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Date of publication:2012-10   Press: Chongqing Publishing House   Author:Zachariah sitchn (USA)   Pages:215   Words:146000  

No matter where you are, for the Apocalypse (Apocalypt, IC) of panic, the Messiah (Messianic) like fanaticism and anxiety on the end of the world, all interference with human. In the war, during the revolt, the pagan massacre, display of human religious zeal. The king summoned the army. And the eastern operations. Foundation of the clash of civilizations is shaking the traditional life. The war engulfed the city and the towns; power are looking for security protection in the wall. Natural disasters and increasing disaster makes people doubt: human sin? This is God's anger evidence? These indicate that the next big flood? This is the apocalypse? The Messiah bell near? The bell sounded to time, is the year twenty-first Century, or twenty-first Century BC? The two time is the right answer, we present and ancient times are the same. This is the current situation, but also more than 4000 years ago: this striking similarity, attributed to the middle place in this two hour event, that period there is a Christian Messiah craze. The three big floods -- two have occurred in the past (about 2100 BC and the birth of Jesus period), an impending contact each other in the near future -- yes. A cause another to time, only to understand that to understand the. Life in the past to the future. The essence of the three floods are messianic prophecy; connecting the three flood is the prophecy. This full of suffering and hardship will now how to end, the future indicates what? To answer these questions, need to enter the field of prophecy. We predicted that the book would not be a hodgepodge of doom and destruction -- to fear to attract new found. It is to trust, the trust is built in the only ancient archives, the archives confirm the past, predicts the future, records the previous Messiah prophecy -- in ancient times and predicts the future, this prediction in the future is to. In the three example (Revelation two has occurred, another will take place in the relationship between heaven and earth), the -- the material and spiritual relationship -- one is the key to these incidents. In the face of the earth. Some connecting heaven and earth. The actual place of existence, in substance, is considered as the key and the center of these events occurred: we call religion, is the performance of mental. In addition to about the 2100 BC, in the three case, change the relationship between human beings and God are the core of the problem. In about 2100 BC, mankind is faced with the change of the first cross age, then the relationship between human and God is diverse. Whether the relationship between man and God has changed, the reader will soon see.......

Zachariah sitchn (Zecharia
Sitchon) is a highly respected in the international writers and researchers, since 1976, he has published a series of works "a caused great repercussions in the global scope of the Earth Chronicles". This set of as many as 7's seminal book, so far has been translated into 30 languages, printed in 20000000 copies.
in the book, the author and the archaeology, paleography, oriental studies found that "Bible" and the latest science, reweave and retell the whole human history -- especially prehistoric earth and human history he provides evidence of ancient myths and legends, not only or hallucinations, but we gradually forgotten distant historical facts.
7 chronicle from 450000 years ago by twelfth celestial objects in the solar system (Nibiru Nibiru) -- that is the NASA (NASA) discovered in 1982 and was named the tenth planet (Planet
X) alien intelligent life of the mysterious object -- on Anu Naqi descended to earth (AnunnakI) dominion over earth, intermediate and experienced the human and the rise of the flood disaster, destruction of the Sumerians to 2023 BC in the Near East, all the history origin and development of human reconstructed, the author's viewpoint is novel and highly impact force, so that the series of books influence continued for more than 30 years, has not changed.
as the world a few can read the Sumerian cuneiform scholars, skimming Zechariah · Sitchin also proficient in various languages of Hebrew, Sam and his European throughout Cuba than Tuo, ancient Egypt, ancient India and the Maya cultural fields, devoted his life to the studies of human origins to his research activities and even made the an independent subject: "Xi qin". Of course, the most resistant found Mei also most interestingly, his research shows that, human beings are not alone in the solar system, because after a track the 3600 running period, the twelfth celestial bodies will return and passing it might be enough to affect the perigee we again.
Zecharia Sitchin was born in Russia in 1922 in Azerbaijan's capital, Cuban, spent childhood in Ukraine. Older in University of London for archaeology, history, economics, linguistics and mythology, now living in New York USA.
Author brief introduction

