspring. After a truly rare disaster, only a few people survive on earth. The abbot and even guess, their tribe may be a disaster the sole surviving humans, no one knows what happened, even the deep attainments of the abbot and his knowledge of consultants also don't know. Some people think that, before humans may have terrible weapons, they attack each other, eventually led to the destruction of human. But it is not the knowledge consultants confirmed, people can't imagine that there will be power of such weapons. In addition, the academic point of view, the previous human should live very happy. They lived in a rich world, why want to kill each other? This view is not logical, also does not conform to social convention. Some people also speculate, man is a mysterious plague claimed the lives of. But this theory has been rejected, it violates the survived after the catastrophe of the first generation of ancestors legends handed down. After the catastrophe, 3 male and 4 female ancestors ancestors to their children said, the disaster is in a peaceful night came. This is allow all doubt., because it is written in the thick sacred "veteran" in the book, by our ancestors sons recorded. Sacred Berlitz tribe, every kid knows “ destruction song ”. Night in the full of memories of sorrow, year after year to sing this song. The following text is the only existing records, was an ancestor which retained, has been circulated so far. I, Erich · Tverskaya, was born in July 12, 1984 in the Rhine River Basail. Today, my wife and I and my friend Ulrich · and Johannes · 多帕特卡; non Bagh traveling in a high mountain, and together with the two family members of mr.. Imperceptibly is already more than 6 o'clock in the evening, we call &l in aDquo; ” mountain cut, use the tram tunnel down. Because under construction at the top of the hill, there was no car to the valley, so it is empty in the tunnel. Suddenly, the ground was shaking, crackling tracks granite rock at. We were all scared! Johannes is a geologist, he dragged the us into a wall inside, there is a natural cave. When we all thought that something terrible had ended, the rumbling sound rang suddenly. The ground seems to float up, as if we walk in the clouds, there is a feeling of weightlessness. We heard the terrible thunder rolled over the head, just like every time I hear in the storm. From our more than 30 meters away from the side walls of the tunnel collapsed, after all and quickly restored calm. Johannes think this is the volcano eruption, but in this area is almost impossible volcano eruption, perhaps the earthquake! No matter what happened, survival is the most important thing now. In order to reach the above the exit of the tunnel, we must strive to climb. Near the exit and a few meters away, there was a great noise. I can't describe the nature language roar. The first is the wind drifted the snow and ice over the tunnel mouth, then the hotel trees, rocks and in the valleys below roof. It is one we've never heard of fracture and broken voice. The wind was howling, howling, howling, screaming, everything in the air is blown into the dance, where thousands of meters or even higher, forced rotation. The ground shaking, everything in the roar. Granite walls like torn cardboard as crack down. Fortunately, we just hidden in a lower part of the tunnel was not filled in, so the wind swept away we are not terrible. Thank God the Lord, be equal to anything! The terrible hurricane lasted 37 hours. We don't have a little effort, be in the blues lying on the ground, arms were crossed to niche. We guess, mountain collapse above us, no one can understand our feelings at that time. The water stirred in the raging, we hear the rustling in the wind and thunder roars and shouts. This is like a boundless sea was end to the sky, and then suddenly dumping down. Great Fountain turned sparkling ring, make a gurgling sound, the sound of waves in the rock wall, hiss and crackle. Like in the coast tsunami, peak overlap each other constantly, dumping, and roared into the valley, forming a huge vortex, will all life stir together to the abyss. As all of earth's water flow together. We do not expect you can survive, great fears that together we tore heart crack lung of screaming. … …
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"The genesis of a day early to start" is by the famous Swiss writer Erich · von · Dniken; writing about the myths and legends and the origin of human exploration of the. Our earth is the genetic evolutionary in nature or an alien? The world is really God? Book to rigorous scientific spirit of suspicion about the origin of mankind deeply.
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