"When will they come back?" Once more, I asked the question. Here the "they", of course, means hanouna who (Ammnaki) -- from the planet Nibiru (Nibiru) aliens. In ancient times, they are human beings as gods, and now, people want to know, what will when Nibiru, along its long track back to near the place not far from us? When that day arrives, and what will happen? There will be noon darkness? The earth will be tear? Suffering and troubles will occur for 1000, or second of the coming of the Messiah? The key is, this will happen in 2012? Or later, or simply will not happen? These profound issues, contact with hope and anxiety of religious people and look forward to the most deeply. They are mixed in the current events: War in the Middle East -- God and humans began to occur where outbreaks; the threat of nuclear annihilation; fierce natural disaster warning, etc.. On these issues, we have for many years not answer -- now, the answers to these questions can not can no longer be postponed. People should be aware of, a "return" is not a new thing; like now, in the past, it is also associated with a Relentless God decisive day of battle (DayoftheLord, theEndofDays, Armageddon) hopes and fears. Before 4000, the witness of God and of his son promised an earthly paradise; 3000 years ago, the king of Egypt and the people's desire for a messianic timeGeneration; before 2000, Judea (Judea) of the people want to know whether the Savior; but until today, we are still confused by these mysteries. Prophecy will come true? In this book, we will deal with the questions, answer the ancient mystery, origin and significance to decipher such as cross, Pisces and the Holy Grail, symbolic object. We will describe connected space landing point in the historical events of the role. And show, why in the past, present and future are just brought to Jerusalem (Jerusalem) -- "between heaven and earth" (BondHeaven - Earth). We will be thinking, why we in twenty-first Century now and the twenty-first Century BC so similar? It is history repeating itself? If everything is the Messiah's clock guidelines? If the time is coming? 2000 years ago, "the Old Testament" (OldTestament) in Daniel (Daniel) repeatedly asked the angel: "when?" When will be the end of the world? 300 years ago, the famous Mr. Ishak Newton (SirIsaacNewton), is clarified the people of celestial motion mystery, wrote about "the Old Testament" in Daniel and "New Testament" (NewTestament) new discoveries in the thesis. In the newly discovered manuscript, Newton recorded his doomsday calculation, and it will be we together with recent pre occupied about doom are analyzed together. "Hebrew Bible" (HebrewBible) and the "New Testament" should be said, the future of the secret is rooted in the past, the fate of earth with heaven, affairs and fate of human contact with God and the gods. In considering what will have happened before, we will travel to the prophecy from history; we know, one thing cannot be arranged other things and be independently to thorough research, so we will have to examine them in a broader perspective. As a guide, we will see the future by the past. To be sure, the answer must be very surprised. In 2006 November, New York
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Translation of total order
the preface: the past, the future
the first chapter is the Messiah bell
second chapter "in this way, passed"
third chapter the Egyptian prophecy, the fate of human
fourth chapter God and the demigod
Chapter fifth day countdown
sixth chapters with the wind and rain to
the seventh chapter will have fifty names.
eighth chapters by
his name in the ninth chapter, the tenth chapter on the horizon where

cross eleventh chapter God decisive day of battle
twelfth chapter noon darkness
thirteenth chapter when the gods left the earth
fourteenth chapters set in the end of day
fifteenth Jerusalem: Holy took the cup, chapter sixteenth chapter in the
disappear hammy night things lock and predicted
P.S. @##@ return People look forward to Zecharia Sitchin's classic revolutionary series "the Earth Chronicles" was finally ushered in the end of seventh. As the "Twelfth bodies" -- it began to awaken people to the Sumerian civilization and its recording Anu Naqi alien came to earth and the creation of human memory -- has been for three centuries from the mountains. In the Zecharia Sitchin's "end date", he told us. End the universe through the beginning, if you can master this beginning, could predict the future.
in "end date" appears in the data, analysis and opinion, is a need for more than thirty years of continuous research of master of engineering. Among them, he has presented a new evidence that shocked, our past is the future of mankind -- and the survival of the earth must be subject to periodic astronomical time in an already set up, and the creator of mankind, the twelfth celestial bodies and the gods will, with this big cycle coming back the earth,
in a religious fanaticism and looming nuclear arms at the end of the world in the decisive battle of the era, Zecharia Sitchin use of history to show in the end what is going to happen again, this book tells people: for all the predictions of the future are written from the past. Without exception.
Chapter excerpt

In the Zecharia Sitchin's "end date", we will process we give these questions, answer the ancient mystery, origin and significance to decipher such as cross, Pisces and the Holy Grail, symbolic object. We will describe connected space landing point in the historical events of the role. And show, why in the past, present and future are just brought to Jerusalem (Jerusalem) -- "between heaven and earth" (Bond Heaven Earth). We will be thinking, why we in twenty-first Century now and the twenty-first Century BC so similar? It is history repeating itself? If everything is the Messiah's clock guidelines? If the time is coming?
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